should atheists have a solidarity with believers of satanism

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I'm sorry, I can't help

I'm sorry, I can't help myself.

If you're going to necro a 4 year old thread to dump on someone's grammar and punctuation, make damned sure yours are perfect.

(Spoiler: They're not)

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I wouldn't mind teaming up

I wouldn't mind teaming up with a Satanist or any manner of theist if our goals were the same.

I really don't mind religion. I mind when religious people force me to know about it. I'm sure there are theists out there who believe that their religion is a private matter, decline to share it with me, and insist on a separation of church and state. I would team up with them to ensure that separation.

I don't see any reason why I wouldn't team up with a Satanist under the same circumstances.

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Satan is of religious

Satan is of religious this most will agree. The word brings with it, certain connotations, that bolster an evil perception. Aligning with a group that uses this moniker would be tantamount to shooting ourselves in the foot. Also, any group that uses this moniker to represent their cause, has some issues.

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Yes but wickedness is real.

Yes but wickedness is real. If you look at the satanic principles I think it can be pretty uplifting. Killing the weakness in yourself and becoming disciplined is key.

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I do believe that could have

I do believe that could have some very good outcomes. As far as I'm concerned everything in the bible has led me to the conclusion that it is the devil who is in fact the more righteous of the two. The devil punishes the wicked and weak.

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If I had just one of two

If I had just one of two choices, that I had to worship either god or satan, I would go with the entity that has not lied, and is responsible for the deaths of less than ten people, compared to god who has a long history of deceit, blood sacrifice, and genocide.

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2015? really?

2015? really?

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I figure people find threads

I figure people find threads in here asking specific questions on google, and getting this thread. Then feel like they need to add their 2 cents. And some people do not bother to check the date of the thread, (or do not care.)

I always like seeing a "zombied" post every once in a while because: look at the view count. For some unassuming thread, that is still (barely) under 100 replies.

This thread: Why the religion of Atheizum?

Has over 50,000 views.

Some threads get read, by a lot of people, even if it takes a few years.

I already know I am not going to change the mind of some religious apologist that comes to an atheist board looking to preach or prove themselves right, but all the other, silent readers, if even just one, learns something, that starts the shadow of doubt that frees them from the stranglehold their completely unevidenced bronze age superstition has on their mind. I would consider the entire thread worth it.

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There is no"should" for an atheist other than a disbelief in god(s) . Perhaps consider working your beliefs and political supports out for yourself .

I can't speak for others, nor others for me. I really don't care if two sets of superstitions are at war with each other . I have no spiritual beliefs.

Satanism as it exists today seems to be largely the invention of Christianity. It's just another form of spiritual belief to me and therefore irrelevant. Unless of course they get in my face .

Before you mentioned them, I honestly could not remember the last time satanists entered my mind.

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From what little I know about

From what little I know about Satanism from reading some of the Satanic Bible, the followers of that "doctrine" do not believe in Satan any more than atheists do. And they most certainly do not worship "God's scapegoat" of the bible... *chuckle*... Matter of fact, best I can tell so far is that Satanists pretty much detest the practice of worshipping anything at all. Personally, I happen to agree with that particular mindset. Doesn't mean I will be rushing to join a Satanic clan anytime soon, but I have to admit I admire many of the teachings based on what I have read so far. And, honestly, if in a bind, I would certainly prefer to have a Satanist helping me as opposed to a theist... *chuckle*... Anyway, just my two cents worth.

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Zombie posts are harmless.

Zombie posts are harmless. They remain interesting to peruse over the older discussions and useful for the current unobservant poster to express their interest or outrage despite the OP having shot through ages ago.
And I find it kind of amusing and like to wager on how long it takes for the new poster to realise they have resurrected a dead post. Cog use to do it all the time and rage against the long gone poster and that would crack me up.

AS for Satanism, no, Not interested. As much as I appreciate some of the tenets of LeVeyan Satanism I don't care for the fancy dress up and pseudo ritual stuff, even if its not compulsory, its sort of like the Goth fad of years ago - mostly pouting and macho fantasy pretend.

The Satanic Temple has dismissed the LaVeyan Church of Satan as "irrelevant and inactive" and has my greater respect. The Temple is totally secular (except perhaps for the name which I understand is used because it gets under the skin of theists and reflects the Temples position as an opponent to religion) and organised and political, they get shit done, like the statue of Baphomet in response to the 10 Commandments statue in Arkansas and their continuing educational protests.
I'd probably join the Temple if I lived in the US, but here in Australia there's no chapter and its expected if you don't believe in gods you don't have to join a club to prove or promote it. Joining clubs in Oz is strictly reserved for religion and sports and the Returned Services League which is like a church for Anzac Day.'s picture
The Satanic Temple is a non

The Satanic Temple is a non-theistic religion (like Buddhism is non-theistic) and they don't believe in supernatural nonsense. They do quite a bit of work promoting separation of church & state. Most of the posts on this thread seem uninformed. Lack of interest is fine, but a little knowledge before posting opinions is a good thing.

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@Beth Re: "The Satanic

@Beth Re: "The Satanic Temple is a non-theistic religion (like Buddhism is non-theistic) and they don't believe in supernatural nonsense."

You are correct, dear lady. Sadly, most people (especially those of Christian persuasion) simply refuse to dare learn of such things, else they may become "infected" by the dastardly treacherous Lucifer himself. ("Run away! It's a trap!")... *chuckle*... I will be the first to admit I was woefully ignorant in that particular area up until only a couple of years ago. Thankfully, knowing the things I know now, I find the whole subject to be quite fascinating. Even delightfully amusing in some cases, as I have a fond appreciation for those who dare to disturb/disrupt the status quo in certain areas... *mischievous grin*...

Oh, and welcome to the AR. We have a rather fine variety of boat rockers of our own here... *chuckle*

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Welcome to the forums Beth.

Welcome to the forums Beth. We need another voice of reason.

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I can never figure out why

I can never figure out why christians think Yaweh is the good guy, & satan the bad guy. If you look at all the evil shit yaweh does in the old testament, he is much more evil than satan.

The only evil satan does is in the book of job, but that is at the behest of yaweh, so yaweh is as much, if not more to blame than satan in that story.

It is yaweh that curses all mankind, yaweh that kills everything by flooding the whole earth, yaweh who advocates slavery, yaweh who orders genocide & rape, yaweh who kills the firstborn of egypt, yahweh who introduces laws advocating the stoning to death of people who work on the sabbath etc, yaweh who demands to be worshipped, yaweh who condemns people to eternal punishment & torture for not worshipping him, yaweh who prohibits 'graven' images (which is basically prohibiting art such as any painting or sculpture).

yaweh is the personification of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot & Kim Jong-un, all rolled into one, except at least you could die to escape their lunacy & cruelty. With yaweh, you cant escape his sadistic ways even when dead. Satan is very benign in comparison.

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It is amusing that I have

It is amusing that I have heard theists define satan as the deceiver. But some of those same people also believe that the earth is approximately six thousand years old, and their god deliberately made old objects appear older than six thousand years. According to the bible satan is the one who tells the truth, while this god is the one who pranked Abraham into almost killing his son Isaac.


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