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Fkn bull.

Fkn bull.

Did I win?

Kidding. Give me a min, ill be at hotel in few. Well said btw

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No. I have an extensive background in what was my religion. I never REALLY believed it, but I was thoroughly educated on it. You'll that to be true of almost every atheist. Usually, atheists know a lot more about a religion than the people that profess it. Especially the protestant faiths, and here's why.
Most protestant faiths have a basis that they are constructed upon, usually stemming from a mainstream faith but famously breaking away to form a new general faith. These are called sects. Example being Wesley creating what we know as the methodist, sometimes called Wesleyan baptist. As sects are created more and more over the years, their knowledge of the base religion becomes less and less pure because it is continually being bastardized. Atheists, wanting to understand their own life, question, not authority but validity. They seek answers where people of faith are blind followers. So atheists become extremely well educated on the bible, Koran, Torah, and the faith in general.
In essence, you have atheists that do research and believers that blindly follow and what they follow becomes more and more estranged.
So no, you didn't win. Unless you are talking about "Fkn bull" I give you major points for that alone!
Side note....please don't answer in detail or give any dates.
Have you ever been on the USS Missouri and or the USS Midway? It might be before your time.
My time started in '78 and officially ended in 2002.

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1. As far fetched. Christ

1. As far fetched of a question. Christ himself exclaims there is no greater love than a one who would die for his friend. Recognizing this as true I answered yes.

2 . I find all religions to be true.

3. It gives evidence that people throughout the whole world have come to realize their soul. Their Worship is their
expression of this. People differently situated express their souls uniquely. Not only in their worship, but their customs, food, music, dance, etc. I would never claim this should be otherwise

God is said to be infinite, it stands to reason that he expresses himself in an infinite amount of ways.

5. I only remember two commands from Christ. Love thy brother and thy God. Two does rather than donts.

The Lord's Prayer is an expression of humility note each verse he places himself last. It is only through humility that we recognize our true strength, not one of individual power, but one of infinite grace.

To truly know God one must first find a love for man, in all his error and evil doing, he is above all other creatures, able to recognize truth. In this he is both good and of gods image.

Watching mankind over the epochs is much like watching a child learning to walk, if we were to focus only on his falls, what a horrible sight we'd see. But its not in the falls, but rather in the child's spirit that we applaud.

We must come to a place where man is viewed beloved in our minds with both a great deal of sympathy and pride.

Who could find love in God if he can't find love in his brother?

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1. Okay. (I think the first

1. Okay. (I think the first question from the OP was actually not a very good question so I will skip this response.)

2. All denominations in christianity are "right"? What about Westboro Baptist church? Are they "right"? (Baptists are individuals who comprise a group of Evangelical Christian denominations and churches.) How do you account for all the differences between the various denominations of christianity? They cannot all be right, some of them contradict each other on key points badly. If the details do not matter, and all that matters is the denomination worship a god, and call themselves Christian, what is the point in the bible? Going to church, or following any of the rules the various churches denominations and sects put out? What to stop me creating a denomination of christianity, call myself christian and worship something I call god? Even if that god's name is: "Dtsellers Did Not Think This Through" and my "god" is a bar of soap that looks vaguely like a pair of hairy boobs?

3. I don't think it is a coincidence either. So how do you account that religions are different in different parts of the world?

4. I can only assume you also include non-christian bad people, and christian bad people. So, you think a vast majority of all people that ever lived should spend an eternity being tormented in hell, just because they do not believe in a christian god that lacks any real testable evidence? What about the billions upon billions of people that never heard of christianity because they lived in the wrong place at the wrong time? And you call your god all good? You have a very different definition of "all good" then I do. What is your take on the requirments to get into heaven? Is it: repent my sins and accept (your) god in my heart, sometime before I die and that all sins are forgiven?

5. I feel I get plenty of strength and I do not pray. It is purely speculative, but I feel I am a stronger person for not believing in a fairy tale that lacks zero real evidence then the people that do pray to a fairy tale that lacks zero real evidence. Although I will admit I am much less "brave" on the front lines of a battle, (If i ever found myself there,) than those religious zealots that are on the front line of a battle that have been convinced they will go to heaven once they die. (A useful morale/recruitment tool to get people to go fight and die in wars, religion is.)

