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Here we go again with Time

Here we go again with Time Man. A bunch of bullshit, revisionist history, pseudo science all spewing from Time Man ....AGAIN.
We don't suffer from "Episteophobia". That isn't even a real condition. You suffer from delusions. We don't blame god or jesus because there is no proof that they ever existed. We do blame religion because it has been used as a tool against nature and humanity.
Science is thankful to Isaac Newton but has moved way passed his knowledge. You denigrate Einstien and Hawkings which just proves that YOU are a numbskull.
So blow it out of your ass. We have read it all before by you. You were soundly proven wrong before so quit trying to hijack this thread just to be beaten up again. Learn YOUR FUCKING LESSON!

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Epistemophobia is learned

Epistemophobia is learned fear of learning knowledge and wisdom
You prefer to remain ignorant by ignoring.
To ignore is the root of ignorance.
You are a tree of it ignorance.
Your statement allow all to see.

I denigrate Einstein and Hawking because I say they cannot account for Space Time Matter Existence?
You have proven me wrong?
You have accounted for them?
All you do is spew foul language.

Einstein and Hawking hi jacked science, not me.
You are a lemming, a non intelligent organism.
Physiologically there is not a difference between you and a lemming.
A lemming is at least aware of it surroundings, you are not.
Objectivity is required for intelligence, you lack it.

Give me the formula for space time matter existence.

I am??????? I exist??? Ignorant you are

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@Time Man

@Time Man
Ah yes, the whole science is wrong and I am right arrogant bullshit. Sure all of we atheist are angry just because YOU said so.
The greatest minds in history can't be right because YOU said so.
I guess tried and tested are not good evidence by your fucked up standard.

So let's just look at YOUR fucked up method.
Time Man's process:
1) Belief in a god and jesus is paramount and essential.
2) Pervert all logic to fit that narrative.
3) Denigrate generations of rational logical thought and research because it doesn't fit that narrative.
4) Personally attack anyone and everyone that doesn't agree with that narrative.
5) Sit on the porch (maybe get drunk and or high) and develop an illogical process that jumps to a conclusion to fit that narrative.

Hmmm.... I don't FUCKING THINK SO!
I'll stick with SOLID evidence and not some cockamamie fucked up scheme. You can call me names all you want, given the source it doesn't hold ANY fucking credibility.
You are just sore because you were soundly proven wrong beyond any doubt on this forum before and are spewing the hate that you claim of others. It's called PROJECTION. You are in desperate need of help! I have seen goofballs like you and to a person, they were committed because they were at risk of harming themselves and others.
I'll give you a formula. How about a lithium drip? Or maybe a straight jacket and a padded room? That is the formula you need, that and supervision because you are batshit crazy!

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Still waiting for your answer to this question.

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Since the Koran uses the same main characters as the ones attributed to Yahweh = the God of the Hebrews and the God of the armies = how can Allah and Yahweh be different Gods? The fairy tales are pretty much the same. The big difference is that Allah is much less of a racist than Yahweh is. But they are both mean, nasty pricks that deserve to be in the lake of fire for all eternity.

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Yeah, Time Man answer this

Yeah, Time Man answer this question that a real scientist, Nyarlathotep asked you weeks ago.

What is the acceleration in the î direction of a particle whose position is (2t^3 + t^2 + 5t +8)ĵ ?

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well I guess I would let the

well I guess I would let the act take place, Because then the roman guards will maybe punish me in some way for intervening here. So the process even though it is hard to look at will go on. As to your asking about the different denominations I guess what ever you feel comfortable in. I guess they all profess Jesus in some way. Also why different parts of the world have the majority of the same religion is I think because we were once a tribal people, So people bunched together into groups they shared the same language and customs.And they became comfortable with that. A good person I feel won`t experience hell just for not professing in jesus Christ.As for why pray, that is an interesting question here, According to some Christians it shoes our reliance upon Jesus Christ, I f it is effective or not is an entirely different matter . AS for Islam I really don`t know to much about the Muslim religion, I do know that they are an Abrahamic faith. And that they consider Jesus a prophet, along with Moses. And they don`t believe that jesus died on the cross or that he was the son of God.


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