Obnoxious FB post, what's the most effective way to counter it?

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Obnoxious FB post, what's the most effective way to counter it?

This post
offended me pretty good.

Two people I know "liked" it, so it kept showing up in my newsfeed.

Basically, it describes atheists as people who attempt of proselytize unattended young girls on airplanes. And then get verbally whipped in the process. But really, it was the creepiness of the depiction that was most annoying.

IMO, crap like that shouldn't be allowed on facebook or anywhere. Facebook disagreed. Perhaps if a few more people reported it as an annoying religious attack they might start to get the point.

Worth fighting? Many people "report" the post? Or a different method?

Or water-off-a-duck's-back time?

Thanks for listening,

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oOOOo - - I'd just ignore it.

oOOOo - - I'd just ignore it. I was on FB like most everyone else, right up until the last US Presidential election. Between the religious posts and the political posts, I had to just unplug. I've been off FB for almost a year now and it has really helped me to bring down the stress level :)

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A lot of people are saying
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I don't mind the fact that it

I don't mind the fact that it's on FB. It's a free country. My first reaction is that the story is just more BS on FB. I can't imagine any atheist starting a conversation like that. I also can't imagine any child responding in that manner. I usually ignore that type of FB post as I imagine it's just a troll post.

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If you really want the best

If you really want the best counter, post a picture of priest depicted the same way. But really its Facebook and I agree with freedom of speech and you can look at it this way, you learned something about two of your friends. Feel free to complain to FB that it's offensive but I have seen way more offensive stuff come and go and really it's very easy for these offensive people to just set up another account and post it again so I don't even see a point in complaining except to give the person you are complaining about the ability to play the persecuted card. Honestly you may be slightly over reacting. I personally did not find it so offensive and even a little funny, though it was targeted at atheist. If it really bothered me I would duplicate it replacing atheist with priest.

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It think the whole story is

I think the whole story is simply a joke and everyone have the right to post jokes in fb. You can counter it by posting comment or jokes about theist and how they can't also explain such simple topics yet tried to explain complex ones.

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I think I had read an anti

I think I had read an anti-theist posts on Facebook before and I just ignore it, there are even "offensive" photos. It was right that everyone can post anything on Facebook including jokes, beliefs, propaganda or just "what's on your mind" thing. ;)

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Wow, that joke is so

Wow, that joke is so obnoxious that it makes theists sound dumb yet so many are leaving supportive comments. Personally when I come across something that warps my mind I will post it on my FB page and point out my observations. I intentionally will entice acquaintances on FB to leave comments so we can discuss it. I feel if I can at least share my thoughts with a few people in my circle I am making a difference.

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It's probably some dumb joke

It's probably some dumb joke that boosts the theists' egos and makes it easier for them to discredit atheists as smug, arrogant, pompous pricks who think they know more than everyone else. Basically, it perpetuates a popular, albeit untrue, stereotype.

What I think is really funny is that, by showing their support and commenting about how they, of course, are soooo much better, smarter, etc. than those "dumb atheists" are, those theists (who are probably born-again Christians considering how awful their understanding of the written English language is) are really as arrogant and closed-minded as that fictitious stereotype presented within the context of that joke.

So take that, ya backwoods religious fundies!

...just kidding :)

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I'm almost tempted to get

I'm almost tempted to get back on facebook just to check out what you guys are talking about...

I joined facebook because everyone was saying how it helps connect with friends, network (and allow your boss to spy on you) and all that other jazz, but really, I just see a lot of pictures dressing up the same tired one-liner jokes that have been around for a decade, and pictures of what people I haven't talked to in years are eating and drinking every night. And tetris, which makes it awesome!

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I just visited the given FB

I just visited the given FB post now to read some comments there.
Both atheist and believers have thoughts to share and it seems conversation is heating up. In terms of believes, all really have something to share. :P

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Not all FB posts should be

Not all FB posts should be taken seriously because lots of them are fake and just made -up stories just to get attention of netizens and followers.
If it was just a way of making atheists dumb, I don't think it's effective enough because in the real world, most atheist won't start a conversation like that unless they are prepared to answers the debate with relevant theories and scientific explanation. I think some theist are even more capable of starting such conversation because they firmly believe that the bible is the greatest book of all (which is lol). -I'm not an atheist, i just don't care about the bible and religions.

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FB is completely polluted at

FB is completely polluted at this point. The best fix is to quit facebook and this way something new will come or at least facebook will be forced to clean up their act.

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I take this post as an

I take the post (chat with girl on airplane) as a fictitious anecdote crafted to make a point. However, this one blew my mind: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=596048783766655&set=a.3174709949...

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That was and awkward meme!

That was and awkward meme!

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Wow. I'm generally not one to

Wow. I'm generally not one to shy away from blood and gore... but I'm not one to assign virtue to it either.

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The level of ignorance

The level of ignorance expressed by the devout never fails to amaze.

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Of course it should be

Of course it should be allowed on FB. If we want to censor social media then we need to start our own private social media. We can't go around whining just because we got offended. That's what religious types do.

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Agreed, this is why I am

Agreed, this is why I am willing to stand up for the rights of racist to express their opinions but they best be ready to hear mine if they speak to much. I like having my freedoms and therefore I must stand up for the same freedoms of others. Otherwise if I fail to, I am not only a hypocrite but if they lose their freedom I lose mine, if anyone looses a freedom in a manner I am not OK with and I remain silent then I must accept the same fate when my freedom is on the line.

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Facebook has become yet

Facebook has become yet another place that has been corrupted completely by worthless posts. I wouldnt take any that is posted in that platform as important or relevant. Smart people know better than to buy into any stupid propaganda like that so dont worry, let the idiots be idiots. Those that use their heads never believe any of that or take it into consideration.

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I hear what you're saying,

I hear what you're saying, but it's very frustrating and disturbing when these idiots find validity on these platforms and end up with a larger audience than any rational truth can muster these days...

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I agree that not all posted

I agree that not all posted on FB or online sites should be taken seriously. Very easy to just create destructive thoughts or ideas towards anyone or anything.

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