Some rebels are atheist

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Some rebels are atheist

There are groups of rebels out there who are atheist. They are not terrorist, just rebels who are against their own government. Although they have principles to protect, their mere existence simply gives fright to the local people. Can they just solve things out without rebellion?

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"There are groups of rebels

Mardze give us one such group to discuss. Also are you thinking that these people have some bearing on atheism?

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Mardze, your lack of

Mardze, your lack of information in all your posts, makes people want to ignore you.

Don't take it as an offence, I am saying this for your own good.

maybe you learn how to make decent posts and topics in the future.

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I'm not sure if you're

I'm not sure if you're requesting replies or if it's rhetorical. Also, I'm not aware of any openly atheist rebels.

Can you expand upon this?

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Maybe the groups that are

Maybe the groups that are demonstrating there opinions publicly in rallies. What groups?

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I got his point, but I guess

I got his point, but I guess there aren't much proof about atheist being rebels, terrorist, etc. Because why would an atheist join a religious terrorist group to fight their government? Why not create their own group instead?

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