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That sounds like a rough

That sounds like a rough period in your life. I admire that you stuck with the truth you were realizing instead of running back to the comfort blanket that is religion.

One thing I would like to add:

If meaning/purpose of life troubles you now, think of it this way: you are now free to choose your own meaning of life. I chose for my self, fulfillment, happiness, healthy, and caring.

If you want the long version of this idea of new found freedom, I can point you to an old, long post of mine where I broke it down for someone else.

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Believing in Santa Claus is

Believing in Santa Claus is genuinely more logical and rational then the invisible sky fairy

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I mean except how does a fat

I mean except how does a fat guy fit down a chimney after all. Sky fairy, classic. Got any original stuff?

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I agree, all the Santa Claus

I agree, all the Santa Claus stuff, quite the tripe to swallow.

But it pales compared to all the crap one must swallow for all that god and bible stuff.

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Santa was made up by man, the

Santa was made up by man, the same as the easter bunny and many other pagen practices that was brought into the Roman church, with Constantines help, and all in efforts to rule and have gains ...blasphemy! and Gods wrath will start at the pulpits

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Santa and the easter bunny

Santa and the easter bunny were ideas of Constantine?

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Oh, also...how will Gods

Oh, also...how will Gods wrath come from a pulpit?

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You are right! Santa and the

You are right! Santa and the easter bunny were made up by man. Why is it so hard for you to realize that god was also made up by man?

Man created god, not the other way around. All the real evidence points to this.

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What proof does one require

What proof does one require of God? If you could ask him, what would you ask? God do this, God give me that, God perform this miracle? What do you want?

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How about a single shred of

How about a single shred of evidence that doesn't require the suspension if the laws of nature or reading bollocks from a book written by 'people' at a minimum of 5 years after the event.

How about a single shred of evidence from a non bias source of advanced civilisation from the time... you had the romans, who documented fantastically well for the era and they had no mention of any of the bible's claims until almost 100yrs after by senator Tacitus who briefly mentioned he heard of the crucifixion of someone called Chritus.

How about a single shred of evidence within the biological evolution of species?

We could go on and on but it is tedious and boring... come back when you have anything that passes for evidence that isn't from your little book of contradictions.

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@ Dannycp

@ Dannycp
Simple, it is very very simple. All we need, I need, is real proof. If you don't know what that is, don't bother to try.
You believers go around as if all we atheist do is scream "Prove it".
No, no, no, that isn't the case. We have lives. We don't pay attention to a myth. We live our lives. It's only when you believers impose your myth on us, or anyone, or when you try to push your religious crap on us and everyone, that we say PROVE YOUR FUCKING MYTH ASSHOLES!
"There is no god" is a factual statement until someone actually proves a god. That is just life, how it is, REALITY.
I see you theist come on to this forum and you are all completely obsessed with the fact that there are actually people that don't believe in your myth. You simply don't understand. You become fascinated by it so much that you just can't leave us alone. You make up how we all think, what we all believe, everything. You even think that atheism is some sort of religion.
I have NO fucking earthly idea WHY.....WHY THE FUCK.....any of you GODDAMNED believers need or even want to know what it would take for an atheist, that is minding their own business, to all of a sudden believe in your fucked up myth!
So the ultimate quintessential answer to the question that sits on the tip of the tongue of every fucking goofball believer that wants to know "what would it take to make you a believer" is, of course, NOTHING!!!!!
Nothing because there is nothing. We won't believe, because there is fucking nothing....to believe in.
Get that through your fucking thick skulls
"What proof does one require"....NONE! Quit asking the fucking question. Get over your obsession and fascination.
I don't need proof, don't want proof, because there isn't any proof, will never be any proof. I will never believe in your myth! Got it, Sherlock?

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Do you require zero proof for your beliefs? Does one need to be credulous to believe in God?

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Actually let me ask this...

Actually let me ask this...

If you had a child(your own child, your own flesh and blood) on trial for his life, and a guilty verdict meant his death... Would you be satisfied if the evidence put forward by the prosecution was just some scripture from an old book written 2000 years ago...

Would you be satisfied by that level of evidence?

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A heavily edited, plagiarized

A heavily edited, plagiarized, translated book, w/o a single bit of corroborating evidence. That started with word of mouth, then some dusty scrolls, then a handwritten book or two with heavy, HEAVY! bias, then slowly editions of books morphed beyond almost all recognition into the current bible people read today.

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Nicely put! I wonder if

Nicely put! I wonder if Longwinded77 even knows anything about the Council of Nicaea, and if that even has an impact on his trust in the bible?

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I believe in the Scientific

I believe in the Scientific Method: If it isn't testable, it doesn't exist.

Faith is dishonest. At no point, while evaluating something scientifically, do I need to ignore evidence or believe that it is outside my sphere of comprehension to convince myself of something. That very action defies the simple processes of evolution which have brought about my eyes, ears, nose, taste buds and fingertips that I use to understand the world around me.


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