Scientific advancements

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Scientific advancements

I thought it might be a good idea to create a subject for posting interesting news about the worst nightmare for creationist, news of scientific advancements.

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Super fast evolution observed

Super fast evolution observed in soil bacteria. Re-grew the flagellum in 96 hours.

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And the jawbone that ImFree

And the jawbone that ImFree posted about, that is 400,000 years older than previous discovery of homo lineage:

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Also from that site. This

Also from that site. This one concerns early humans and DNA sequencing. A twofer!

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Really cool, I hadn't read

Really cool, I hadn't read that one.

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Here's a good one from NatGeo

Here's a good one from NatGeo about a transitional species (to the homo line). About 45 minutes long. A friend is on the dig with Lee Berger and in this film.

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Thanks for the link, I

Thanks for the link, I enjoyed watching this.

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Interesting documentary,

Interesting documentary, thanks.

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This is a very interesting

This is a very interesting thread. I hope there would be more and more scientific advancement in this world until the religions eventually disappear.

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Unfortunately Rose, I don't

Unfortunately Rose, I don't think religions will EVER disappear. No amount of evidence, proof, or common sense will be enough. The "believers" will still believe no matter what. I am now convinced that it is a superstition. Theists want to cover their bases " just in case," and will continue with their routines regardless. My sister in law once said to me that she was afraid of not following lent to the letter because she didn't "want anything to go wrong." She wanted a corned beef sandwich from a Jewish deli that she was eating out at, but gave up meat for "Lent." (whatever that means) I stated to her to go ahead and have the sandwich...that life is too short...enjoy herself, it's only a sandwich "God" will forgive you...she said "I'd better do it the right way, I don't want to chance something going wrong." Meanwhile, we've had 2 family members diagnosed with incurable cancer ( both church goers) and another family member who now sits like a vegetable in a nursing home after a motorcycle accident. Jeez, what else could go wrong? Better have that sandwich...I'm sure "God" will forgive you!!

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Some recent fossil

Some recent fossil discoveries.

Ichthyosaurus anningae: New Species of Extinct Marine Reptile Discovered

Two New Jurassic Mammals Discovered in China

Paleontologists Discover Oldest Known Fur Seal

Qijianglong guokr: New Long-Necked Dinosaur Discovered in China

World’s Oldest Known Snake Fossils
(A snake with legs! So I guess Genesis was correct.)

Nundasuchus songeaensis: New Triassic Reptile Discovered in Tanzania

Dearcmhara shawcrossi: New Ichthyosaur Discovered in Scotland

A list of the top paleontological discoveries of 2014

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Scientific advancement that

Scientific advancement that leaves creationists speechless:

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Good chuckle over that one!

Good chuckle over that one!

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yea, I watch it every now and

yea, I watch it every now and then when I need a good smile.

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Truth hurts their thinking...

Truth hurts their thinking....brain fart!!!! LOL

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A fossil just 1.2 millimeters

A fossil just 1.2 millimeters wide, beautifully preserved 600-million-year-old (about 60 million years before the Cambrian period), shows actual cells.

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That is beautiful.

That is beautiful.

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All anecdotal because in the

All anecdotal because in the end when all evidence of a godless universe is brought to bear, men will still say it was part of their god's plan. You just can't cut through that kind of thinking. Men will not be dissuaded of a god they need in their lives. Not happening by the hand of an atheist, anyway.

To an atheist they're little jabs to the body of christ(ians). Annoying at best, questionable in logic and of no higher order of presence than the stuff of little men. No offense meant. It just seems atheists are preoccupied with taking down rather than building up.

Picasso once said his life goal was to one day paint like a child. It never happened. He was a nurtured adult and artist. There was no changing that. His training in the use of color, light, materials and skills could not be undone or digressed to the level of his stated whim. He was as cast in his role as an artist no differently than a god-fearing man to the gospel of his indoctrination. People are who they are and unless they take it upon themselves to alter that, they will remain on their original courses throughout their lives.

