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Tell me what reactions are you talking about. Did those reactions have anything to do with something, or someone breathing? I still haven't heard from you about the extra pressure needed for very large bugs to be able to fly.

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Did you not read the articles

Did you not read the articles I linked? Who am I kidding, of course you did not.

Why on earth would I possibly want to discuss energy, power, powered flight, and power to weight ratios with you?

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Four thousand holes in

Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire...

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The following is a response I

The following is a response I found explaining the term that like posted by a person named Sebastian from Gemany posting on theguardian.com site, its important to note the Albert Hall is a music venue:

the line "now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall" can be explained by the fact that there was one hole for every 26 people in Blackburn, Lancashire. While the Royal Albert Hall holds about 8000 people, you would have needed about 308 holes to fill it. Because there are 26 people for every hole, of course... And I always thought the line was about assholes!

Don't worry Sebastian, truth is so did I.

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And at least a couple of them

And at least a couple of them have posted here...hahaha...thx for that one Z!

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It's hard when you don't have

It's hard when you don't have an answer isn't it?

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in shor mr rogers, you were

in shor mr rogers, you were talking crap. right?

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So in other words when you

So in other words when you have no answer, you TRY to make a question sound stupid, but yet you have no answer. Oh but yet what you believe is still true right? NOT!

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who were you responding to???

who were you responding to???

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I have a hunch roger is

I have a hunch roger is talking about DENSITY not pressure that would make sense

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Jeasus why the hell didnt any

Jeasus why the hell didnt any of you simply google how did dinosaurs breathe.

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I mean i just did and found

I mean i just did and found the answer in less than a few minutes. Do your homework lol

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I searched using, how did dinosaurs breath. I found it somewhat interesting as to the suggestion of air sacks. But then as I read more and more I find that they are speculating, with no evidence. I copied part of a sight and the link.

Establishing that dinosaurs had a bird-like air sac system leads to yet another question: did these pneumatized dinosaurs breathe like birds — did they use their air sacs to pump air through their lungs in a continuous flow? If saurischian dinosaurs did have this sort of "hot-rod" respiratory system, it could overturn current views of how active dinosaurs were. But answering that question will require more work, suggests Matt. "Solving the problem of how dinosaurs actually breathed is going to take the intersection of several different lines of research. I can bring the air sac piece of the pie, and say 'Well at least they had the soft tissue gear to make this happen.' Somebody else is going to have to look at birds and alligators and as many intermediates as they can, and look at muscle attachment scars to figure out how the trunk muscles evolved...And somebody else is going to have to come with the rib movement and say 'If these muscles contract in such and such a way...it's going to drive air through the lungs.' You've really got to have all three pieces: somebody who knows the bones, somebody who knows the muscles, and somebody who knows the air sacs."]

Now that doesn't mean that they didn't breathe with unidirectional breathing. But not like birds because there is no relation between birds and lizards. I have already shown you that. There are no lizards today that have air sacks to help them breathe. I seen some sites that claim certain reptiles breathe like birds. But yet even within those sites, [like the one here
http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/monitor-lizards-found-to-breat... ]
clearly show that the way lizards and birds breathe are different. The birds use air sacks that are connected to the lungs through hollow bones. Yet the lizards they claim breathe like birds, have everything to breathe unidirectionally within the lungs themselves. A great design but yet totally different than birds. Yet the canopy of water at the edge of space and our atmosphere, still would have been needed for extra pressure so large flying bugs, and the pterosaurs to fly.

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Have you ever been told you

Have you ever been told you may be suffering from fractal wrongness?

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No, absolutely not, God makes

No, absolutely not, God makes sense, evolution makes none. Because there is nothing to back it up. Evolution is factually incorrect. Wake up and start making logical conclusions to the assumptions evolutionists make. They just don't add up. Have you seen how they make the assumption that dinosaurs or lizards, even alligators, breathe like birds. But yet it is done in a completely different way. Just because they want you to believe lizards turned into birds. A ground up evolution. But yet now I've read some are claiming a down evolution instead. They can't even agree on things. As soon as new evidence pops up they have to back track and change their speculations. Why?

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Nothing about god makes sense

Nothing about god makes sense ffs you cant even define him or explain how he came to exist. Your only thing that claims he exists is a book riddled with contradictions plagerism outright bullshit and atrocities. You claim moral superiority because of him but the god of the bible has no morality.
Evolution backed by nothing i think you mean creationism.
You definately suffer from fractal wrongness.

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You have never made a case

You have never made a case for contradictions in the Bible. And I have asked repeatedly. You only brought up some so called scripture. You never showed it was wrong. And when I asked you if you knew what it was about you didn't respond. So again give me some real scripture. Tell me what it's all about, and then tell me why it is wrong. Also since you claim it is contradicting, give me two or more scriptures that contradict each other.

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Genesis: man and woman made

Genesis: man and woman made before and after animals. First chapter major contradictions.
I know i have a bad memory but im pretty sure if i mentioned contradictions and you asked for them i would have linked this:

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notice that Chuck demands

notice that Chuck demands that evolution to supply every single detail about the soft tissues of animals that lived 60 millions years ago, otherwise it must be wrong!

