What Made Norway Great?

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What Made Norway Great?

Turns out Norway was once a shithole country from which 25% of it's workforce emigrated to the U.S. for better conditions. Norwegians were then able to demand better wages for a less numerous work force. This resulted in Norway becoming one of the richest welfare states in history. Norwegian Americans were destined to become the butt of Garrison Keillor jokes.


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Trump is a racist scumbag.

Trump is a racist scumbag. He is no longer even bothering to hide his racism

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When was he hiding it?

When was he hiding it?

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@Chimp3: "This resulted in

@Chimp3: "This resulted in Norway becoming one of the richest welfare states in history."

North Sea oil made that possible.

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@ Algebe

@ Algebe
North Sea Oil and a determination that all citizens should share the wealth of the country. Even before North Sea Oil Norway had the high citizen welfare allowances, free education, free medical care, aged pensions that reflected living costs and social housing.

Most Trump supporters, if they could read, they would learn that Norway embodies all those things that GOP and Neo cons call "Socialism" (Ah the horror!) That is indeed what makes Norway a great place to live...apart from all that fucking snow.

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Other factors may have been

Other factors may have been the small size of its democracy; the homogeneity of its population; and its limited international profile and involvement, perhaps. It seems to be very well run with an efficient government. It's population is well educated and non-ideological. Incidentally, it has the largest humanist society of any European country, quote Wiki, "The Norwegian Humanist Association is one of the largest secular humanist associations in the world, with 84,300 members."

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