Some precise prophecies

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Some precise prophecies

Whenever christian doomsday people go crying around, I always tell them this:
Hopi Tribe prophecy (
The fact that a native american tribe got it more right than them gives me the giggles.
Lets all become Hopis!
Joking, Joking. xD
SOOO. Does this prove the Hopis are right?
Does ANYTHING the christians poke at US prove their right?
No, Im not paranoid at this, either.
But this doomsday earns points for accuracy

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Groups and individuals who

Groups and individuals who are making different doomsday prophecies are crazy people. They are up to no good but to share their craziness to ignorant people. They should be confined to some mental institution. It would be better for them to mind their own doomsday instead of proclaiming some jokes and craps and getting people to believe in them.

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I think someone is bound to

I think someone is bound to hit the nail on the head every now and then when they mak preditcions, it happens to be a coincidence in my opinion.

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Indeed precision in

Indeed precision in prophecies is something out of coincidence and ambigious word use.

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Any prediction has a 50/50

Any prediction has a 50/50 chance of becoming a reality as long as you don't give an exact date or specific details on it.

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I would go further and say

I would go further and say there is a 100% chance of any prediction becoming a reality if you give specific dates or details on it. That being said, if the world ends it will only happen one way so all other ways predicted will be wrong. I don't think the Hopi are exactly predicting the end of the world but rather major events that change the way life is lived in this world and depending on how you interpret what the prophesy could have been meant to say it can be said it has been quite shockingly accurate but white feather in my opinion came a little late with these premonitions to be calling these prophesy rather than educated guesses.

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i agree with you Rob theres

i agree with you Rob theres 50/ 50 chance that prophecies become real, because they are describes as intuitive knowledge. but there is also the interpretation given by people, like for example the twin towers in 9/11 and nostradamus.

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On a tangent :)

On a tangent :)

The Hopi do claim to be the oldest tribe of their area... however, there is another tribe who lives *in* the grand canyon, who claims to remember when the Hopi came to settle above in their abandoned villages. According to the, the Colorado river was at one time not a gorge at all, and they moved down to the river in the time of drought - the Hopis moved in after, with no knowledge of them.

All either tribe has is an oral history, but science sides with the older tribe. There was a comprehensive piece done on them in Smithsonian, I'm gonna say ~2004ish?

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I also don't think the world

I also don't think the world will end according to those prophecies especially if they just based it from biblical stories. Fool are people who dedicated their lives in preparing for the so-called end of the world.

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There is absolutely no way

There is absolutely no way the world will end in any way that the doomsday prophecies state. In today's world we have a lot of people who are dumb enough to believe in many of the scenarios and others are capitalizing on them by selling "prepping" supplies and scaring people into buying bulk food storage and weapons of all types.

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That's pretty resolute of you

That's pretty resolute of you, firebolt.

Just in a friendly, sportswomanly manner, I'm going to see your guarantee and venture a wager. Immediately after armageddon, if I can find a prophecy that was in fact fulfilled by the ultimate destruction, I will come to collect! Unfortunately without an afterlife, I'll have to put some thought into how...

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I advise you guys both put

I advise you guys both put your wager with me and after the fact I will pay the winner the amount they are entitled to. I strongly advise to make it interesting you wager both 3 million dollars each. My fee for doing this will be I can live off the interest in the mean time oh and I will buy you both drinks anytime the three of us hang out.

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Sure, provided I can have

Sure, provided I can have between now and Armageddon to find some way to come up with three million dollars. I feel like I have plenty of time :)

So, should we shake on it? How does one do that over the internet?

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Personally I do not believe

Personally I do not believe those who predict the end of the world. I believe more on the idea that no one would know exactly when it will happen although there could be hints on what will happen in the destruction based on the state of the nature and activities of men.

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Even though I think all of

Even though I think all of the end of the world hype is a load of bull, it couldn't hurt to be prepared for some kind of natural disaster (i.e., a hurricane if you live in Florida) by having an emergency kit or something.

Also, what would constitute as "the end if the world" anyway? Nuclear fallout? A global economic crash? A zombie apocalypse? I figure there are more important things to worry about than obsessing over something that might not even happen.

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Zombie apocalypse may

Zombie apocalypse may contribute, lol! It's when greedy people wanted to extend their lives and wealth by feeding from the lives of ordinary and poor people! Humanity can be ended by war and greed.

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