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You don't get it. For one

You don't get it. For one thing the only way evolution is claimed is if there is so much time involved that you can't see it. Oh outside of tiny little single celled creatures that change, not out of the type of creature that they are, but a little change that according to evolutionists claimes prove that evolution is true. The only reason for evolution is to attempt to get rid of God. Do any of you realize that if you were to get the whole world to believe evolution, and disbelieve in God, it wouldn't change the truth. I know you are going to try and reverse that. But if there was not a God it would be easy to show evidence that would go against the Bible. No man or men could write a book that is so complete that it can't be proved wrong especially way back then. The Bible is just as accurate against the sins today as back then. As a matter of fact it is just right for anything today, just as it was then.
The only thing those who want to deny God have is that no one can prove Him. But the problem you have with that is that you think it should be proven according to the way you want it to be. Yet God is MUCH smarter than anyone, and He is able to make a plan of salvation that is only accessible His way. That way no one can get to Him falsely.
I and many others are testimonies to that fact. I used to not want there to be a God either. Because He didn't do what I wanted Him to do.
But when I saw the truth I knew He was real, beyond any shadow of a doubt.
But with everything evolutionists claim, another example can be given. Or even if they show some truths, none of them discredit God. Why is it so hard to discredit God, and at the same time so hard to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that evolution is true? To me if God was false and evolution true, it would be very easy.

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For an explanation with

For an explanation with visual aid on the evidence for evolution, which for some reason you continue there is none, see this video.
God is up to the same standard of evidence as anything else, and the reality of the situation is that there is no evidence to support a god existing.

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Chuck you live in the 21st

Chuck you live in the 21st century and you have access to a computer. Your woeful ignorance about evolution is nothing more than being dumb on purpose. And the really sad part is the belief in god, and the theory of evolution are not mutually exclusive. More than 50% of Christians accept the theory! Let me guess, they aren't "real" Christians...

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How can we get through to him

How can we get through to him hes remaining ignorant on purpose and claiming evolution is a massive conspiracy lasting 155 years involving millions of scientists and many governments hasnt he ever heard of occams razor or wikileaks conspiricys involving so many people could not have avoided leaks for 155 years.
And yep he says they arent true christians he refuses to acknowledge catholics are christian probably only because the pope has endorsed evolution.
This is not how you would expect an ex atheist to debate hell i can make better arguments against atheism and evolution in my sleep.

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And what would be the point

And what would be the point in evolution as a conspiricy it does not disprove god just some writing by some anonymous poet (its now widly considered by christians that genesis is poetry not literal fact).
Its especially odd because darwin was a theist and many scientists supporting abd working on evolution are theist.

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Here you go again Lmale. You

Here you go again Lmale. You claim that the Bible was written by man, though that is just your beliefs. But yet there is absolutely nothing else but man that came out up with evolution. Though that's ok with you. Now you claim the big whopping 155 years, and so called millions of people that believe in it. Yet if time and believers is a measurement, then you have nothing on Christianity. Though I'm sure you have a double standard for that huh? I still haven't seen all those contradictions you keep claiming. Oh and don't worry you'll not scare me away by your miss conception of God's word.

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Who the hell said believers

Who the hell said believers not me i said scientists working in the field evolution is not based on belief you ignorant oaf!!
I also said you think its a conspiracy i specifically did NOT say evolutions true because its been here 155 years. I was trying to point out the absurdity of your evil conspiracy claim i guess your feeble brain simply couldn't understand.
How are you actually able to use the internet does it not strain your tiny intellect is that why you ignore everything supporting evolution you just cannot comprehend even the basics. No much as id like to give you the benefit of the doubt your too controlled by your conspiracy delusion to consider anything.
By the way the christian faith says the bible was written by man idiot god didnt go abracadabra heres a book.
I find i just dont give a crap about your delusions anymore you definitely suffer from fractal wrongness and theres only one thing you can do when faced with someone suffering from that condition, stop.
Anything anyone says, any evidence anyone shows you is just part of the conspiracy in your feeble mind so its utterly pointless.

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One last thing i gave you a

One last thing i gave you a contradiction and a link to 101 more and you say youve seen nothing your a fucking liar.

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I've said it before and I'll

I've said it before and I'll say it again "dumb on purpose"...

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How is it that you can't see the simplicity of Genesis chapter one and two?
A child could see that.
It's so simple, chapter one is an overview of the truth of how God created everything. Chapter two details how God created man. He did create the beasts, and cattle, and creeping thing first. But after He created Adam, He made two more of every kind of creature. Not only for Adam to name them, but mainly so Adam could see God's power.
Have you not ever read a news story were the writer gives an overview first and then goes into details about what happened? I've seen many things wrote that way.

I will go to that website and I will respond to the so called contradictions. Most likely the one that made it up didn't do much of studying.

Oh and by the way God was the writer of the Bible. The men just penned down the word.
Haven't you ever heard of writers that have someone to take shorthand while the writer speaks about what he or she wants wrote? It's that simple.

Again I must ask, why do you get so angry when someone questions what you believe if it's true? Maybe you just hate it when someone points out things you can't defend?

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I'm sorry I've been a little busy with having Thanksgiving in all. I'm very thankful to God for all His blessings!

I went to the site you gave, and as I looked over some of the so called contradictions I seen I was right. The one that put them on there didn't do much studying. Some of them are so trivial and easy to answer if you simply read God's word in it's context.
So last night I was on my computer instead of my phone and instead of going straight to that site I just typed in 101 contradictions in the Bible. And guess what I seen. Yup 101 contradictions cleared up. I even seen one site that said 143 contradictions cleared up. So instead of me just typing or copying all the answers on this site. Which would take up a lot of room. I suggest that you go to those other sites and read for yourself.
Though I don't believe that each one is the way I would answer each one. They pretty much cover them between the different so called contradictions if you go into each site and read them all.

So let me know if you have anything else ok buddy. Talk to you later.


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