Why the Christian God is Impossible

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The truth is that some

The truth is that some authors of the gospels realised that it was gonna be hard to convince people to believe in this theoogy if they were suffering.
This way they indoctrinate the idea that suffering is a good thing, a thing god is pleased with.
That is why some Christians still today explain suffering as a good thing, and that the more you suffer in this world the more you are compensated in heaven.
One of these Christians was Madre Teresa which enjoyed seeing people suffering and thought it was a good thing.

So they wanted to give an example of the worst suffering they could imagine(at the time) so that every time a slave/poor person is suffering they would think that Jesus suffered more and not rebel against their masters(the Romans at that time)
That is why You don't find the Crucifixion in every gospel, because not all the authors thought the same.
This is not a historical account but a piece of literature build on the ideas of a man at that time.
Funded and distributed by the roma empire in different parts of the empire.
It didn't matter if they agreed between eachother, what mattered was that every provence(or goop of cultures) got the gospel most to their liking and thus they were more likely to be converted to the faith.
Under 1 banner, a religion the made Jesus the prophet/god a (believed) truth.
As long as they did believe in Jesus, they had to go through the bishops(since only they could read the word of god), thus though the church(the reshaped Caesar cult), thus though the state(the emperor).

There is no other best explanation to explain the evidence I listed to you.
It explains all the contradictions we faced in our arguments.
It explains why the first (historical)pope was a Flavian.
It explains why the first (historical) saint was a Flavian
It explains why the gospels and so much (supposedly persecuted) expensive scripture and architecture survived throughout the ages.
It explains why the gospels are Pro- Roman.
It explains why the title of the POP is Pontifix Maximus(same title of the chief priest of the Caesar cult, pagan cult)
It explains why the early church symbols where the same symbols of the Flavian coins.
It explains why there are churches dedicated to Flavians in Rome.
It explains why Flavius Constantine chose christianity as the state religion.(the religion was putting his family to divine status)
It explains why jesus the phrophet predicts the coming of Titus Flavius as the "Son of Man"(a phrase taken out of some Jewish prophecies)
The list goes on............

Your theology has only contradiction and no evidence at all.
Your belief is built not on logic but on 1 assumption that "God is good" which was hammered into your head when you were a child in a way that it must be true. Your own reality is build on it.
That is why you come up with ridiculous arguments like hell does not exists in the christian theology.(where is showed that it does)
You have built your own reality without knowing it, and for you that is the truth, that must be the truth.
Any other interference(me) are just temptations, attacks on the truth that must be justified in some way even if you do not understand them.

You could come up with blaming yourself for not understanding them(which is one of the options) which is what the brainwashing is about.

It is built on the idea of making you feel guilty or responsible somehow so that you don't rebel, both mentally and physically against your god(the emperor).

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About the Crucifixion:

The only Jewish Messiah the Romans would accept was a DEAD ONE, A CRUCIFIED ONE.
Just like all the other Messiahs they have crucified.
This fits the context of a war-zone the Jews were in at that time.

You can see the black sens of humor the Romans had at that time.

This was of-course a mockery against the Jewish religion.

The gospels are filled with these.
An other one is when Jesus calls the Jewish rebels as demons and those that are influenced with their religion as infected pigs.
Matthew 8:30-37; Mark 5:1-20; and Luke 8:27-38.
This is to parallel Titus military campaign since some of his man were also Jewish and thus some were influenced by this demon spirit(religion) and Titus drove this legion into the sea.
You cannot understand the parallels unless you read the: "The Wars Of The Jews" by Josephus.
From there one can see where the gospels where inspired from.
They were divinely inspired from the divine military campaign of the Flavians in Judea.
The campaign sent by god to destroy the Jewish Temple as punishment for the Jews.(as the flavians excuse for destroying a world wonder).

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No matter how perfect you are

No matter how perfect you are, you can't love nor be loved by another unless their is another. God in His perfection and wisdom is much more aware of what it takes for man kind to love A God who is a spirit (which is the higher power) unconditionally than any man can understand. So it is simple why God chose to create and decide how to come up with His plan. He knows what it will take to get what He wants. Be thankful He didn't make us to get pleasure out of torturing us. But instead He made a way that He had to suffer for the crimes we committed against Him, so we could go free. Glory to God for that.

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This topic has been discussed

This topic has been discussed several times in this forum in different ways and titles. Anyway, as agnostic as I am, I really don't care whether or not the christian god is real or not. There might be a real god out there that no one can really identify. As for now, I think atheists have reasons why they are strong towards their belief about the non-existence of the christian god.

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mysticrose we are not strong

mysticrose we are not strong about our beliefs. We know that the christian god is a false god since a god that claims that he can do anything, Omniscient and loving defies logic itself.
I have written about it before and I am sure that someone made a post about it somewhere.
Can an omnipotent(the ability to do everything) being remove its own omnipotence(the ability to do everything) and then restore it?
No, else he wouldn't have removed his ability at all.
Can an omniscient being know how it feel when he doesn't know something?

It is quite simple if you just think about it.


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