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Turn Down For What

It has and still is a constant debate amongst atheist on whether or not to debate or engage in discussion with theist because their arguments often resort to "because gawwd, that's why." Many feel that we atheist don't have an option considering how negatively theism affects humanity and many atheist feel it is a waste of time to engage with theist, that we should focus on things that can be changed or fixe.
I've wrestled with this since I was 20yrs old, ages ago. I still am not sure which is the most fruitful course of action but I do know that I am unable to stop engaging theists arguments. No matter how old, circular, dishonest, unreasonable, etc the apologetics is I will challenge it if I have the time and the circumstances permit it. Shall we debate this? (esp. you theist that want to comment)

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Now all theists became

Now all theists became negative with theism. There are lots who improved their lives because of it.

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I don't think people with

I don't think people with nefarious intentions just walk away, it seems if not challenged then they simply get comfortable gregpek the more one ignores them.

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I believe this is true in

I believe this is true in most cases at least most legitimate ones:

"I don't think people with nefarious intentions just walk away, it seems if not challenged then they simply get comfortable"

Sometimes people make assertions because they themselves are questioning the validity. This is especially true of sociopaths who struggle with how they really feel and should feel about anything. It is of my opinion that many sociopaths are attracted to religion as a means of moral compass, they don't even think a moral compass is possible without religion. It would make sense they would propose a statement to see what others see, make or feel of it rather than ask the questions they have in the first place which is, how should I feel about this.

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Sometimes all that we can do

Sometimes all that we can do is just let them realized in the end how foolish there beliefs are.The debate will never end some time sooner.

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Can illustrate this point

Can illustrate this point with the bill nye ken ham debate. Bill brings up thoughtful questions and answers ken basically says you werent there. Claims that every single dating method cant be relied upon because we cant prove scientific constants did not change. Then spends the rest of it showing scientists who back him mostly not biologists (so you all know the fallacy there but bill was to nice to bring it up and neither did the moderator infact i personally think the moderator was biased because didnt call ken to task for a number of things) and saying me got book over and over.
Personally considering the location of the debate, kens fking 'museum', bill should not have done it ken just wanted free publicity.

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What we need to do is;

What we need to do is; someone with enough money that brings a theistic argument to court.
finding a christian extremist that has killed or harmed a gay.

Then help the gay with financial means to prosecute the parents for brainwashing instead of just the accused.

Once brainwashing is successfully acknowledged by the court of law then we would have the spark we need to change the laws regarding the ban on indoctrination on innocent children which religious institutions exploit.

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Good idea in theory but i

Good idea in theory but i dont think it would work in the usa or in islamic countries. The religious organisations in the usa own half the government despite the whole seperation of church and state. I think you would have more chance getting the religions in usa to willingly agree to pay tax lol. The reasons it wouldnt work in islamic countries need not be stated.

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Countering theist behavior

Countering theist behavior via the framework of law is one method of engaging with theist. Also we, atheist, have been using this method along with debate for a very long time. And again I think it is something that should be done depending on the circumstances.

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