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Hello, I remember you from my first post. Is it strange that I was hoping you were going to come back. I was literally just thinking about you yesterday and I have no idea why NewSkeptic popped up in my mind? I thought you would like some of what I wrote I guess. (Even though I much need a editor lol but the principles are still there) Y'all probably won't believe this but I've been writing for several months now and have shared it with 100s of people and I am humbled that I get far too much attention by people who are amazed at what has been coming out of me. I'm kinda a roughneck fearless action seeker of experience. A cowboy and a soldier type of guy. So for me to cycle through this season of my life in the metal archetype is astounding for people to see someone that can just change in multiple avenues of life so fast. Apologies for rambling on. I felt like some people want to know a little more about me as a person.

As far as it goes with God being Omni everything. So what if God knows what's going to happen, and doesn't just fix everything in this short time that we call planet Earth where humans are responsible for messing up in the first place. That doesn't mean God doesn't have a plan for the ending. And that doesn't mean we can't choose. Even if we are puppets, I can still seemingly choose to seek God, and yes God might have known that was going to be the case, but at any moment I can also choose to deny God, and yet again God might have known that I would, but if God were to directly interfere, before my heart and mind were made up, then the choice would be removed. So we can't deny that we have been given a choice, with tommorow never promised. It seems like most people have a hard time playing the tape all the way through, we get so wrapped up in this short time of life, thinking that this is all there is. Our perspective is far too limited to have any pride whatsoever. So let's just entertain the possibilities for a second, even though I know Sheldon is already trembling with OCD right now, picking apart every line lol. The Creator and Giver of Life will not ever be ruled out. Actually God is the reality of reality. So trying to disprove it, is a chasing after the wind (you ain't never going to catch it.) The implications of something powerful enough to speak a Universe into existence and breathe itself into what we know as life, is not going to care, if by your limited judgement has chosen to believe that it created all of this to be an asshole, to some of the evil that so many people want to blame God for allowing. But then when God does something about it, then He's an asshole. God is going to focus on the people who chose to love Him, continuously calling and waiting for the ones who haven't got there yet. God said "seek and you will find when you seek with all of your heart." So that's what He's working on. You really wouldn't want God to force itself on you. Anyway love by definition must be freely given. Believe is a very powerful thing. It's all that's required. But, there is no half measure.

"Oh, that's preposterous!!! That's 100% IMPOSSIBLE" "we've evolved as a specie's enough to know exactly everything about everything, and what is possible and what is not possible!!!" "We haven't been given any evidence other than a life with a soul that we never asked for, in a world we will never understand, with a history that's a mystery, and a death with a choice made." "Nope, I don't believe anything, because I don't want to do it God's way" "I want God to give me specific special treatment designed to render my choice to non-existent" " I would never chose to love the almighty Creator and author of life, which is the definition of power, if it won't do exactly what I command of it, then it's righteous incorruptible judgement is wrong because by my Limited perception, I'm a perfectly good hearted person and my intentions are good, my mom told me so." "So God is wrong and doesn't know what He's doing because He created all of this to be a complete asshole" "God is wrong and I am right.... Well, until I die that is, then I don't know whats going to happen???" "I sure do hope God's not there, aww but Shuck's what if He is??? Well, I didn't like the way He did things anyways, so I'll just tell God it was His fault... Ya, that will work... maybe?" "Geez this seems like quite a gamble on being correct in placing my faith in nothing." "Maybe I should at least consider that I might have not given it an honest shot? I've sure had a lot of expectations and demands of God. Maybe I should humble myself just a smidgen and see what God can do with this non believer???"

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO it's definitely not possible!!! I read some stuff on the internet and watched some videos and I read some words on a page in a book that led me into all knowledge. There is no calling in my heart and I don't have a spirit\soul. There's no such thing as principalities of evil that might have deceived my left brain, that I have no protection from because the only thing that could protect me from it, I've chosen to go away from. Nope, no way, no how!

