Why the religion of Atheizum?

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And again bullshit unless

And again bullshit unless your imaginary friend spoke to you personally and said "psst this is how you tell a true christian blah blah" and gave you evodence to prove he told you that thenyou have no right to decide what makes a 'true' christian.

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That is why its brainwashing.

That is why its brainwashing.

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Lmale, ignore him. Why not

Lmale, ignore him. Why not let's bring up your religion of 'peace'
Holy Crusades.
'Be kind to your neighbor'
Well, I think the catchphrase god hates fags isn't kind.
My friend recently told me the 11th commandment that takes precedence over all others.
Do not be a dickhead 99% of the time.

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Show me in the Bible that God

Show me in the Bible that God said that. God hates sin period.

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Your 'hebrew god' hates man.

Your 'hebrew god' hates man. Period.

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If you require proof, read

If you require proof, read the hundreds of thousands or research papers written on evolution from the past few hundred years. What proof do you have of your god? The bible? Faith? Belief and one book saying "this guy is real" is hardly proof, sir.

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God said in His word that His

God said in His word that His word would stand for ever. Guess what, many have tried to destroy it but they are gone and His word is still here. And it doesn't matter how many research papers are written, when not one gives ironclad evidence as proof. Again read through 99% of them say belief or theory, which is faith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What christians dont

What christians dont understand because the are logic impaired if the bible is unverified and the claim that their gods real so for both those reasons it CANNOT be the evidence.

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I get the feeling this guy

I get the feeling this guy was never a Atheist! He sounds like one of those life long christian that are ether unable or unwilling to use reason.

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No matter what you feel, you

No matter what you feel, you don't decide the definition and like I said in one of my first posts there are many people I grew up with that can testify how I used to argue against God. But then I saw all the lies in evolution that had been proven wrong and yet they still use them in the textbooks. So I switched to the winning side. Sad thing is that many will not accept the truth until they end up in Hell's fire. Then when they stand before God, every knee will bow and every tung will confess that Jesus is LORD.

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Erm didnt you define

Erm didnt you define christianity lol.
Fact is you do not use logic or the scientific method.
Fact you use kinds a creationist lie and not a scientific category.
Fact you defined true christians that is the mark of a life long christian.
Fact you do not understand very basic science hell you dont even understand scientific definations of words
Fact you argued atheism is a religion when every atheist hates that because its not true.
Fact you dont understand anything at all about being atheist.
Fact you accept shit on creationist or religious sites as true despite there being no evidence. An athiest would never accept anything without evidence thats the whole fucking point of atheism even an ex atheist would still require evidence.
Fact the chance of an atheist willingly converting to any religion without seeing some evidence or brain damage is damn slim. I said willingly because some have converted for family or marrage that would be under pressure.
I will no longer reply to you until you tell the truth since i feel pretty sure you are incapable of that goodbye.

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First of all you haven't

First of all you haven't shown one bit of truth to evolution. All you have is what someone else has said written or showed some kind of special effects on tv or the computer. You have nothing more than I do to prove what you claim is truth. Like I said in an earlier post, that all those who you rely on make the statements that what they tell you is a belief, and theory which makes it faith. Because neither you nor them have any proof of what you claim. I keep telling you that you have to believe in God by the same means that you believe in evolution. You just want to deny that it's by faith. Again I challenge you to show me something I can't refute. You think that it's ok that you don't have to prove that nothing created something, in which you are believing by faith, but you claim I have to give you proof. Sounds like a double standard to me. But I have already told you how you can know that God exists according to His word which makes plenty of sense as long as He is true. And it will not hurt you in any way. But yet you want me to just take your word or the people that you claim have the answer. Question again how many of these scientific experiments and research have you done yourself huh? How do you know they are not lying to you? Is it just because you want to believe them? Oh yeah they are not afraid to use the words theory, and believe, are they.

Read some of my posts telling you how I used to be about church and God. It doesn't matter if you believe me or not. For one reason you don't decide what an Atheist is. I have told you that I didn't believe and yet you think that because I talk like I'm a Christian that I must have always was one. Even after I have explained that no one is a Christian until they get saved. Maybe I sound like a Christian because I have been one for 12 years now. I got saved in August of 2002. You would think that someone that truly got saved would, wouldn't you?

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If you can't understand that

If you can't understand that then it's just because you don't want to. And I guess I win the debate which means God is still true. He is the creator of the universe. Glory glory glory. God has over came another. I think you are just running away to hide because you have nothing but sinking sand to stand on. As well as the others that have surrendered.

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I'm trying to get you to give

I'm trying to get you to give me some real evidence, but nothing yet

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Ive been talking to him from

Ive been talking to him from the beginning hes never been atheist hes provided enough evidence for me to claim that with certainty.

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Oh i ment unintentionally

Oh i ment unintentionally gave me evidence to support my claim.

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Oh yeah by the way to those

Oh yeah by the way to those who think I am someone who has been on here before and kicked off. I would like to clear that up. No I'm not. This is the first time I have debated on this site. I'm not here because I want to be mean to anyone or that I look down at any of you. I simply care about were you are going to be when this life is over. I hope that God will open your eyes to the truth in whatever way that needs to be. I would like it if everyone of you were to walk on the golden street of Heaven!

