Trump travel ban

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Trump travel ban

May we draw parallels between gun and radical ideology: they both may do harm to people.

One of the arguments put by pro gun rights group is that guns don’t kill people, but people kill people. Applying the same logic, they must believe that radical ideology don’t kill people, but people kill people.

Since Trump is pro gun rights, his move in banning ‘dangerous’ people from entering US soil is consistent with his gun rights stance. He does not ban the radical ideology, he bans the people. After all, it’s the (‘dangerous’) people that kill the Americans.

If we extend this logic further, pro gun-control government would try to prevent the radical ideology from spreading. They would not ban people from entering their country but anyone residing in the country will need 'security-clearance' if they want to access radical ideology.

Am I right?

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Nope, you are incorrect.
There isn't a direct connection between the gun issue and the travel ban. The travel ban is pure and simple racism and nothing more. It is demonizing muslims specifically. He wanted to ban all muslim nations but that didn't fly so now he is banning refugees.
The gun issue is a completely different ball of wax.
1) Most pro-gun activists like the NRA don't even understand the 2nd Amendment in the first place. I'd bet that YOU don't understand the 2nd either.
You are right in a larger sense that this is about ideology whether you respect humanity (Liberal) or not (conservative).
2) The popularity of Trump, Brexit, and the surge in modern fascism was predicted in the 1980s when economist predicted and illustrated what would happen with a global economy. It's called the "Elephant chart."

This chart illustrates that the poorer people of the entire world would gain almost twice their annual income, that the middle-income people in the industrial nations would suffer stagnation and actually lose ground due to inflation, and the top 1% would achieve a sky-rocket increase in wealth. This causes:
1) Anger of the middle class because their lives reach a new age of instability and uncertainty, and...
2) Mistrust and hatred toward the poor and immigrants.
Hatred toward the poor is unfounded and misdirected. The hatred should be vented toward the corrupt giant corporations that are exploiting the poorer peoples and holding down the middle class.
I agree that both pro-gun and anti-immigrant ideologies are radical and harmful, but the only thing that they actually have in common is that they are right wing bullshit!

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Besides 9/11 attack on the US, tell me of any other terrorist attack on US soil. Americans kill Americans everyday with guns.

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You are kind of right except

You are kind of right except that last part.
Banning people access to a radical ideology unless they get clearance is not how they would go about it.

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More guns, more bombs, more

More guns, more bombs, more bans, and never ending military violence (in which civilians are affected the most) will NOT end terrorism as Trump & Company believes. Violence breeds more violence. It's a war with no winners ... only millions of refugees fleeing war-torn theaters of war. While the western countries bleed money to finance their war; middle eastern countries are bleeding lives ... while the hate grows daily.

Due to all the destruction and deaths the "war on terror" has left behind, it will take at least two generations before any resemblance of peace will be even possible. The children who saw civilian parents, grandparents, siblings, other relatives, and friends needlessly die will NEVER forget.

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