Religion is an initial circular argument.

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Rational atheists are unable

Rational atheists are unable to get rid of the shackles of their rational mind in order to understand religion.
They insist on wanting to judge religion according to their short-sighted mental schemes.
The parable of the Good Samaritan cannot enter their armored brains.
They have it all sussed out , except religion . When it comes to religion, they are like an elephant in a china shop.
They hate religion. They have a prejudice against it. They are like an apprentice mason trying to judge the Chartres Cathedral.
They are enclosed in their intellectual arrogance. They are like a cat hating a dog because it cannot miaow.
To the spiritual, they are a pathetic sight. One would like to help them, but they are helpless.

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@Ferguson Re: "Rational

@Ferguson Re: "Rational atheists are unable to get rid of the shackles of their rational mind in order to understand religion."... (And everything else...)

.... *gasping for breath*.... Bwaaaa-haaaa-haaaaa!!!... *tears of laughter streaming from eyes*.... Ooooow!... *deep breath*... Help.... Somebody... Oxygen... Please.... *gasp-gasp-gasp*... Bwaaa-haaa-haaa.... *attempting to gain control*... Bwaa-haaa... *holding breath momentarily*... *snerkle*... *snortle*.... *quick exhale*... *deeeep inhale*.... *slooow exhale*... Ahhhhhh.... *wiping tears from eyes*... Oh, wow. Wooooo-weeee... *breathing slowly returning to normal*... Okay... Okay... I think I'm good now... *wiping forehead with back of hand*....

So, let me get this straight and see if I just read that correctly. Basically, an actual THEIST just now made the claim that a person has to have a completely irrational mind in order to be a theist. Did I REALLY just read that???... *double take*... Oh, shit, that is AWESOME! Thank you SO MUCH for your honesty, Mr. Ferguson. Finally! A theist actually speaks the truth! What a momentous occasion. However, I do have one question....

You mentioned only the "rational atheists". So, am I to understand that the "irrational atheists" are actually better off than the "rational atheists"? Just curious, since those of us who are rational are considered to be pathetic and helpless. I guess theists have more in common with irrational folks, maybe?... *shrugging shoulders*...

Oh, and on a side note, my dog and cats get along quite well, despite speaking different languages.

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Thank you for your inane and unsubstantiated assertions. I found no reason to comment on any of it but wonder why you have been allowed to hang around the site for as long as you have.


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