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I believe all atheists are

I believe all atheists are simply mad at God because He wasn't the santa claus god that would give you what you wanted. So you all got mad and threw a little fit and told God you weren't going to believe in Him.
Tell me if I'm wrong.

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Its hard to be angry at

Its hard to be angry at something that theist haven't shown conclusively to exist.

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YES! Haha exactly!

YES! Haha exactly!

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I've told you, when you

I've told you, when you decide that you want to know the truth no matter what the truth is, then He will show you. I really don't understand why that is so hard to understand. If God is true then He has to stay true to His word. Get to the place where you are willing to set aside anything you believe now, to were you are willing to accept the real truth. Then He has to reveal Himself. Just don't think that you can set some time limit or any other restrictions. Just let Him show you, and have that desire to look for Him. If you're not true to it within yourself, then you are not really seeking.

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I promise that seeking the

I promise that seeking the truth doesn't hurt anything nor anyone.

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Oh, I think this is the

Oh, I think this is the longest thread in this forum, correct me if I'm wrong though... I'm wondering how's the standing of the forum starter now? There are many evidences in evolution compare to the historical evidences of the bible. Even if there aren't enough for some, they are still more than what the bible claims. We're not trying to change your beliefs here, I'm not an atheist also but I'm more fond of trusting science than of religion nor politics.

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The only reason the so called

The only reason the so called evolution evidence is called evolution evidence is because someone claims that it is. Everything that is claimed to be evolution evidence can also be used to claim the Bible is true. It simply depends on your world view as to what your going to accept. Three is nothing that can disprove the Bible. And there is nothing that they claim, that can't be said that God is very able to design it that way. But there is a lot that goes against evolution. For example no one can show a natural explosion that has created a bunch of good things including life. But yet evolutionists claim that the big bang created all that there is. Anyone can see the destructive power of volcanoes. They don't help anything they destroy. No one no matter how much they want to believe that a star exploding is a benefit and that it produces anything good.

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So mysticrose you say your

So mysticrose you say your not an Atheist, what do you believe?

If you believe in God, do you think science over rides Him?

Have you considered that maybe those who are claiming evolution is science, that they may have their own agenda?

When you see, hear, or read about something an Atheist, or evolutionists claims, do you consider looking at it from another perspective?
Take the Grand Canyon for instance,
I've heard over and over that it took thousands of years if not millions to carve it out. But there are a few problems with those claims.
First, at the place water enters into the canyon is much lower than the top of the canyon.
Water doesn't flow up hill.
Second, when when rivers carve out the land in a normal flow rate, the side of the river banks are at an angle. And when great amounts of water rushes through a place as in a flood, the walls of the river banks and straight up and down.
The Grand Canyon has both.
Now consider this, if someone filled in the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River would fill up the area behind that great mound creating a very large lake.

Now consider this, I would assume you have heard about Mt. Saint Helen's, when it blew off it's top. Did you know that it caused a large mudslide to occur? That mudslide covered over a portion of a little creak that you could about step over. While the mudslide dried out, that little creak kept filling the area behind it up. As the water slowly filled that area up it was at the same time making the now dirt wet again in that area. As the water reached the top of the mudslide it was weakening that area of it, and as it started going over it, it didn't take long for the water to start carving out the mud, and as it did, more and more water pushed it's way through, making a huge amount rushing through and taking large amounts of mud with it. when all the extra water flowed through and became the little creak again, the sides of the mudslide were straight up and down. And the walls of that newly formed little canyon had many layers in them.
I could go into a lot more info on the world wide flood and all but that would take a lot of time and I think you get the picture. There are more ways to look at things in this world and in space than just the way Atheist and evolutionists claim them to be.

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Takes a troll to know a troll

Takes a troll to know a troll.

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Ten points, Lmale.

Ten points, Lmale.

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I'm wondering if you have read my last post above yet? I'm curious what your thoughts are.

Chuck Rogers's picture

I would still like to know your thoughts. And what is it that you actually believe?

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Chuck, what kind of evidence

Chuck, what kind of evidence are you looking for as it pertains to evolution? There is actually quite a bit.

First and foremost there is the fossil record. The human fossil record is probably the most complete do to the fact that humans have often buried, entombed, and preserved their dead. There's upwards of 7,000 individual finds, encompassing more than 100 distinct species, over a period of more that 5.5 million years. You really have to research such things on you're own as Atheist Republic does not have a way to embed pictures. Plus there is just way too many anyway.

Then there is genetic evidence of evolution. This correlates to the fossil record. As small changes in genetic material occure, physical changes are observed in the fossil record.

Then there is proof of concept. I suggest you research the developement of Biological weapons. There's actually a book called "Biohazard", that chronicles several scientists who worked within the Russian weapons program. It's a good read, on top of being a true story. Anyway, the scientists in the book used crude means of environmental control to force mutations in both bacteria and viruses to become more virulent and fatal.

All together, there is alot of scientific evidence for evolution. There's the fossil record that showcases examples of change throughout histort. Genetic records show a correlation between genetic changes and deviation in physical appearance. Bio weapons programs have shown that both genetic and physical changes occure in reaction to environmental changes, in small organisms easily effected we can even observe them occurring in our lifetime.

But yes, Chuck, you have to research yourself. There is way too much evidence to list. The list and pictures that are publicly available could fill well over a thousand books... because it is showcased in literally thousands of books and research papers.


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