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And for your further

And for your further entertainment, the debunking of that first new age crackpot video linked by Jeff, by Phil Plait (the bad astronomer, former president of the JREF):

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I guess you get what you pay

I guess you get what you pay for with u tube.

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"just wanted to share this

"just wanted to share this cool 3rd presentation of the motion of the sun in our galaxy:"

where does that phrase say it was the scientifically accurate, it is just a cool representation.
It is not precise and has the vortex concept which is a nice concept.
Science progresses with new ideas and the link you provided is just LAME on criticism on mostly assumptions that were declared in the video itself.
I did not say that that is actually how everything works, but "a cool 3rd presentation of the motion of the sun in our galaxy".

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same old Jeff, links video

same old Jeff, links video from a well known crackpot, then tries to distance himself from it... You know like the time you linked a video on physics from the "psychic" JZ Knight.

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Just because you wish I said

Just because you wish I said something stupid like you do all the time, it doesn't make your dream come true.
I just liked the animation and it is really cool to see so I shared it.

Everybody likes the cool animation and the link you gave is done by a “Bad Astronomer” Phil Plait which I called him LAME, but I am not alone.

A more detailed and unbiased critic of that video is here:

"Reposted with permission from Rhys Taylor’s blog, Physicists (Formerly) of the Caribbean:"
"What it purports to show is the motion of the Solar System through space. But the accuracy of this has been utterly derided as an affront to scientific dignity. Which is a shame, because the video version is really quite nicely done, with good camera movement and a catchy soundtrack. The principle antagonist is notorious “Bad Astronomer” Phil Plait, who wrote a convincing and virulent attack on the video. I decided to investigate for myself."

"Like many people, I was at first glance really quite impressed with the video, and didn’t have any major objections to it."

"So what’s the big deal? What does the author claim in this internet sensation that’s so outrageous? Well, not much. That particular video/gif are actually fairly inoffensive, to my mind. The most basic notion that the planets trace helical paths through space is perfectly correct. "

Yea, the second video(the one I linked) is incorrect scientifically but i showed it because it looked cooler when you have the galaxy in there then on it's own.

Your attempt to attack everything I DID NOT SAY fails as always.

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You posted a pseudo-science

You posted a pseudo-science video that is a direct attack on the heliocentric model of the solar system, that the laws of momentum are wrong, that life comes from this 'vortex' motion of the solar system; from a well known crackpot also who endorses:

alien abductions,
is an anti-vaxer,
says the moon landing was a hoax,
believes in a consciousness based Universe,
New World Order,
is a 9-11 inside jobber

You---repeatedly---seem unable to tell the difference between bullshit and science.

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Genetic Fallacy

Genetic Fallacy
An argument's origins or the origins of the person making it have no effect whatsoever on the argument's validity. A genetic fallacy is committed when an argument is either devalued or defended solely because of its history.

Whatever Nyarlathotep says is BS because he usually says BS.

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It is called "crank magnetism

It is called "crank magnetism" Jeff. That is: people who are cranks in subject A, tend to be cranks in multiple subjects.

Jeff, think about the cranky stuff you have posted here: cranky math in your statements about infinity/calculus, cranky statements about particle physics, cranky statements about probability, cranky statements about free energy, and all the cranky links you have posted.

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Umm... Right, our solar

Umm... Right, our solar system is moving around in our galaxy, and isn't our galaxy moving about in our galaxy cluster, and isn't that moving within our known universe, which as well may be moving through some sort of space? The motion trails in that model are soooo Milky Way-centric.

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exactly, the galaxy is also

exactly, the galaxy is also moving, but that video just gives an idea how the sun moves and it can be compared to a spiral, even though that is not confirmed yet since there multiple forces acting on the sun to make any claim yet.

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My point is, it is self

My point is, it is self evident that all this motion is taking place, someone going out of their way to make a video which assumes this is some amazing breakthrough science is silly. What's even sillier is forming a hypothesis that this sudden breakthrough in perception somehow changes actual reality. The whole thing smacks of "revealed gnostic mysteries" or some such conspiracy-type garbage. I'm not saying humanity has a full grasp on how it all works, but obviously our methods of expressing and predicting motion have been working pretty well, whatever galactic forces affect our solar system.

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A funny twist on information

A funny twist on information about weird results from Evolution: WTF, Evolution?

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lol, this is great

lol, this is great

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LoL, Why is the cape rain
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‘Little Foot’ pushes back age

‘Little Foot’ pushes back age of earliest South African hominids

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First dinosaurs identified

First dinosaurs identified from Saudi Arabia

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Actually, that is "old" news.

Actually, that is "old" news. But I hadn't heard of it.

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Stunning 'Einstein Ring' Seen

Stunning 'Einstein Ring' Seen In Photo Of Faraway Galaxy

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Complex organic molecules

Complex organic molecules discovered in infant star system: Hints that building blocks of chemistry of life are universal

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And here:
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Yes this short video might

Yes this short video might help:

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A nice documentary about the

A nice documentary about the sun:

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This sounds hopeful: "Major

This sounds hopeful: "Major advance in artificial photosynthesis poses win/win for the environment"

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Tesla Motors / Tesla Energy

Tesla Motors / Tesla Energy has created a revolutionary battery. This could be a major step away from fossil fuels.

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Thanks for the video.

Thanks for the video.
It is one possible solution for "getting by" energy but it is expensive and a battery is not really free energy, it is only guaranteed for 10 years.
After 10 years you may have to buy an other one. :(

This helps to reduce fossil fuel use but it can never replace fossil fuel.

Well made promotion though, to sell a better battery.

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Yes, it poses a lot of new

Yes, it poses a lot of new questions.
What is the environmental cost of producing and later discarding these batteries? Is it as good as they claim?
Apparently there are a lot of competition so I expect further improvements.

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There is no doubt that

There is no doubt that scientific evidence is piling up by the day...the scientists are on the cusp of discovering just what REALLY DID HAPPEN on this earth bilions of years ago...and much to the theists chagrin, NONE of it has anything to do with a "magical mystical" presence...The one and ONLY magical mystery tour was the GREATEST band that ever lived, by the way!!

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Unfortunately, evidence wont

Unfortunately, evidence wont matter much anyway, the power of denial is too great.
The religious will just tap dance again "Moving the goalposts" and claim that god did it that way.

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Researchers discover missing

Researchers discover missing link in the evolution of complex cells

"discovery of a new group of Archaea, the Lokiarchaeota (or ‘Loki’ for short), and identify it to be a missing link in the origin of eukaryotes."

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Proto super-star cluster

Proto super-star cluster discovered.

"We may be witnessing one of the most ancient and extreme modes of star formation in the universe," said Kelsey Johnson, an astronomer at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and lead author on a paper accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal. "This remarkable object looks like it was plucked straight out of the very early universe. To discover something that has all the characteristics of a globular cluster, yet has not begun making stars, is like finding a dinosaur egg that's about to hatch."


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