Satanists and hobby lobby lol

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Satanists and hobby lobby lol

You gotta know this wprld is seriously fked up when satanists are doing more good than christianity.

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Incase you missed it more
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It's because the Satanists

It's because the Satanists religion is not about Satan and his evil works. When Satanism became a legal religion, it doesn't mean that their god is Satan, it just that they don't believe in Jesus. They also value morality and goodness and just declared their religion as Satanism simply because they don't believe in the god mentioned in the bible but they have nothing to do with Satan and Lucifer neither.

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Christian has reason for not

Christian has reason for not allowing abortion because we believe that their is life upon conception. It seems that Satanist are really supporting anything that Christian church opposes.

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Your religion is also

Your religion is also supposed to follow mans law but instead you twist it or break it or bribe a new law as in the hobby lobby law whenever it suits you.

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