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If your water memory theory was valid in any way, it would be a major breakthrough in science. The person who proved it would become a millionaire overnight and receive the Nobel Prize in Science. The applications in medicine alone would be tremendous. It is fair to state that if this water memory thingy was valid, many lives would be saved and many more would have relief from suffering.

Modias, you need to understand how science works and how scientists think. Scientists love a mystery, they want to push the boundaries and explore the unexplained. Every valid scientists dreams of being able to completely re-write the laws of any discipline. You may have seen the TV comedy series "The Big Bang Theory" and one of it's main characters, Sheldon. He constantly mentions his desire to win a Nobel prize. Although the TV character is arrogant and too vocal on his desires, what he expresses is valid for many in the scientific community.

You really need to understand how the scientific community works. They are not in agreement, in fact fierce debates, contrary positions, and personal animosity prevails. They competed. Newton had Hooke as his rival, Darwin had Wallace, Einstein had many, such as Hilbert.

All of the great scientific breakthroughs (with the exception of serendipity) were the result of bright and curious minds taking on the mysteries and difficult questions.

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@Nyarlthotep: Well I remember

@Nyarlthotep: Well I remember people believing that nonsense. Seem some people still do.

I think all this nonsense started in the 1970s with Lyall Watson's book "Supernature".

Do you remember Walter Matthau as the fake preacher collecting donations to ease the suffering of trees in "Couch Trip"?

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Modais may be a bit whacky

Modais may be a bit whacky but he does have a few valid points . Water as fuel is not so hard to belive https://youtu.be/cqjn3mup1So just one of many examples.

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It takes a lot of power to break down water into it's two basic elements. The net result is that with this method you have to use more power to extract the hydrogen/oxygen than you get back in combustion.

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David Killens - It takes a

David Killens - It takes a lot of power to break down water into it's two basic elements. The net result is that with this method you have to use more power to extract the hydrogen/oxygen than you get back in combustion.

What David said is exactly right of course. Anyone who thinks water can be used as a fuel in this way needs to seriously consider what he has said.

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Drugs are bad, m'kay!

Drugs are bad, m'kay!

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Crack is wack!

Crack is wack!

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Let me get this right, Modais

Let me get this right, Modais came to an atheist website to discuss setting up a church, of water?
OK. Why not? Is bottle water kosher?
An aside....I don't know if this has happened outside Australia but for many years it was believed that the best way to keep any stray dog from entering your front yard and leaving a dump on your precious lawn, all you had to do was leave a full plastic bottle of water on the grass. I grew up in a city that had as many as five water filled plastic bottles in nearly every front yard. The reasoning was that animals never defecate near water. This peculiar habit went on for years and years. Yet, dogs were still shitting in front yards. I took a photograph, lost now, of a water filled plastic bottle in a front yard that was draped by a dog turd that my dog left on it. (no it was not my yard)....anyway, as you were....a water church....water bout it?

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There already are water

There already are water religions. Homeopathy, Christianity, Judaism.

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What the fuck?

What the fuck?
You come here to ask advice to set up a "water" church. Incredible!
John the Baptist set up a water church and there STILL isn't a god!
Water is an element pure and simple nothing more nothing less. Take a fucking chemistry class for cryin' out loud!

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As a licensed electrician I

As a licensed electrician I can state definitively that water cannot conduct electricity. In fact, water is a very good insulator. It is the impurities in the water that provide a path for the flow of electrons.

As far as getting energy out of water (which is what ITER will use) that is just because any matter can be converted into energy. Water is referenced because it is so plentiful and easy to work with. Easy to store, refine, non-flammable, no-toxic, and cheap.

I wonder how many converts I can get if I started a Church of Beer?

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There already are churches of

There already are churches of beer...they are called taverns.

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The C of FSM already has a

The C of FSM already has a church of beer. Beer volcanoes in the afterlife. Sabbath is Friday when You get together with friends, drink beer, eat pasta.

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@David Re: Church of Beer

@David Re: Church of Beer

Where do I sign up? *jumping up and down clapping excitedly*

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Yup, when you mix Holy Hops

Yup, when you mix Holy Hops with Wonderful Water, fun can happen.

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With religion, as with urine,

With religion, as with urine, everybody prefers their own.

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Ok so im still a long way off

Ok so im still a long way off seting up this water church and to be clear its not a church exactly but a place similar no worships here just water and knowladge and friendly pepole. Yes i could serve beer because without water there would be no beer and i could use it in demonstrations like cleaner more pure water makes better beer why do you think Germans have purity laws on water that goes into beer . Noone seems to mention water and emotions . And I have done all sorts of research this post was to see what other people would think of the idea before i take it to far in the wrong direction. Its more for non believers then any real religious types but i do plan on being nice to all groups figured I would try the idea out here first . Sound and water with the right sound you can turn water into an energy source real thing look it up or ill post a link later .

