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@ Modais " As for animals

@ Modais " As for animals and deficating near water they dont near a river or running water normally some still do but not many and its by a river that they dont do it they know its a water source and not to pollute it.."

Do you think that fish, hippos and crocodiles, etc get out of water to poop?

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Some still do but not many

Some still do but not many

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"water can exist in 3 states

"water can exist in 3 states soild liquid and gas "

Once again I'm not sure I like the sound of soild (sic) water.

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@ Modias "I live near lots

@ Modias "I live near lots of different lakes amd rivers and have a few animals ive never seen it they might go on grass nearby but generally away from water"

Yes, most animals do not defecate or void their bowels near water. But have you examined why? When any animal does that, it leaves a powerful scent. If a predator did that near a water source, it would alert it's potential prey to it's presence. And for almost any animal, the act of defecating or voiding it's bladder renders it vulnerable for those few seconds. So for any animal, being near water carries high odds that a predator may be close by. Taking a dump just increases the odds it will be targeted.

The next time you observe a dog taking a crap, watch carefully because that dog never has it's head down, it knows it is vulnerable and it is attempting to keep an eye out for trouble.

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Modais is wacko, to say the

Modais is wacko, to say the least. I think I will start an excrement church. It will be the shit dude. Piles of manure everywhere. No chickenshits allowed. Straight bullshit and human poo! You step in it you own it!

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@Myk Re: Excrement church

@Myk Re: Excrement church

*weak voice* help.... Bwaa-haa-haa... can't... haa-haaa-haaa.... breathe.... *wheezing inhale*.... laughing too..... Bwaa-haaaa-haaa.... hard.... ouch.... *cough-cough-cough*... stomach... cramp.... Bwaaa-haaa-haaa..... *crying*

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Did you know, when water gets

Did you know, when water gets cold enough it turns hard? And it gets bigger??

*twilight zone music starts*

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And when it gets hot enough( which varies by the height on earth) it becomes diaphanous and then disappears?

MAGIC. "All hail magic stuff' All hail, magic priest of transmutable substance that cant be a gas, a liquid or a solid except.... oh...wait....n fact all of the elements except for helium go through all three phases of matter (solid, liquid, and gas) as the temperature is varied. That is to say, at low enough temperatures, all the elements (except Helium) are solids. As the temperature is increased they will melt and become liquids....Oh shit...

Burn the priests of water...burn them, I am steaming mad! *gets pitchforks, flames and rocks*

Guess that's totally fucked the water church then.

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This whole thread reminds of

This whole thread reminds of two pothead slackers getting high and one thinks he has a great idea. Of course, when he comes down from his high or is distracted by something else he will forget all about it.

"Yo Dude!"
"Uh, yeah?"
"Dude look at this bong water!"
"Yeah so?"
"Dude it's like...like really liquidy"
"Yeah, that's weird huh?"
"Dude I can start a church about water."
"Say what?"
"Check it out. We'll have people bring their bong water and they will pay us to watch them drink it."
"That's kinda gross man."
"Nah Dude, it's wack! We'll make some serious dinero."

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That is accurate enough is

That is accurate enough is was very similar to that how i came up with the idea execpt it was 4 stoners

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Hey, Modais, that’s gotta be

Hey, Modais, that’s gotta be some ragweed you have, otherwise you would have come up with something far more entertaining than a water church. Just sayin’...

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"what did the ocean say to

"what did the ocean say to the ocean?"
"nothing they just waved"
"did you sea what i did there?"
"i'm shore you did"
"how do you have friends?"
"don't be such a beach"

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if the formula for water is

if the formula for water is H20

is the formula for an ice cube H20 squared?

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Naw man its H2O cubed! ;)

Naw man its H2O cubed!


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@Logic Re: H2O cubed

@Logic Re: H2O cubed

Ba-dum-bump... ching! lol

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https://www.healingsounds.com/cymatic-research-3/ . Ok so healing with sound is a posibillity modais could be on to some thing here. Ive read all of this and watched the videos. Ive found my own to add to this . So far i like what he is saying just not the part about the church

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Sweetpayne - https://www

Sweetpayne - https://www.healingsounds.com

Wow, another website that makes money by selling new age materials to idiots.

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I once knew this attractive

I once knew this attractive partying lass. She used to brag that she could get out of a traffic ticket with magic water. She would freeze some magic water into cubes, and carry them in an insulated container. If a cop pulled her over for speeding or running a red light, before the officer could get to the side of her car, she had already taken out the magic frozen water and rubbed them on her nipples.