6. That's good of you. Good to hear you can look past differences at least on an anonymous board. So what does acceptable mean to you? Acceptable they exist as long as they do not try to convert you? The differences are acceptable, but you also believe they are wrong, and you are right when it comes to matters of religion/god in the areas the two religions are different?

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That is because the Air Force

mykcob4 - In my entire career, I have never met any Marine that left the Corps to become a doggy or an airedale.

That is because the Air Force didn't take prior service in the 1990's.

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They always have. As long as

They always have. As long as prior mos translates into af mos. And under the age of 28. Although I believe the age limit was raised after 9/11

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The opposition to "cursing"

The opposition to "cursing" is just magical thinking, applied to magical words instead.

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I totally agree Nyar!

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Do you believe your god is the only god? Are you an Atheist to all other gods? Can you use faith to find your god?

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I believe the creation, in

I believe the creation, in which I am apart, is of one God.

I can only recognize one creative soul, in which I'm apart within creation.

Define find. Many people recognize a creation but never draw near to God. But if you truly seek to understand him you will realize him through faith as well as action

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Then using faith you could

Then using faith you could prove any of the gods humans worship as being the one true god. So your an Atheist to all other gods?

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I find all men worship the

I find all men worship the same God

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Dtsellers - I find all men

Dtsellers - I find all men worship the same God

Even satanists; and say the Mayan human sacrifice deities?

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Yes, it is the most natural

Yes, it is the most natural thing in the world to recognize Ones Soul. Understanding him, well that is mans greatest evolution. Mankind is ever growing to understand God, through time he grows ever nearer.

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All people worship the same

All people worship the same god...hmm... you have to agree that their interpretation of this god can be very, very different.
How do you know your interpretation of god is correct? How do you know you are following the right rule set to please this god? How do you know if your god, "or the god" wants to be worshiped at all? You said earlier that good non christian people should go to hell. Everyone worships the same god but only the ones worshiping him correctly do not go to hell? (A small minority of all people alive and have lived.)

You said you follow the King James bible, there is a bunch of stuff in that book that talks about false gods and religions, do you just skip over those parts?

I am sure I can find an obscure religion that if you worship a god, even the correct interpretation of him, he will toss you in hell.

What if this god prefers that people be atheist? This "god" prefers people that go around saying there is no god?

See what I am getting at? You can't say all men worship the same god and that's fine, without that bringing up serious reasoning and logic flaws. Without opening up a large can of very squirmy questions that puke all over your current reasoning.

Also, this god is cool with ISIS/ISIL extremist variant? Westboro Baptist church?

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I've found the most loving

I've found the most loving reasoning to be true, always.

Old Testament cautioned us about false gods the New Testament warns us of false prophets. Both warnings seem appropriate within their own context.

Again I find it to be reasonable that man, in their first realizations of law, were blind to the truths within them. As for Christ's warnings of false prophets, it is reasonable to recognize that men often misinterpret the direction of morality, or gods will as is still evident today.

If God did not intend there to be atheists there would be no atheists.

The direction of morality is said to be from bad to good. morality takes on a willful Direction.

A lie cannot stand on its own interminably, like a tramp it must move along after failing to pay its full score. Truth is always brought forward throughout history, both within the confines of causation and reason.

Statistically it can be said that the strings of a violin produce discord. Obviously there are many who cannot play the violin, but of course the few who can have the ability to leave us in awe.

It is not the failures of man to understand God that is most important in religion, but the potential for perfection which drives our spiritual reasoning.

Yes God is cool with everything it is his creation

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"Yes God is cool with

"Yes God is cool with everything it is his creation"

Yikes, not a god I would want to worship or devote any of my time to.
Also if god is cool with it all, why bother do anything in his name? Why not do whatever you want and not worry about this supposed god?

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So everyone worships Yahweh, the God of the Hebrews and the God of the armies?

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It is said when man

It is said when man implements Law and Order among the pestilence of the jungle, the beauty revealed within is that of his own soul.

Man recognizes a creator through law, and himself a part of a Soulful creation.

God has held many names, but in my personal experience Christ was his last true mouthpiece.

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Your personal experience? You

Your personal experience? You were alive when this supposed jesus christ character was alive?

You mean: "I believe god has held my many names, but, it is my unsubstantiated opinion jesus christ was his last true mouthpiece." ...based on what you were read and you were told but no actual evidence.

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Do you mean all humans

Do you mean all humans worship the same god? You make it sound like women don't worship god. If everyone worships the same god, then why is their belief not uniformly all the same? Why do some kill in the name of god? Why do some hate in the name of god?

