Ways in which science is superior to religion.

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Fucking mermaids have as much

Fucking mermaids have as much evidentiary proof as Jesus being a deity in human form, and his historical personage is evidenced roughly on a par with Hercules.

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The major difference between

The major difference between religion and science is the way they handle inconvenient facts. If a fact flies in the face of science then the science is wrong. If it flies in the face of religion, then the fact is wrong!

Read more in: http://norealgod.com/2017/11/28/religion-and-science-introduction/

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Science set to eradicate

Science it seems is set to eradicate another delightful disease that theists believe their deity created. An initiative funded primarily by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is helping eradicate Polio, a disease that still maims and cripples millions every year.

Bill Gates is also an atheist, and has agreed to pay the national debt of Nigeria to help facilitate the vaccination process. So that refutes the oft made claim that only theists and the religious are altruistic. Nor does his philanthropy end there of course, as the foundation is also funding massive scientific research into curing or even eradicating Malaria.

Meanwhile we are expected to believe that a deity that is perfectly merciful and for who all things are possible does nothing and has let countless millions die in agony, and billions more watch on helpless as their loved ones suffer and die. You simply can't credit that anyone would want to worship such a deity, even if a shred of objective evidence could be demonstrated for its existence. luckily that is not the case.

Read this fascinating tale of atheistic altruism, and scientific progress alleviating the suffering of millions.



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