Religion isn't the mere belief in a creator

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"nothing we do matters"

"nothing we do matters"

Being an existential nihilist, I would say nothing we do matters anyway :

"Existential nihilism is the belief that life has no intrinsic meaning or value. With respect to the universe, existential nihilism posits that a single human or even the entire human species is insignificant, without purpose and unlikely to change in the totality of existence. "

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Do you believe that truth

Do you believe that truth exists?

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Isn't there something self

Isn't there something self contradictory with asserting that it is true that nothing is true? That it is good to believe that nothing is good?

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AJ777 - all of the scientific

AJ777 - all of the scientific evidence we currently have indicates that the universe had a beginning

That is not the case.

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Go on...

Go on...

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Do you have any supporting

Do you have any supporting evidence for alternative theories? Or is a mere assertion enough to falsify a claim?


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