Psychosis and Fantasy

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Psychosis and Fantasy

Psychosis and Fantasy

“Psychosis - an umbrella term that an individual has sensory experiences of things that do not exist and or beliefs with no basis in reality.”
Your everything, your god or gods, the basis of your reality, is only due to your parents or community’s engrained psychosis.
Or you, as an “adult”, looked at one of the 2,500+ current religions and said “that’s the one (in 2,500+ other “absolute truths”) that’s the real one!”
Again a situation where your reality is based on what you were told by others.
That psychosis, group psychosis is still psychosis, is the lens that colors all of existence. The basis or reason for thoughts and actions. Psychosis, nothing to base any of it on but the “truth” you were told was “the truth”.
As a race, Humanity has accepted delusional psychosis as normal and the insanity that the current version of the already henpecked hearsay, dogma and fantasy are 100% “fact”, no evidence but still “fact”.
Because of this constant twisted mental conditioning of so many of the global societies have a delusional connection with the make-believe.
All these billions walking their archaic, made-up, forcibly fed religious line. Each believing, as they were taught to, that their god/gods are all there are. Knowing everyone else is not just wrong but doomed, dumb, leading astray and less than.
Not bringing Humanity together, only forcing malice, fear, hatred, distrust and the peak of Human ugliness at any and all not walking in the steps each see as right.
“He” loves you completely, but just watches, waiting for the slightest misstep that’ll force him to cast you into your psychosis’s version of eternal damnation.
So many are living in the bad place, hell on Earth, damning their lives, the only one they have, in psychological delusion.
Please, It’s World Mental Health Awareness Week, find help and lose your psychosis!

Good luck out there

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@0-FUCK - NOT THIS SHIT AGAIN! Psychosis is characterized by an impaired relationship with reality. It’s a symptom of serious mental disorders. People who are experiencing psychosis may have either hallucinations or delusions. There is religious psychosis but religious people are NOT PSYCHOTIC.

LET'S REFERENCE THE EXPERTS. AS YOU KNOW SHIT ALL ABOUT PSYCHOLOGY. Under the umbrella term of Psychosis, the one you are referring to is Delusional Psychosis. Unless you want to change to Psychotic Depression, Psychotic Anxiety, Or Schizophrenia. YOU ARE ATTEMPTING TO REFERENCE Psychotic Delusion.

RE: “Psychosis - an UMBRELLA TERM that an individual has sensory experiences of things that do not exist and or beliefs with no basis in reality.”


APA Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM IV-TR, p. 821) says about delusion:

"A false belief based on incorrect inference about external reality that is firmly sustained despite what almost everyone else believes and despite what constitutes incontrovertible and obvious proof or evidence to the contrary. THE


"herein lies a second critical aspect of pathological delusion: the person’s ability to function effectively in the world is compromised." ... "As with any psychological disorder, functional impairment is key." .... "Perfectly normal people hold all kinds of beliefs based on partial or equivocal evidence — the vagaries of human life make this unavoidable." AND YOU ARE DOING EXACTLY THIS. IF YOU SPEND YOUR LIFE ON THE INTERNET WITH THIS INANE ASSERTION, LOSE YOUR JOB, AND FIND YOUR WIFE YELLING AT YOU, THEN YOU MY FRIEND ARE IN FACT PSYCHOTIC.

"So the standard for determining whether or not religious beliefs are delusional is the same as that required for any belief: is the belief contradicted by so much obvious and convincing evidence that in order to maintain it the believer becomes functionally compromised, producing suffering for themselves and those around them? In general the answer here is no, for a number of reasons."

"What gets winnowed out of religions over time are those practices or notions that place too great a strain on credulity. The ideas that remain are stubbornly oblique to empirical analysis. It’s very hard to prove or disprove whether a benevolent God exists, or that the universe has purpose, or that man has a spiritual as well as material nature. Whatever evidence one might raise on these questions is, at best, ambiguous and open to multiple interpretations."

"Second, an important finding that has emerged over the past 20 years or so from the cognitive science of religion is that religious thinking builds quite seamlessly on our natural modes of cognition. By evolutionary design, "

"conclusion: we’re inclined to think the world is an intentionally created, meaningful place because it is. Since religious thinking comes naturally to us, it is actually the skeptical mindset that requires greater effort to consistently maintain."

