OLD testament vs. NEW testament

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You only see the pretty, nice

You only see the pretty, nice parts that fit your world view I however see both! Exodus 21 is titled in some bibles ( ones that give titles to passages) as the law for slaves! Dumbass go out and read an actual bible don't just let an atheist teach you what your book says

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The original Hebrew autograph

The original Hebrew autograph contained no chapter titles, divisions, or verse numbering systems. Just because I disagree with your opinion doesn’t mean I can’t understand why you may hold that opinion. Was there some event that caused you to be angry at God or your particular church? How can you presume to know what I see?

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I do not get mad at fictional

I do not get mad at fictional characters

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there are 613 commandments

there are 613 commandments

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Simple really. Yahweh is sort

Simple really. Yahweh is sort of recognized for the prick he is and they do not want to be bothered by the fact that Trinitarian Jesus is the same God as the genocidal son murder.

That association is too much for them. It would burst their faith bubble.



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