What is your impression of Afshin Javid?

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What is your impression of Afshin Javid?

This was a man from the Middle East who was a devout Muslim. He was on a trip in Malaysia as part of an Islamic extremist group, He got arrested for having illegal documents, and was put in jail. In his jail cell, he was meditating, and experienced what he called djins.
He saw evil spirits attacking him. He called for Allah, no answer. Then, he called for Jesus and Jesus came suddenly and stopped the evil spirits who were choking him. After that, he asked Jesus for his holy book. The next day, one of the prisoners in another cell gave him a copy of the bible. He then decided to convert to Christianity. His whole testimony can be found all over the web. It is considered to be the most moving testimony by many. He even cries whenever he talks about his first ever meeting with Jesus. What do you guys think of him and his story?

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My impression of Afshin Javid?

1. He's utterly delusional and has slid from one sky fairy cult into another.
2. He's on drugs, and he should be careful, because Malaysia has the death penalty for that.
3. He's yet another religious huckster out to make a quick buck from naive christians with stories about meeting Jesus.

He also looks a lot like the hologram character Rimmer in the "Red Dwarf" sci-fi series.

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Gazpacho soup!

Gazpacho soup!

(Off topic, I know. But it Algebe's fault)

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What did I do?

What did I do?

Gazpacho is a crime against humanity. Miso soup with tofu and wakame seaweed. Now that's a soup.

No soup for Afshin Javid.

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...........(Is clueless as to

...........(Is clueless as to what the hell these two are talking about)............

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Oh, Tieler...No soup for you!

Oh, Tieler...No soup for you!

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pork222 - He even cries

pork222 - He even cries whenever he talks about...

Oh well then it must be true, because no one has ever used tears to hide a lie!

If I cried while I told you I was the Prince of Mars, I bet you still wouldn't believe me.

but seriously:

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I have attended hundreds of

I have attended hundreds of pentecostal church services. People cry all the time. Christianity is a very sentimental religion!

"You died for me? For me? Oh, you shouldn't have!"

I do not see anything amazing in a Muslim converting to Christianity. People do it everyday. Some make a decent living at it too.

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Afshin Javid ....... accused as a pervert and a fraud.....(par for the course really..)

Check out the matching post over in the hub....

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but isn't it possible that he

but isn't it possible that he didn't lie about his experience? I mean regardless of what exactly took place, isn't it possible he actually believes what he claims occurred?

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The heard mentality of

The heard mentality of religious people is scary. Both in that a lot of people take his word at face value and that a large percent of people who have only heard the story from a friend of a friend without doing any research themselves have branded this guy a rapist and a child molester, not that they are necissarilly wrong its just scary that people can act so simple minded. http://arieladinamoorebranded.blogspot.com/2012/08/afshin-javid-debunked...

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