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Okay, let me get this

Okay, let me get this straight Dtsellers.
You believe that there is only one god but that he is infinite, right?
So even though there are millions of gods claimed by many cultures that they are still just referring to that one god, because he is infinite and (AND I am ASSUMING this) that god reveals himself in many different ways at different times to different people. Am I correct, is that what you actually mean and or believe?

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All things within creation or

All things within creation are a manifestation of God, religion is not excluded from this phenomenon.

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Can you prove it?

Can you prove it?

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In what way? We are back to

In what way? We are back to defining proof.

There is never been a man who has lived that has not given himself up fully to another for no other reason but that it was pleasing to his soul.

In order to find the proof within yourself you must give yourself up fully, to love.

This of course sheds light to a spiritual truth rather than an objective measure.

I don't see any getting around this.

It certainly requires a huge leap of faith to give oneself up completely to something he will never fully understand.

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Well, Dtsellers I require

Well, Dtsellers I require real proof. I don't need a warm fuzzy to make me be a believer.
I would say that you are wrong about people that have sacrificed themselves for others. Patrick Henry comes to mind off the top of my head. There have been millions that have made sacrifices for others with no personal profit in mind. There are literally dozens of Marine MoH winners that have made that sacrifice.

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You are an angry man because

You are an angry man because you are an atheist. Nothing matters except you.

I'm agnostic, I ask for proof, all the time.
Science is never settled
Except for your science, Lemming science.

You are a lemming, a follower of GROUP THINK; me myself and I.

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You are an angry man because

You are an angry man because you are an atheist.

Stereotyping. Unsubstantiated opinion.

Nothing matters except you.

Unsubstantiated opinion.

Science is never settled

That is what makes science great, it does not pretend to give answers to things without solid supporting repeatable testable evidence and science never assumes it is perfectly correct.

Except for your science, Lemming science.

Unsubstantiated opinion. and ad hominem attack, (lemming part.)

You are a lemming, a follower of GROUP THINK; me myself and I..

Unsubstantiated opinion. ad hominem attack.

If you want people to take you seriously time man, put together better arguments.

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God and Jesus require,

God and Jesus require, through commandment, to compare gods.
God Almighty the Creator commands you only worship Him and forsake all other gods.
God acknowledges other gods existing.
There are many gods on earth worshiped by man. Throughout HISTORY you can see worship by societies to other gods.
Your task in life is to find the TRUTH. "The TRUTH will set you free". Ever hear of that from JESUS CHRIST.

mykcob4 I think your interested in the TRUTH, Seek it. PLEASE!!!! TIME MAN

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1.Who put Jesus to death? man

1.Who put Jesus to death? man
2. Who created the denominations? man
3.Who teaches religion? man
4.Being good or making the right choice between true and false speculation? man chooses Heaven or Hell
5 Your will is Gods Will. You are made in GOD's Image, in his Likeness, to do His Will on Earth as in Heaven. Who chooses, man
6 Hadith Bukari Book 73 numbers 224 225. Allah is scared of a man. God of the Bible fears no man.

Islam denies Allah has a son. God of the Bible has a Son, Jesus.
Islam states there is no attachment to Allah. God of the Bible has an attachment the Holy Spirit.
Using classic Greek reason and logic it is impossible for Allah to be God Almighty, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.
Allah and God are not the same GOD.

Someone tells you something you follow like a lemming.
You choose to be a follower, not a thinker, it is your choice. Atheists keep blaming God, Jesus, Religion.
How about blaming man for man made misery!
Learning and thinking properly is a PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY you must perform, if you want to be an intelligent being existing.

TIME is;
Physical measure of SPACE occupied by material MATTER existing in TIME, the continuum. You, are a fixed point in TIME, the continuum.

Look up SPACE TIME MATTER EXISTENCE and account for it.
I would suggest the book Genesis.

Einstein cannot account for them
Hawking's cannot account for them
Can you?
Episteophobia is a condition you suffer.

I can account for them with Sir Isaac Newton physical tangible physics.
Prove me wrong with physical science not your false psychical abstract(thought) speculation.
Prove me wrong, and account for SPACE TIME MATTER and EXISTENCE.
I will mail you a check for a 1000 US dollars
I am a man of my word!

Intellectual property of;
Michael Alan Chapman Chapman Metaphysics California USA


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