Who created god ?

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Who created god ?

If there is no god then how was the universe created?



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The first mistake is thinking

The first mistake is thinking that the universe is completed. It's still being created. The basic building block is celestial hydrogen, which clumps together into huge balls and go nuclear, forming stars. The stars cook up heavier elements. Planets are formed and they also create new elements and chemical compounds. If the conditions are right the chemical compounds become living things and life evolves.

If you have never seen The Scale of the Universe 2 it's worth a watch and shows the process and where we fit in. Move the cursor all the way to the left and it starts off with quantum foam (or basically nothing). Over time subatomic particles evolve and finally create hydrogen atoms. Once that happens the process of visible creation begins. http://htwins.net/scale2/

To put it bluntly, only insane people believe that a magical being (or God) created such a vast universe with an untold number of galaxies with zillions of planets but that he's only concerned with a few acres of dirt and a few people on this small speck of rock.

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Exactly! It's so obvious and

@ Amitanshu

Exactly! It's so obvious and I agree completely!

IF the Universe and everything in it were NOT created by Roog, how could then our world even exist? Before the existence of the Universe, Roog existed by itself. Roog is the supreme transcendental principle entity, the one supreme deity and creator.

How could the sacred trees begin to grow in the primordial swamp, if it was not for Roog? How could we even exist if it was not for Roog uttering the first words and brought fourth the first woman from it's womb?

Checkmate atheists! :P

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Who created god? Amitanshu

Who created god? Amitanshu has created his own god.

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Humans created the gods they

Humans created the gods they worship. Humans created religion to control other humans.

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Indeed, xeno. In that

Indeed, xeno. In that religion is one of the most successful scams in history. Far exceeds the "Nigerian Prince" in the amount of damage it has done.

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Amitanshu, I understand why a

Amitanshu, I understand why a person would ask these questions. The creation of god was a group effort. Everywhere fearful, uninformed people have trembled at the forces of nature there have been people who've assumed we are in the hands of some supernatural agents. As people have grown to understand reality we've learned that germs cause disease, not curses. That plate tectonics cause earthquakes, not the wrath of god. That animal and plant species slowly evolve from a subset of other species over millions of years, not a magical event in a garden. The number of people who are still uninformed about the forces of nature is shrinking, so the number of people who believe we are in the hands of supernatural agents is shrinking.

The fact that anything exists at all is mysterious in the same way, and many people still assume that it, like the other things we once thought were supernatural, was the work of some super-being. But just as we've learned that natural forces explain the many events on earth, we are learning about the natural forces that brought the universe into its current state.

So the answer is that God is a creation of mankind, and the universe is the result of natural forces.

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We created gods. Lots and

We created gods. Lots and lots of them

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You created false gods as

You created false gods as evils. Yes.

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How do you know your god isn

How do you know your god isn't false?

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Funny thing for you to learn.

Funny thing for you to learn. The truth is that there is a universe and there is no god. You see we can prove that there is a universe, but NO ONE can prove a god.

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You cant prove there's no God

You cant prove there's no God, don't give false statement that NO ONE can Prove a God, I can prove God who indwells me b/c He entered into my physical body which's Immortal, that's again testable & verifiable.

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Why is your proof not taught in every philosophy department at every university? If it is testable, why is it not taught in every appropriate university science classroom? Short answer: It's not really a proof. It's your very fallible, subjective interpretation of some kind of personal experience you had. Your experience may be real, but your interpretation of it is highly questionable.

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@ Peter

@ Peter

- "I can prove God who indwells me b/c He entered into my physical body which's Immortal, that's again testable & verifiable."

You keep making bold statements, much bolder than most.
But as soon as we ask you about it, you quickly fall back to the old ridiculous position that "one must first believe".

I would be happy to look at your proof, but you seem to have difficulties in producing any... just more hollow words.

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If your proof can be tested, then have a science lab test you.

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The Sequence of events is

The Sequence of events is that simply God came into existence from an eternity wherein, there is no time as of now or timeless period or may be a time not correspondence to human knowledge and to fix a worldly time is Impossible, it may be billions of years or it may be simply ten thousand years and an eternal state has been interpreted by various linguistic explanations and one among is that God came into existence by nature or like an orphan in the sense that an orphan do not know his Parent, though he must have a parent and disappeared or destroyed that are nothing to do with his status as an orphan.

If we demand an answer, how did God come into being? His simple answer is, I am an everlasting or I am an eternal or an orphan.

However God is FIRST and ALONE that is more important than any other status, there is nothing before and He is full of power to establish anything that he wish. There is nothing appears without his knowledge as His stature is Supreme and thus “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”.

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How do you know that God was first? That is something that even God could not know unless it were revealed to him.
See my thread "A Tale of Omniscience" (07/16/2016 05:14).

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When I say God is first then

When I say God is first then that's over b/c there's nothing before. If you ask an Orphan boy, who's your Parents then you're irrational b/c an orphan is unaware of his parents. Sure I'll read your thread.

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An orphan can know their parents, the parents could have died and the orphan has no other relatives to live with.

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Peter; When I say God is

Peter; When I say God is first then that's over b/c there's nothing before. If you ask an Orphan boy, who's your Parents then you're irrational b/c an orphan is unaware of his parents.....

By your logic then the orphan boy was first as he didn't know his parents so anything before him begetting him is irrelevant.
1. Either the orphan boy is Adam.
2 Or HE is God.

The problem is you decided by your authority that God was first and so everyone HAS to follow.
There are plenty of ways to trace the ancestry of the orphan boy and thus empirical ways to show that the boys parents existed and gave birth to him.

There is not a single way to prove God did ever, does or will ever exist. The problem is that the judo-christian god is somewhat of a moron and that kind of undermines his claim to existence.

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@Peter: "...simply god came

@Peter: "...simply god came into existence...."

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was....totally incomprehensible, back-to-front, inside-out gibberish.

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Who said the universe was

Who said the universe was created? Some parts of a greater universe might have always existed, eventually begetting our universe. How was God created if there was no higher God to create him? Was God always there? Well, space, time and energy might have always been around, somewhere, eventually begetting our universe via the Big Bang. Perhaps some precursor of space, time, and energy has eternal existence and gave rise, directly or indirectly, to the Big Bang. Any excuse you can come up with to get God off of the hook can, once jargon that begs the question has been stripped, apply to nature just as well. Who said that reality had to begin in a state of absolute nothing, or that such a concept as "absolute nothing" has any meaning to Mother Nature?

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