For some good reason, the officer would be distracted by the effect the magic frozen water had on her nipples. As she used to say, I made them so hard they could cut glass.

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Was the officer a male?

Was the officer a male?

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Back then all traffic cops

Back then all traffic cops were male.

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It might still work with

It might still work with female lesbian cops, don't underestimate the power of divine water.

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I am not religious but as far

I am not religious but as far as i can tell holy water is made by a priest or monk or shaman or whatever you belive giving water a blessing . So talking nice to water and saying a prayer . Sound can affect matter so why not water . Seems legit if you belive in that stuff i however do not but i do see a connection here . I dont belive in anything i can not see but i can see water and there is some mystery in it so i will look into it some more .


Attach Image/Video?: 

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Ok yes I love weed and yes I

Ok yes I love weed and yes I do get a bit carried away . All this makes sense in my head but its hard for me to explain. water has something we are not seeing and yes sound does affect matter and that includes water. Positive thinking makes a huge difference . Like thought can change the shape of our brain and change our body's in diffrent ways. So I should be able to with more practice change things around me . For example tests were done on pepole pretending to exercise versus pepole actually exercising and results were close real exercise had 30 % increase in muscle thinking of exercise 22 % increase. Its a bit off topic but for what im thinking it is relevant. Mind and thought affecting matter if i have better happier cleaner thoughts i can do more . Also thank you sweetpayne for the nature pic made me giggle

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Modais: water. Its in

Modais: water. Its in everything living . It has a memory

I was once at a candidates' meeting during a general election in New Zealand. There were 7-8 candidates seated at a long table at the front of the hall, and there was a jug of water and a glass in front of each.

The Green Party candidate was droning on about nothing, and most of the other candidates were taking sips of water, perhaps to relieve the boredom. Suddenly the Green guy said, "Every drop of water we drink has been through at least seven other people." The room went silent, and then we heard the crash of glasses being put down on the table in unison. Nobody touched a drop of water again that night.

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Ok so if I am right and water

Ok so if I am right and water holds a memory and has absorbed our emotions without having to touch us . Water travels in pipes under ground with pipes that have a 90 degree angle in them and the water crashes around to get around that corner (unlike in nature it will curve around a bend safely ) at each stop along the way it goes under people's homes they could be having a bad day and all sorts of stress they pass it on to the water not knowing and by the time it gets to your tap it has picked up a bunch of things along the way not including all the chemicals and whatever else . So yeah it has been around a bit . think of where your water comes from plenty of hands may have touched it before you did . Water gets recycled through the environment so chances are yes it had been in someone else that peed it out the went thought sewers back to ocean back to precipitation back to rain and you could be drinking it not knowing how many pepole affected it beofre it for to you

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@Modais: you could be

@Modais: you could be drinking it not knowing how many pepole affected it beofre it for to you

Yes! The water in the coffee I just drank could have been peed out by Confucius, Alexander the Great, Jesus, maybe even Adolf Hitler. I find that really inspiring. Do you think there's any way to read the memory in water and find out who passed it in the past?

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It would all get rinsed in

It would all get rinsed in the cycle . I don't know what to say to that yeah I guess but fish have sex in water so you could be drinking fish seamen aswell . I Think of all the things ive washed in water like i wash my bong in water . Ok this is starting to scare me now i think i want to stop drinking water

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@Modais: you could be

@Modais: you could be drinking fish seamen aswell

Or even seaman semen.

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Also structure of water is

Also structure of water is important . Hate leads to sharp jaggerd edges on water drops positive leads to smooth round edges. Round smooth water flows better then ruff shaped water . Its not changing chemical make up of water just its structure changes the way its held together. And that changes a lot of things it can do structured water with positive vibe cleans better cooks better . Ok so quartz dont for in my theory because no water content but they can absorb mental energy hold ampliefies and transmit electromagnetic frequencies that are also vibrations . Some interpretations of quantum physics have suggested that thought is faster vibrations of sound then say music or voice . A lot of sensative pepole out there can feel vibrations or energies trapped in walls, buildings and other places even have memories of past times .

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Some cultures use water to

Some cultures use water to wash away these old negative stains in homes and buildings when they first move into a house they clean wash every surface they dont want someone else's past coming back to haunt them


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