"Religion therefore contains a host of properties that actually militate against pathological delusion: (1) its general notions and practices are not obviously contradicted by evidence, (2) it requires very little mental effort to sustain most religious notions, and (3) it encourages community integration which promotes healthy psychological functioning. "

"Religious delusion is out there, but recognizing it requires us to give up the simple-minded broad-brush approach. It was Freud (who thought religion was delusion!) who said that the healthy psyche should be able to do two things: love and work. Good guideposts whenever we are in the precarious posture of judging others’ beliefs."
Matt J. Rossano. Professor of Psychology, Southeastern Louisiana University

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Yeah again. Hey, thanks for

Yeah again. Hey, thanks for the reply.

Because you and all the others are suckling at the nipple of psychosis and I’m pointing it out it isn’t bigotry nor prejudicial.
Only a concerned, non-psychotic witness to your “serious mental disorder” pushing from afar to get you to a hospital.
Because a culture or community, those who forced and enforce your psychosis, believe in your same lunacy doesn’t make it real. Group psychosis is group psychosis.
You stand tall on your stated christianity but look at all other religions as 100% wrong. Deluded in beliefs that to you are imaginary.
Another group psychosis, accepted communally, equally deluded and basing their existence on their psychosis.
“...impairment is the key...”
If you are a true jebus believer then your entire outlook and view are impaired. Decisions, judgements, “morals” based on a psychotic delusion you were indoctrinated into.
No seeing reality only seeing through the distorted lens of psychosis.
Do you not see jihadists as fucking psychotic?
In their social circle (believed by a group so not psychosis, right?), they are accepted and seen as pious.
Your psychosis, as with theirs, accepted and per your criteria, functioning within their beliefs in their society and lauded.
Your connection with your god or jebus or whatever your screwed up sect feeds off of, makes you equally appear functional but also equally psychotic.
It is World Mental Health Week, get out of your madness and see what’s actually around you.

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S4Squelch, you seem to have

S4Squelch, you seem to have levied a diagnosis of psychosis on anyone who believes in god(s). Will you share with us, please, the credentials you have that indicate your ability to do so reliably?

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@Cyber Re: S4 credentials

@Cyber Re: S4 credentials

Just taking a wild guess here, but I would probably say a PhD in Quackology, along with a possible Masters in Definitions Disassociation. Again, just speculating.

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@ TM

@ TM

Sounds a bit like Breezy's rebellious kid bro has turned up at the same school and is doing Psyche 101.......

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Sure, I’m 51, I was accepted post pre-med and attended 1 year of medical school. I was a 15-year paramedic including CCEMPT and a flight medic.
I was the lead medic for the deployment of an ISAR team to Peru.
Prior I worked 3 years as a hospice nurse, I’m a non-combat vet, I’ve written 7 books, I’ve been a photojournalist, I’ve lived on 3 continents and in 6 countries, I’m well-read, not boasting just don’t know your criteria. I don’t know if you need more or references.
Please, CyberPN, let me know.
Thanks for your reply.

Good luck out there

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@S4Squelch: So you do not

@S4Squelch: So you do not have the credentials to make a psychological diagnosis. "Psychosis is diagnosed through a psychiatric evaluation. That means a DOCTOR will watch the person's behavior and ask questions about what they're experiencing."

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So you don't have a PHD in anything? Sounds like you are passing judgement, without the knowledge to do so.

Cognostic's picture
@xenoview: BINGO!

@xenoview: BINGO!

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S4Squelch, while those

S4Squelch, while those experiences likely make for interesting conversation over a few pints of ale, they do not, imo, qualify you to diagnose psychological disorders. But thanks for playing.

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"Do you not see jihadists as

"Do you not see jihadists as fucking psychotic?"

By definition, of course not. Nor are religionists generally either psychotic or in other ways mentally ill,

I guess I should address the elephant in the room; if anything your own intransigent and obsessive ignorance suggests it is you who are out of touch with reality. I suggest you seek help.

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Of course, to a psychotic

Of course, to a psychotic society, the delusion as real makes it concrete. (Nowhere near mine!)
Well, As much as the Earth is flat, or L Ron was right, or Jesus 2.0 Es circa or that having a 9-year-old wife was necessary are to those so deluded, yes crazy, psychotic!”
I deeply believe to survive beyond “2 minutes to midnight” we need as Human Beings to strip off the psychosis. Those beliefs keeping us generationally attached to perpetual psychosis until the next comes along.
Followers who’ve built all they know on a retold story or one of the other 2,500+ “accepted truths”, a psychotic delusion, group, familial or global, a psychosis is a psychosis.
Because of the omnipresent and needed “my way or the highway!” Every other person following the other 2,500+ paths is fucking nuts. Insane!
“Ha, look at those fucking idiots hats!”
As they all are deluded to you, you are to them.
Neither of you have any more proof, yet both will die or kill to each version of “it”. “Him.”
They fucking are as crazy as you know they are, because exactly like you they wake each morning and put that shit hat on.

