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You posted a link to smarter

You posted a link to smarter eveyday with the walking on water mystery. At the end of the video he shows the bubble of water in zero g as you say . Are you trying to say we are like that water bubble and sound affects us because it affects the water . And Also I asked about living water at church and no one could answer me or my questions. So i came home and watched those zeightgiest videos i blame you for that . The first one was better . Last two got long and boring i fell asleep a bit .


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https://youtu.be/pvBlSFVmoaw plants have brains ha i knew it so we were working for them the whole time like if we didn't spread the seed those trees would never have gotten as far as they did

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Here's a little water advice

Here's a little water advice for the girls, moon water. "Very feminine and yin." Leave your container out over night with a full moon and get it before the sun comes up and you have the perfect drink full of moon vibrations to help with meditation and "turning inwards".


I find mooning water makes me think of a disturbing image.


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