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You are the conditioned one

You are the conditioned one

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... And it is a strong

... And it is a strong condition from a weak source may God be with you

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May the force be with you and

May the force be with you and your imaginary friends

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Yes, conditioned to think

Yes, conditioned to think critically and not to believe in made up fairy tales....

Easter bunny - gone
Santa Claus - gone
Tooth fairy - gone

Come on, your sooooo close!!!!!!!

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...then ill make a statement

...then ill make a statement towards your claim... -->if you choose to continue wondering as a free spirit ...out to gulp down the apostic foods the worlds prepaired to feed you, well then have at it and fatten up, because your place in the book of life will be short lived and highly noted come your judgement day standing before your God and being known of you ignorant unrepentant mind -which you hath chosen to throw so freely into the damnation pit of the devils doings to appease the sinful call of our flesh and leave starving the truthfull knowledge and wisdom found in our very own survival guide made JUST FOR US TO LIVE BY! ...and thise those choise not to believe... well I hope you got a real good answer for it when your Father wants to know , "WHY!" ...whats your answer gonna be?... you gonna google it?... Uh, wheres your court appointed attorney?... GOD is you Judge and through His son Jesus Christ... will He Make Judgement upon all His children -->this includes you, athiests, so... Just sayin... You want a life of wondering that ends in punishment or an openning of truth that leads to salvation?... Its our own call as individuals to make AMEN.

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Archaeologists work with the

Archaeologists work with the gospels in the Bible... Matthew, Mark, Luke, John ... as a guide and reference point on where to dig and what they find, because the scriptures have been proven, throughout the ages, to be reliable sources in their findings.  Thank Jesus AMEN.

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...and the book of Acts ..

...and the book of Acts ...sorry i left that out

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Can't believe I'm going to do this AGAIN..... but what the hell.... its the weekend....

OK... give me 3 examples of successful Bible led Archaeological sites /reports /expeditions .... any 3 ... your choice....so make them good ones....

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@Watchman: "examples of

@Watchman: "examples of successful Bible led Archaeological sites"

How about Saint Helena, mother of Constantine? Around 330 AD she went to Jerusalem and discovered three crosses. She scientifically tested them by having a dying woman touch each one in turn. When she touched the third one, she was cured, proving that it was the true cross. Saint Helena also found the nails. In addition, she ordered a church to be built on the site of Moses' burning bush in Egypt.

Obviously this was a crock of propaganda crap for the benefit of her son, but Helena's discoveries spawned huge religious relic and tourism industries that are still thriving today. So I think that qualifies as a successful expedition.

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....so i have to continue to

....so i have to continue to do the proving to you?... Who are you to need me to prove anything to... Mr. "stardust"... Do a little digging on your own and prove ME to the contrary... Oh wait... Can you?... Do you have the capacity to?... Nope. For ALL knowledge is born through God... How ya gonna hurdle that one athiest?!... Gotcha. Im being playful in a sort, but to help save you! -> as i was helped! Praise thr Lord I want the same for you!!! Amen.

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@Looooongwiiiiinded: "so i

@Looooongwiiiiinded: "so i have to continue to do the proving to you?"

I don't know. Is there some strange compulsion that makes you keep posting this rubbish here? It certainly looks like you want to prove something to somebody.

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How can we possibly prove

How can we possibly prove your imaginary friend?

I will merely call upon two quotes by some of the great thinkers of our fellow primate species...

Firstly, the splendid Carl Sagan, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence"

And follow that up with what the wonderfully articulate, and brilliant thinker Christopher Hitchens said, "What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence"

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Man, I wrote this post http:/

(Deleted comment, wrong thread)

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So here is what I hear when

So here is what I hear when you post anything.
"Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah....
....blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...
...blah blah blah blah blah blah---stupid shit---blah blah blah blah blah...
...more stupid shit---blah blah blah blah blah blah....
....fairytale bullshit---blah blah blah blah blah...
...blah blah blah blah---more inane crap---blah blah blah blah...

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LOL....thanks man...you got

LOL....thanks man...you got me laughing pretty hard here with this comment!! I needed that!!

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"Who are you to need me to prove anything to... "

Well lets see...shall we.....?

I'm one of the people to whom you posted ,

"Scholars have proven 99.99% accuracy in the word of the New Testament. "

"The more historians and archaeologists discover the more accurate the Bible appears. "

"because the scriptures have been proven, "

I asked you where you got this information....

and now it appears you actually have .......?

nothing...... NOTHING..... not one single example....

not the "Jesus house" in Nazareth ,nor "Peters house" in Galilee ,not even the "healing bath" in Jerusalem....

(all of which have been thoroughly debunked..)

It seems that your vainglorious boasts are just as empty as your suppossed faith...

a hollow shell ,bereft of any substance. A mere shadow of what it puports to be.

So.... not even a decent troll ,as it turns out.


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Ugh. He actually said 99.99%

Ugh. He actually said 99.99% accuracy?
That's a .01% margin of error. I could be wrong, but I can't imagine any legitimate scholarly or scientific research boxing themselves in with that small of a margin.

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I remember as a child

I remember as a child watching nature,and realizing that the natural world is all that is or exists.There is no reason to question what we see and attribute an outside entity that has never been proven to supposedly run our lives,when it comes down to we are the only ones in charge of our lives..I remember false ideals of entities such as the tooth faery,santa clause and the children's classic night tales,and realize that an adult can carry on these fantasies in the form of religions.What happens in our lives is basically odds,like in Vegas,sometimes things seem to go our way and other times they do not.It is only us that can decide how to accept life,and its uncertainty.I believe there is is no such realms as heaven and hell,and that they are just a means of control by various religions. Myths of the past in Roman times,Greek Idols,and the times of the Pharos,were once genuine religions at one time,and present day western religions will eventually fall away,with the advances of science and enlightenment.

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I hear:

I hear:
1st paragraph - "things we can not see" then directing that thought to a conclusion you want.
2nd paragraph - "no contradictions in the bible" - I realize I am reading the scribbling of an insane person. No normal sane person would ever say the bible is contradiction free. It would be like saying the Guinness book of records book has no pictures in it.

3rd paragraph: - Jesus talked about atheist? Have not heard that one before. Also sounds like after the fact explaining away and trying to convince followers they are right. All part of an elaborate scheme to plug holes in the badly leaking dam of logic when it comes to Christianity. And then using emotional appeals like fear and need for acceptance to try and "lock it in"

4th paragraph: I think I can find anything within. What we should be looking for is ourselves, not god. I agree, put your whole self into living. Do not live for some god, and punishment system and afterlife, live for your self. Adam and Eve story. How are Christians not embarrassed by this story? You would think they would never mention it. Esp to skeptical people like atheist.

I also think this whole thing is trolling for attention, I don't mind though, I like taking these things apart piece by piece.

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The username appears to be

The username appears to be quite apt!


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