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" just water and knowladge

" just water and knowladge and friendly pepole."

Oh the humanity!

"Noone seems"

I don't mind your bullshit, but if you keep violating the English language like a drag queen at a tractor pull, you and I are going to fall out matey.

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Sorry I am using my phone for

Sorry I am using my phone for this and i have a cracked screen trying to spell is hard and im high alot so that dont help either .

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If there is going to be a

If there is going to be a water gospel this really should be a part of it.
"And verily Modais said, I have a cracked screen, trying to spell is hard and I'm high a lot, so that don't help either."
Beautifully unambiguous and honest..

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Water in the food can be

Water in the food can be altered by our thought or emotions https://youtu.be/PDW9Lqj8hmc bad water makes food go off quicker love water makes it stay fresher longer .

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That video is by the late

That video is by the late Masaru Emoto. James Randi offered him a million dollars if he could demonstrate his theories under controlled scientific conditions. He refused.

What you're suggesting about keeping food fresher longer with love is dangerous. If you give that stupid idea to gullible people, they could end up poisoning themselves, and you would be responsible.

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It works i tried myself and i

It works i tried myself and i have shown friends and made them do the experiments themselves with interesting results Apple's work best for some reason more moisture content i guess . I have frozen drips of water and looked at them under a microscope i have had friends poor the water and take a drop and freeze it with no contact from me 2 totally difrent shaped drops under the scope. I have done ph tests on water and given it some love and tried again and can change the ph level of water by thought alone . I have tested as many of the theroys as i can myself. Seeing is believing and I belive in something i can see. This is the kind of advice i was looking for tho i don't want to set this up if someone is going to get hurt and i didnt think of consequences. Its just an idea that i thought would help heal pepole and get them together talking about something real they can see . I don't want to offend anyone or hurt anyone the idea is based on good intentions

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Modais - It works i tried

Modais - It works i tried myself ...

What you have described violates quantum mechanics and basic chemistry. If it really does work you should publish your results immediately since they represent arguably the greatest discovery in a few hundred years. I won't be holding my breath.

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"Water in the food can be

"Water in the food can be altered by our thought or emotions "

Or a fucking jug.

"bad water makes food go off quicker"


"love water makes it stay fresher longer ."

Not sure I like the sound of that, what exactly are you putting in 'love water'? Not sure I really want to know.

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Plenty of things on thought

Plenty of things on thought affecting the world around you . https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.powerofpositivity.com/8-studies-show...

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As for chemistry that

As for chemistry that explains hydrogen and oxygen does not explain how it can do all the thing's that it does or can do I just put a link to a real scientist studying water

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Modais - As for chemistry

Modais - As for chemistry that explains hydrogen and oxygen does not explain how...

One of the core postulates of chemistry is that isotopes (think atoms) of the same kind are identical; no matter where you get them from (and it is similar for molecules). If you think about that for a minute: you'll realize that postuale does not allow for them to have a memory. A mathematical underpinning of this postulate was discovered by Satyendra Bose about a 100 years ago and is known by the name: Bose–Einstein statistics.

So a I suggested before: you results are groundbreaking; if you not a crackpot.

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So im not going to mention

So im not going to mention God in my church or jesus or whoever but it will have a spiritual side to it mostly i do a lot of healing with water and I may want to wash away some sins with said water but thats as close as it gets to a church dont get me wrong here i say water church only cos I dont have a better name for it yet

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https://youtu.be/YwaNfNcurvQ water and structured water https://youtu.be/ILSyt_Hhbjg water has a memory . As for chemistry get it to explain how water can exist in 3 states soild liquid and gas water is the only thing of its kind nothing else can do that . Bottled water can be affected by the label so depending on the label on then bottle and what it says would make it kosher or non kosher . As for animals and deficating near water they dont near a river or running water normally some still do but not many and its by a river that they dont do it they know its a water source and not to pollute it someone's front yard or a fire hydrant are diffrent I you had a more or river you would see they dont go near to deficate. I live near lots of different lakes amd rivers and have a few animals ive never seen it they might go on grass nearby but generally away from water . And just in case you still don't belive https://youtu.be/i1gNSkMEDTQ another link to research about water and its memory yes it has a memory . When you try catch something you brace for the impact to try soften the blow well when it rains the water braces to catch each drop it predicts where its going to land and cups inward to catch the drops watch in slow motion you will see https://youtu.be/KJDEsAy9RyM also if you watch till the end in the water bubble in zero gravity when they play sound to it is how i picture the inside of my body reacting to healing music. Im trying to answer as ma y questions as i can so bare with me


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