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I think that he is consistently stuffing up his meds , no doubt his new prescription (due next month isn't it?) will cause a change in thought process again and an unbelieving agnostic Billy will reappear...unless they put him back on the old meds in which case we are back to evangelist billy.
Still I have learned to accept his bizarre rants for what they are...I sometimes wonder if he is one of those new style stand up internet comedians doing material for a new show....

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@Old Man Re: "I sometimes

@Old Man Re: "I sometimes wonder if he is one of those new style stand up internet comedians doing material for a new show...."

Heeeeey..... That just made me think of something.....

What IF he is really just one of the AR mods playing a part just to keep things interesting on here? And maybe even as an "experiment" to evaluate how each of us responds to him. Hmmmm.... *peeking around from behind a tree a giggling while waiting on Cyber and Nyar*

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Nylar is a mod? Did not know

Nylar is a mod? Did not know that.

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@Tin Man Re: "I sometimes

@Tin Man Re: "I sometimes wonder

Bloody hell in a handbasket...I never thought of that one....just to keep us interested like?


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@Old Man

@Old Man

Quick! Get behind a tree and wait... *snicker-snicker*

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*clapping happily* Oh, FIG! Where have you been? I've missed you so! Great to have you back! *dabbing joyful tears from eyes*

To get things started, I want to tell you I was in total agreement with you about that guy having no right to interrupt a church service in such a way. But then you couldn't help yourself, and you just kept on going. What a shame. Let's see where you messed up...

So, despite how I may feel about church, I do not think it is okay for somebody to enter a church in session and disrupt it in any way. Honestly, that is just plain rude and disrespectful. (Personal opinion.) However, if that person is arrested for such a thing, the charge should be either trespassing, disorderly conduct, or maybe even (extreme circumstances) harassment. It is my understanding, however, the individual was arrested for "Offending Religious Feelings". (?????) WTF is THAT? (Table that for a moment. We'll get back to it.) Anyway, you apparently made it very clear you agree with it, whatever it is. Now, had you simply stopped at saying it was wrong for the guy to interrupt the services, then I would be like, "Yep, FIG, you are right." But to say it was okay to arrest the guy only because he "offended" somebody...... well.... uh.... no, sorry. Can't help you there. But, "WHY?", you may ask. Here you go....

Okay, while I do not live wherever this law exists, I can tell you my personal opinion is that the law is sheer lunacy. And it is not even that complicated as to why I believe that. Simply put....

1. Why the hell should "religions" get special treatment or "protection" over any other beliefs? Totally retarded.

2. Being offended is ABSOLUTELY AND TOTALLY SUBJECTIVE in nature. But, more importantly, IT CAUSES NO HARM IN ANY WAY.

3. If it is allowed to have somebody arrested for "offending" somebody's religion now, that could potentially open the door to making ANY "offensive" act a criminal act. In other words, should I simply be walking down the street and see a person wearing a necklace that "offends" me, then I could have that person arrested. What kind of fuckiddy-fucked-up-fucking crock of bullshit would that be???
"Operator, 9-1-1, what is your emergency?"
"Yes, I need an officer right away, please. I was checking out at the grocery store and the cashier did not smile at me long enough nor wish me a good day. It offended me, and I want that cashier arrested immediately."
"Yes, sir. We will have an officer sent to your location right away. Do you need medical attention while waiting?...."

Bottom line is, if some poor little snowflake touchy-feelie over-sensitive panty-waste slobber-baby gets his or her feelings hurt about something, then TOUGH SHIT. Get the fuck over it already. And, even more importantly, if some religious idiot/group gets its overly-sanctimonious panties in a wad about somebody saying something "unkind" about their particular deity, then maybe their particular god isn't quite as powerful and strong as they believe it to be. Seems to me they should be way above any criticism and/or petty nonsense like that. But, again, just the observations and opinions of my old rusty brain.

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Does anyone remember Pussy

Does anyone remember Pussy Riot? They were sentenced to two years in jail for staging a performance in a Moscow cathedral in protest about the Orthodox church's support for Putin That's a very brutal sentence simply for offending the feelings of a bunch of bearded weirdos in fancy dress.

If the cathedral was private property with a no trespassing sign outside, they should have been charged with trespass and fined. If the cathedral receives any public money, then anybody should be entitled to express their views in there.

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Ah yes, I member. In other

Ah yes, I member. In other news, The grrls made a fascinating video on Trump.

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Fuck Jesus! Fuck Zeus! Fuck

Fuck Jesus! Fuck Zeus! Fuck Allah! Fuck Krishna! Fuck Yahweh! If you are offended you are not invited to dinner!

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Hey, Chimp! What's for dinner

Hey, Chimp! What's for dinner?

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Next we'll be having

Next we'll be having politicians who mention "god" during debates being prosecuted. It's a slippery slope.

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"Those who are determined to

"Those who are determined to be ‘offended’ will discover a provocation somewhere. We cannot possibly adjust enough to please the fanatics, and it is degrading to make the attempt." - Christopher Hitchens

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When was the last time an

When was the last time an explosion created something? And people say religion is stupid. Religion may be stupid but there is a God. Jesus is the way. There is religion and there are true followers of Christ. He is the only way to heaven. Hopefully you change your ways. Yahweh bless you please.


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AtheismMakesNoSense - When

AtheismMakesNoSense - When was the last time an explosion created something?

Explosions are well known to create messes.

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OMG there's two of them ...on

OMG there's two of them ...on the same meds! Sack that doctor!

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The class retard hath spoketh

The class retard hath spoketh!

Listen up kiddies!

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Re: AtheismMakesNoSense

Re: AtheismMakesNoSense

Aw, hell. Another one. Gonna have to empty the litter box twice as much now. Damn strays.

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Re: : AtheismMakesNoSense

Re: : AtheismMakesNoSense

Heeeeey.... Wait a tic.... Could this be a naughty prank by our fun-loving mods?.... Nyar?... Cyber?.... I bet they're hiding behind a nearby tree and giggling while peeking around it right now. You sneaky rascals! LOL

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A lot of persons have already

A lot of persons have already said the way I feel about possibly "offending religious feelings." In my summation, there are no such thing as "religious feelings." There are only "feelings." Now I may offend "religious thoughts," to which I say, "Good. And fuck your religious thoughts. Your religion, any religion is offensive to me."

And should I find someone whose "religious feelings" I can offend, then I also say, "Fuck your religion."


P.S. - Did I offend anybody's religious feelings? I can only hope...

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@Arakish Re: "P.S. - Did I

@Arakish Re: "P.S. - Did I offend anybody's religious feelings? I can only hope..."

OWwwwwww!... Ouch! Owie! Boo-hoo! *sob-sniffle-sniffle* Waaaaaa...! Ow-ow-ow-ow-OW! Twiddle-ee-dee-fiddle-sticks that smarted! Oh-dear-mother-of-all-things-cute-and-cuddly! Holy fudge on a popsicle stick that hurt like a momma-kitten! Boooo-hoooo....!!!...

Oh, sorry. You didn't offend me , Arakish. I just stumped my toe on the coffee table on my way to the bathroom to take a piss.

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To any religious folk reading

Content removed by mod.

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Damn, F-S-M. What did you do?

Damn, F-S-M. What did you do? (I'm a very nosy bastard sometimes.)


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