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The trilobites they find in

The trilobites they find in Marocco just is amazing:

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I'm taking some kids in the

I'm taking some kids in the family trilobite digging on Sunday!

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Update: The fossil hunt didn

Update: The fossil hunt didn't go so well, but I did learn some valuable lessons for next time. And we did managed to get 1/2 of one tiny trilobite.

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That sounds fun. I wish I had

That sounds fun. I wish I had a site for digging fossils nearby.

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Oh it was a blast, but some

Oh it was a blast, but some valuable lessons:

1) make sure the kids goes to the bathroom before you head to the dig site.
2) make sure every kid has their own backpack and enough water for themselves and others (in-case water gets spilled), otherwise you waste a lot of time walking back and forth to the car to get more water.
3) make sure the kids leave anything valuable in the car.
4) since kids tend to choke up on hammers, bring hammers heavy enough to split the rocks, even when you choke up on them.

But even with the problems hinted at above, we had a good time.

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ImFree already posted about

ImFree already posted about this but I'm adding it here as well.
A 17-million-year-old skull of an ancient whale, that helps researchers to zero in on the origins of human bipedalism.

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This isn't an advancement per

This isn't an advancement per se, but it is such a cool image.
The Moon, Sun, International Space Station, & Earth, all lined up:

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And the shadow of the Moon on
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No problemo for creationistas

No problemo for creationistas. They just rewrite the story to cover the discoveries under the heading of their god's omnipotence and why such discoveries are time-released to them. IOW, their god creating evolution is waiting for its timely release. Until then, best to while the time away creatively writing into Creation the theist version of it.

Science was/is also the work of their god, or hasn't anyone here gotten the memo?

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This one is mostly beyond me,

This one is mostly beyond me, but seems important...

"Scientists have for the first time demonstrated Albert Einstein's original conception of 'spooky action at a distance' using a single particle."

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It means that either the wave

It means that either the wave-function collapse between two entangled particles DOES happen faster than the speed of light, or hard determinism is true.

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Dark matter even darker than

Dark matter even darker than once thought

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There are several hypothesis

There are several hypothesis about dark matter and dark energy.
The funny thing about them is that they cannot be detected, measured or seen, just like god.

The truth is that it is a name that was placed on it by people that did not know what the fuck to do with the not matching results from the formulas with reality.

When you get wrong results by a huge amount instead of going back to formula, take the missing energy and give it a name to add it to the formula as a constant.

That is not what I call science but science as we go.

Dark matter and dark energy has as much evidence of their existence as god has.

Those effects seen from the Hubble could be anything including magnetic field effects, it might olso be something we are missing in the formulas.

One thing missing in Einstein relativity equations is the power of spin.
Currently they think that the sun spins on its own, that the earth spins on it's own.
Well if you are missing the energy to spin a planet in the formulas then it might be the reason why the formulas are missing 70% of the energy of the universe.

So instead of calling that missing energy Dark energy/dark matter, why not check what we are missing in the formulas?

The question is, what is spinning?
There are some bright people that came up with hypothesis on this subject but they are considered crazy just like Einstein and Tesla were in their time.

People resist change by nature.

"[5] A favoured theory is that dark matter might be constituted of "supersymmetric" particles. Supersymmetry is a theory in which all particles in our Standard Model — electrons, protons, neutrons, and so on — have a more massive "supersymmetric" partner. While there has been no experimental confirmation for supersymmetry as yet, the theory would solve a few of the gaps in our current thinking. One of supersymmetry's proposed particles would be stable, electrically neutral, and only interact weakly with the common particles of the Standard Model — all the properties required to explain dark matter."

" the theory would solve a few of the gaps in our current thinking."

LOL "a few gaps", how ironic, 70% missing energy is called "a few gaps", but yea, at least he acknowledges the problem, even though he cushions it.


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