Shroud of Turin actually proves the Resurrection of Jesus.

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Did I say theist means god?

Did I say theist means god? Dumb arse.. you ought to pause and read. I know comprehension is hard with this autistic bunch. I wrote Theos means God. An other expert in the Greek language, barbarian cuntboy, who thought I said something I didn't. LOL!

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Sun, 10/28/2018 - 05:17

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Uneducated theists "Hence Atheism is a belief"

Theism is defined as a belief, and atheism is the negation of the word theism, the a donates a lack or absence of belief, and not a denial, or a claim, or a belief as you claimed on the previous page (quoted above), and you can throw as many girly tantrums, and ad hominem fallacies around as you like, you were wrong yet again, so get over it.
Your moronic rants about Greek might carry some fucking relevance if atheism was not defined in the English Oxford dictionary. As I said only an illiterate moron uses the theistic cliche that atheism is a belief, rather than the lack of a belief.


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@Uneducated Re: "Yup, I

@Uneducated Re: "Yup, I agree.. I am told being anally abused without a condom or lubrication, gets tiresome pretty quick."

Hey, it can't be considered abuse if you actually like it... *chuckle*... However, if you start getting bored, just look back over your shoulder and let me know. I'd be happy to give you a reach-around. Who knows, though? Could end up being the best twenty seconds of your life.... *shrugging shoulders*...

So happy to see you are still here, by the way. It has been very entertaining catching up on all the posts since last night. Maybe you are not as boring as I thought you would be.... *scratching chin*... Hmmm... Jury is still out on that one, though. Sadly, I still have to rank you in the "Novice" category for the moment, because you are still a little rough around the edges. I can tell you MIGHT have a bit of potential, but you really should learn to control your anger issues before attempting to enter the adult arena.... *sudden look of concern*.... Oh, dear. Goodness gracious.... *removing hanky from pocket*.... You have snot dripping from your nose. Come here, you poor child... *wiping huge glob of yellow snot from your upper lip*.... There! Much better.... *placing hanky back in pocket*... Okay, run along and go finish playing with your new friends now.

*addressing all other forum members*... They are SO adorable at that age, aren't they?

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Well that escalated quickly.

Well that escalated quickly.

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You ain't kidding Sapporo.

You ain't kidding Sapporo. It is a little hard trying to find anything worth reading between all the ad hominem attacks and insults. Delete all those and there is very little left.

And I thought I was as bad as myckob4. Sheesh.


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Arakish: UneducatedTheist:

[sock puppet account locked - Nyarlathotep]

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Was this Uneducated trying to

Was this Uneducated trying to come back?


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Yep, it was.

Yep, it was.

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After all his bluster he

After all his bluster he tries to weasel his way back under a different username? You have to wonder why he'd bother, as his posts would be too easy to spot, unless he suddenly started posting intelligent cogent and reasonable posts.

It's still pretty funny to think he's desperately trying to come back after all his BS about there be nothing here worth reading, priceless.

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And just in case anyone

And just in case anyone missed this earlier:

"Robert may be one of the few documented witnesses to the Shroud of Turin before 1358. He reports (1203) that the cloth was in Constantinople, in the church of Blachernae: "Where there was the Shroud in which our Lord had been wrapped, which every Friday raised itself upright so one could see the figure of our Lord on it."

"The historians Madden and Queller describe this part of Robert's account as a mistake: Robert had actually seen or heard of the sudarium, the handkerchief of Saint Veronica (which also purportedly contained the image of Jesus), and confused it with the grave cloth (sindon).

(Madden, Thomas, and Donald Queller. The Fourth Crusade: The Conquest of Constantinople. University of Pennsylvania Press, 1997. Second edition. page 139.)

"As there is no mention of this "shroud" in any other source, the historian Andrea Nicolotti suggests that Robert’s account is quite a confused description of the famous miracle that occurred every Friday in the church of Blachernae: the so-called “habitual miracle”, that consisted in the prodigious elevation of a cloth before an icon of the Virgin.

(A. Nicolotti, "Una reliquia costantinopolitana dei panni sepolcrali di Gesù secondo la Cronaca del crociato Robert de Clari"., in «Medioevo greco» 11 (2011), pp. 151-196.)

Just a snip from Wikipedia. Handkerchief, shroud, bathmat, easy enough to get confused.

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The Shroud was never a shroud

The Shroud was never a shroud. The simplest tests in the world can prove this to you. Go get a Barbie doll, cover it with ink, board marker, or paint and then wrap it in a paper towel.

When you open the towel, the face will be deformed with the eyes wide apart. The nose will be spread out. The top of the head will be one foot of hair separating the back of the head from the face and this will have the look of an elongated skull. There is nothing about the shroud that makes it look like it was every used as an actual shroud. It never covered a body. You can prove this in your own home.

Cover your face in board marker then press a paper towel into it. Pull it off and your nose will be three feet across your face, your eyes will be spread out and your entire head will be twice its size. The Shroud was NEVER USED AS A SHROUD.

FINALLY; Even if it could be proved it was an actual burial shroud, there is no connection to Jesus/ NONE. There is no evidence anyone called Jesus actually existed or was crucified let along burred. Even if the shroud is real, you still have all your work ahead of you.


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