Psychosis and Fantasy

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I'm sure many theists are in

I'm sure many theists are in a state of some form of psychosis, that's fairly obvious.

But many are far from that, most people I know in the UK that are religious, tends to be for traditional/family reasoning.

Some believe due to simply fearing death and living in the hope that following these structures and texts put forward, may offer some solace in their final days.

The fact is, almost every human is under some mental health issue, be that consciously known to them or something deeply hidden from them.

So to tar one group and put ourselves up on some sort of pedestal, absolutely stinks of the rank arrogance and hypocrisy that only the dumbest fucking idiot would chirp.

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S4Squelch “Psychosis - an

S4Squelch “Psychosis - an umbrella term that an individual has sensory experiences of things that do not exist and or beliefs with no basis in reality.”

No, and the definition of a psychosis is still a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality. This may encompass some of the things you're talking about, but they alone do not necessarily represent a psychosis, I could fantasise that my wife hasn't really left forever, and will come back soon, this would be entirely devolved from reality, but it would not on its own form part of a psychosis I'm happy to say.

A healthy mind does not require that every belief it entertains is objectively supported by reality. Indeed I'd be prepared to offer a subjective opinion that during most human lifetimes it is necessary, or at least (temporarily) advantageous to suspend reality. Only when this entirely or predominantly usurps reality, so that the two states become indistinguishable from each other might it be described as a psychosis.

I'm not sure why you have rehashed this polemic, but I'm pretty sure this error was explained definitively to you the last time you started a thread on it.

A psychosis involves delusion, but a delusion, even harmful ones, do not necessarily represent a psychosis.

Try....all thumbs are fingers, but not all fingers are thumbs, We need a venn diagram I think.


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