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Periodic Table update:http:/
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Another new species in the

Another new species in the genus homo. This could be the most important discovery so far...

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This isn't a scientific

This isn't a scientific advancement, but it was very funny and connected to science...


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"Obama cuts grant for

"Obama cuts grant for abstinence only sex education from 2017 budget"

"an excellent, evidence-based move towards protecting and educating our youth."

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any posts on gravity waves

any posts on gravity waves yet?

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I haven't been keeping up

I haven't been keeping up (and I haven't understood the significance of that discovery yet).

People are most welcome to provide their own post about scientific advancements here, miracle "advancements" in that thread, and so on... :)

chimp3's picture Gravity wave article by Lawrence Krauss. How many zeros is six billion trillion miles?

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"New 250 million-year-old

"New 250 million-year-old reptile species found in Brazil"

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"Scientists Have Discovered a

"Scientists Have Discovered a Bacteria That's Evolved to Eat Plastic"

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"Molecules found to counter

"Molecules found to counter antibiotic resistance"

"Two types of lab-made molecules could force drug-resistant bacteria, including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, to become sensitive to antibiotics again."

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"A fossil from a new species

"A fossil from a new species of dinosaur is helping to bridge a crucial 20-million-year gap in tyrannosaur evolution."

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Trying to resurrect this

Trying to resurrect this thread:

There are murmurs that detectors at the LHC are finding pairs of photon travelling in opposite directions which have a combined energy of 750+ GeV. This is what you would expect to find after the annihilation of an extremely massive particle (heavier than anything known). So keep your ears open, maybe something exciting is happening!


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