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So his story about the girl

So his story about the girl is wrong, but your story about being a drill instructor is true? Both have the same evidence, a one person testimony. What makes you say he has no integrity. Who says he doesn't "like it". His father editing a program for the history channel could be after he was poor, or he editing something small. There are too many options to take up.

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Your being mean:( Proactive never worked for me by the way. Vitamin D3 and more moisture because my skin was shit for years.
Having acne sucks and pointing it out doesn't help. I know you are a really good man. Just be nicer because. Please.
And I know I need my eye perscription upped soon but I don't see your acne I am Mormon. That was just my acne tips. Oh, and religion, religion, atheism. atheism. So we stay on topic.

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my family is poor. you just

my family is poor. you just put words in my mouth, my dad does not make a program on the history channel, it's just a small history show that is broadcast in Utah and Idaho. he works with a guy who seems to think that selling their stuff would be priest craft so no, he does not get paid well. we barely get by. The church didn't send a "cheerleader" she came of her own accord because she saw some kid that she could use. I spent way too much money on her, and at least I talk like I'm a grown up and not a highschool student which is the only way you seem capable of talking. I do not lie, and people can handle combat perfectly well if they don't like swearing. In fact the prophet of my church and his second counselor were both in the military. President Monson was in the Navy and President Uchtdorf was in the airforce and became a very talented pilot who once had to fly a plane filled with swat teams into a hostage situation. Many people who don't swear or do not enjoy the sound of swearing are very brave people.

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Has any place or person or

Has any place or person or event in the book of mormon have been corroborated by outside evidence?

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Is there even a point in

Is there even a point in arguing you? It's been 5 pages of atheistic arguments, and when you can't reply to something, then "I have faith in ..."

This thread is a waste of time, you're just too brainwashed, accept that.

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"Mormons typically have a

"Mormons typically have a longer life span than other people..."

Mormons live longer (how much longer?)...can you explain why the child suicide rate in Utah is almost double the national average? And the suicide rate in Utah has doubled since 2009. So I guess Mormons live longer...if they can make it out of their teens?

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Ah, yes, another bears the

Ah, yes, another bears the legacy of the pride of Bring-em Young.

Personally, I don't see yours as a legitimate religion. Originally intended to cloak polygamy with a religious veil, and having to run very far away from its detractors to practice it in peace, the whole of the culture of Mormonism can't even get off the ground to the level of any respectable theism. In other words, Mormons aren't even theistic in my book. They're just the prodigy of secular philandering. At this time in its existence I can't understand how it can further its "charter".

Otherwise, why in the world, after abandoning Holy Polygamy, is the Mormon church trying to baptize the world of the living and the dead without permission from the various faiths?

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I don't really have a problem

I don't really have a problem with you. You have been provided a path to go by and you have complied with the rules along that path. This is not a bad thing but it does not tell me anything about you as a person. There's a deep down place in everyone where things reside, hidden, and few will ever know what they are. Even the person harboring those things, if not given the environment to expose them to the light of day, cannot claim if his honesty is ever truly in play.

A religion is a system employed to first corral people and stifle personal expression, and then indoctrinate them to express its own persona and agenda in the form of missionary work or simple local preaching and outreach actions. This is the typical methodology.

You have read a lot of nonsense created by nonsensical people who follow a conjured up set of thoughts they fooled themselves into thinking of as principles, and the whole of it is nothing more than a supremacist thought control meme. You have allowed that meme to bury who you are and create instead a soldier's countenance for defending it as a faith, and as a harbinger of the meme, which brought you here.

None of this opinion of mine paints you in my mind as a bad person and I would never ever wish that perspective upon you. I think of your innocence as having been shanghaied for the perpetuation of a meme that probably isn't who you really are. I hope you are honestly fulfilled by your life as a Mormon and are satisfied to project yourself within its guidelines. If not, pony up some courage and alter your plans accordingly. It's your life as a person to live versus being a Mormon puppet. Weigh it carefully.