I've said all I need to say, I'm done here. If you hear God calling? You would never regret opening the door. You would connect with life itself and be led to "The Way" Then you could show the world what a real God follower should look like and really make fools of the religious by serving them and showing them what it's like to put God first, not religion. I know y'all don't like hearing this but, I have been praying for you (especially you David killens, my friend) and I hope you will let God bless your lives and those around you. If anyone ever wants to message me? I'll come back and check my inbox every once in awhile.

Great Hope, signing out, it's been fun y'all. Seriously, thank you for your time. You have no idea how many people this has helped. Old man shouts... please give Eric more rainbow sprinkles on his birthday next week. They are his favorite. Sapporo, you are awesome ; ) Tin Man, you're the best.

Go ahead Sheldon, your up.

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Nothing new here, praying for

Nothing new here, praying for poor atheists, saying that god is the boss so you just have to shut off and finally, equating his own incomprehension and ignorance of the natural world to the existence of a deity.

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Well, I'm honored you were

Well, I'm honored you were thinking about me. But I'm not honored that you so thoroughly misunderstood what I wrote. Just for the record, I was simply showing that freewill and an omniscient being are logically inconsistent. Reality can have only one of the two. You agreed with that, then went on your merry way stating you have a choice as a puppet in a world with an omniscient being. You don't.

That is why I reject the concept of an omniscient being, because I do believe that there is freewill.

But go ahead a deny the logic, it is what is necessary to have the absurd beliefs you have, and if that makes you happy, God bless.

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Bye then, it's been emotional

Bye then, it's been emotional.

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I pray because I get answers.

I pray because I get answers. My beliefs don't require your belief. God literally gave us life, He be the boss for sure. And you think he wants us to just shut off? that's luciferian Doctrine. God wants us to Humble ourselves because we don't know anything about the most unnatural creation of all time. There's definitely not anything natural about existence or time. And incomprehension and ignorance is the definition of humanity coupled with an open ending lol that's so exciting. It's mind blowing how anyone wouldn't want to live in the possibilities? You literally, like all the way literally, have nothing to lose. Y'all act like you have to put on chains to believe? God wants us to free us from everything that causes death and separation while we grow in character, learning life is being of maximum assistance to others. Death is in pride and ego obviously from our history. Sheesh, this is why my time is wasted here, there is nothing to debate. If you hear the call? Do it the way it was designed. Believe, then you'll see and be led to connections of "The Way" Or don't and go be an awesome athiest. I wish you the best of luck my friends.

"God speed"
Neil deGrasse Tyson

Watch "Joe Rogan - Neil deGrasse Tyson "I'm Not an Atheist!!"" on YouTube

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"There's definitely not

"There's definitely not anything natural about existence or time."

How can you say that?

"God literally gave us life [...] because we don't know anything about the most unnatural creation of all time".

What are your evidence for that? Have you demonstrated that life can't exist without magic?

PS: When i said "shut off", i wanted to say "shut our mouth", not sure i was well understood.

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Same tedious sermonising,

Same tedious sermonising, same unevidenced claims.

Nothing to see here folks, just False hope sententiously preaching to an underwhelmed forum of atheists.

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It is "Great" Hope, let's not

It is "Great" Hope, let's not succumb to ad hominem attacks...

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It's just a pseudonym, and it

It's just a pseudonym, and it's not ad hominem, it's a comment on the vapid nature of his spiel. His claims are demonstrably false, and when / if he offers something beyond sententious repetitive preaching I might reciprocate, but for now he is setting the standard, by ignoring every response and repeating his verbiage.

What he is preaching is the very definition of False hope.

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Ok then, just saying we

Ok then, just saying we should be cautious when using fire against fire, as it can discredit us. I've never understood why christians call this "good news".

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"I've never understood why

"I've never understood why christians call this "good news"."

You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. If they called it "the unevidenced abhorrent immoral genocidal deity threatens to torture you if you ignore what it wants news", well it doesn't sound so catchy.

Imagine it:

Hey, have you heard the god news?

What news?

You don't have to be tortured forever after you die.

Wow, wait a minute, what?


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