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So you are admitting you are crazy?

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(*SARCASM) All black people eat chicken, all Tin Men are Heartless, All Old Men Fart dust, all Germans drink beer, women are the inferior sex, all Italians are hairy, Asians can't drive, and now for the edification of all: "ALL CHRISTIANS ARE PSYCHOTIC."

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@Cog Re: "...all Tin Men are

@Cog Re: "...all Tin Men are Heartless..."

Well, technically, I can take it out and put it back in as needed. Just a little FYI...

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No, you have to add a lot

No, you have to add a lot more than your own little delusion.


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@TIN: No.... I said, "H E A

@TIN: No.... I said, "H E A R T." Not that thing with a tattoo of a heart on it. Do you need to use my dictionary?

Tin-Man's picture
@Cog Re: "No.... I said, "H

@Cog Re: "No.... I said, "H E A R T." "

Ooooooohhhh... Okay! I see now. My bad. I just misunderstood. Silly me... *shaking head in embarrassment*.... Fact is, though, I actually like their music. Dog and Butterfly, Straight On, Crazy On You, Magic Man, and a few others. Ann and Nancy are great!

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“Fuck, is this a goddamn

“Fuck, is this a goddamn atheist forum or are only the psychotically delusional steering this boat now?”
Me, today

Nyarlathotep's picture
S4Squelch - ...Fuck, is this

S4Squelch - ...Fuck, is this a goddamn atheist forum or are only the psychotically delusional steering this boat now?...

For sure; lots of crazies recently. Heck we had someone accuse Cognostic of being Christian:

S4Squelch - You stand tall on your stated christianity but look at all other religions as 100% wrong.

Cognostic's picture
@“Fuck, is this a goddamn

@“Fuck, is this a goddamn atheist forum or are only the psychotically delusional steering this boat now?”

Yes, now you are rambling like a psychotic. Hmmmmm.... "Takes one to Know one???" Sorry, but when you begin using word salad and talking in incomplete sentences, I lose interest. Here, have a cookie, put on your little red crash helmet, and go to your room. You can bang your head on the wall while you think of what you will write for your next post. Be a good boy and try not to get crumbs on the floor.

Tin-Man's picture
@Cog Re: To S4 - "Here, have

@Cog Re: To S4 - "Here, have a cookie..."

HEY! Dammit, Cog, that was MY cookie! What the hell? Oh, let me guess, this has to do with that tranquilizer sniping incident, doesn't it?... *sulking while walking away*... *parting shot over shoulder*... Asshole!

Cognostic's picture
@Tin: *Psssssssssst

"It was your hat as well. I painted it red."

Tin-Man's picture
@Cog Re: "It was your hat as

@Cog Re: "It was your hat as well. I painted it red."

...*puzzled look on face*... *feeling around on top of head*.... FUCK!

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S4Squelch, you wrote, “ “Fuck

S4Squelch, you wrote, “ “Fuck, is this a goddamn atheist forum or are only the psychotically delusional steering this boat now?”
Me, today”

Hmmm...sure sounds like you think that anyone who disagrees with you is “psychotically delusional “... if that is indeed the case, fuck you!

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Why is it so enjoyable seeing

Why is it so enjoyable seeing folks like Cali, Cyber, Sheldon and Nyarlathotep; you know, the calm rational ones, reach the end of their rope! It just brings a smile to my face. CyberLN has made my day!!!

Old man shouts at clouds's picture
@ Cyber

@ Cyber

*wild applause from the stadium* Fuck me Lady, you don't often lose your patience but...HEAR HEAR! Made my day, Captain Cat waved his tail and twitched the whiskers and ears in complete approval.

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You win this week's award for the pithiest post.

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@cranky47: "Pithiest"

@cranky47: "Pithiest" Ewwww ! What a great word! I had to look it up.

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@Cyber Re: "...if that is

@Cyber Re: "...if that is indeed the case, fuck you!"

Clear. Concise. Simple. Straight to the point.... *nodding head in approval*... Well done. Very well done... *slight bow of respect*...


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