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I haven’t been on this

I haven’t been on this website very recently because I have realized that it doesn’t really suit me. It’s honestly not the kind of place that I should be. Therefore I am going to leave some things with you and for real this time, I’m not coming back.
After asking my dad some things I have learned that Joseph Smith was never actually convicted of anything. And if he was convicted of treason, that doesn’t count. Individual states don’t have the authority to convict someone of treason. The people who charged him with that just wanted to hold him overnight so that they could either kill him, or drive the saints out of where they were. The occasions when he was held were frequent, off the top of my head I can think of Carthage jail, and Liberty jail. Carthage was where Joseph Smith was shot and killed, along with his brother and a few of the other saints. Before Joseph went to Carthage he told his wife that he wasn’t going to come back. He had been given revelation that he would die there. Liberty jail, where I was earlier today, is where Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, and a few other saints were held for several months. The room they were held was only six feet tall and only Hyrum could stand straight up. Liberty jail is where Joseph smith received several revelations. One of these later became Doctrine & Covenants 121. There was another occasion where Joseph and other saints were held in a log cabin chained together while the guards sat at a table talking about the atrocities they had committed, talking and laughing about how many saints they had killed at haun's mill. The saints were disgusted, but they didn’t know what to do. Finally Joseph had enough and stood up. He rebuked the guards, ending the rebuking with “stop this language now, or you or I die this instant.” The guards became quiet and some even apologized. There was yet another occasion where Joseph was turned over to a governor (I believe that it was the governor of missouri) by one of the men he trusted. There the governor proclaimed that on the next night him and his accompanying saints would be shot and killed. Later that day a subordinate came to him and told him that if he went through with it “These are innocent men, if you do this I will hold you to an earthly tribunal so help me God.” That man was not LDS but he is revered by many of the saints today. The governor released the saints and they went back home.
I want you to compare yourself to Joseph, if you had been lying about seeing God and receiving revelation, and seeing angels, would you hold to that lie if you were ripped from your home, tarred and feathered, and left to die? If your life was threatened everywhere you turned and your family and friends were being threatened, attacked, and killed? I testify unto you that you would not. I believe that nobody would hold to a lie for that long. To quote Joseph “I knew that I had seen it and God knew that I had seen it. I dared not deny it.” (speaking of his first vision in the grove in Palmyra New York). I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. He truly did a great work on this earth, and continues to do a great work in heaven. Whether you believe this or not I know it to be true and will stand by my faith even if threatened with my life. I love my God and his glory.
P.S. mykcob or whatever your name is, I talked to my dad about the Mormon war. The mormons didn’t kill anybody during that. They were threatened with Johnston’s army who was sent by the president because of misinformation. They were sent there to kill the saints because the president thought they were against the law. Yes, the saints did set up to defend themselves, they filled their homes with wood so they could burn them if they needed to, they put rocks on top of the mountains so they could roll them down and block the army’s path, but it never came to that. As for harming your ancestors, I don’t know what you’re thinking of, but the mormons were a very kind people. Except for those at mountain meadows, though I don’t condone their actions whatsoever, they were very threatened and had memories of massacres that had been carried out on them. They were afraid that would happen to them again. They sent word to Brigham young about their predicament but didn’t wait for a response. Brigham sent a messenger back saying that they should not harm them at all, but it was too late.

Anyway, I just wanted all of you to know that a lot of the stuff you read about Mormonism is false. Sometimes stuff is even wrong when said by the church, I learned that today while staying in Missouri. Please, if you ever have a question about the church, ask somebody who will give you real answers, not mykcob.

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Not much. I try not to get

Not much. I try not to get hung up on anyone's dogma

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I am mormon - People are

I am mormon - People are entitled to their own opinions whether you like them or not and they are also entitled to the freedom of expressing those opinions without the fear of mockery or oppression.

You can't have it both ways. If I'm entitled to freely express my opinions; then your faith is going to get mocked.

And this crazy belief that swear words have magical powers? Almost as crazy as believing that underwear has magical powers; oh wait, now it makes a little more sense!


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