Why the religion of Atheizum?

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Why the religion of Atheizum?

Let me start by saying I am an ex-atheist/evolutionist, born again Christian. I was so much against religion that when I found out that atheism was a religion, I didn't even want to be called an atheist. I used to argue against the truth about God, until I found out that there are so many lies in evolution with nothing to back them up. I realized that if evolution were true, there would be so much evidence that it wouldn't have to be argued about. Because this so called "mother nature" wouldn't have the mindset to hide the so called truth, that whatever so called evidence evolutionists claimed, could be disputed so easily. I knew that there could only be two possibilities, evolution, or God. The problem atheist's have is that what they claim is evidence for their "beliefs" (which is by faith ie. religion), can be claimed just if not more easily, that God made it that way. It takes less faith in God than that nothing created something. So why the religion of Atheism? My thoughts on that as the most likely reason is people don't want a God of judgment to tell them that the sin they enjoy so much is wrong.

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Lmao. This should be an

Lmao. This should be an interesting debate.

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Creationists are familiar

Creationists are familiar with all the evidence for evolution they just dismiss it. I remember a journalist interviewing a creationist. He asked the creationist what he does when he gets a result conflicting with his belief and the creationist said i discard it.
You say you were atheist yet you call atheism a religion when its clearly not and cant even spell it correctly. Its pretty easy to pretend you are a christian that was atheist. Did you forget we atheists require proof for all unlikely claims and an athiest becoming christian is the most unlikely scenario i can think of short of your god showing up at the super bowl and saying look im real.

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You make a good point here

You make a good point here about the OP saying they were an atheist and then saying atheism is a religion. Perhaps he a turned against god and then got turned back to god instead of ever being an atheist and he just got the meaning of the word mixed up because if he were ever were truly an atheist he would likely not consider atheism a religion.

However it is possible to be an atheist who turns toward religion. I have posted elsewhere on this site about an atheist who was even raise by an atheist family who turned into a very dedicated Christian we called Preacher.

I would leave the spelling thing alone though because as we all know there is no way to edit, besides I think he was making a stab at atheism much like Elli often does when he spells god Gawd.

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Sadly atheist turned

Sadly atheist turned Christian does happen. My parents turned to the faith after a lifetime of no affiliation and nary a mention of god while raising me.
My once staunch atheist nephew was born again when he started dating a Christian girl. He’s now married and absorbed into her family.
He recently tried evangelizing me and got pissed when I rejected his attempts. Born agains are the worst!

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born agains r the WORST?

born agains r the WORST? seems a little harsh lol. i dont think im the WORST. im pretty sure the kkk or something get that title lol.

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Excuse me I didn't go back

Excuse me I didn't go back and check all of my spelling. So sorry to disappoint you. The problem you have with all of your so called proof that you claim you can see, can be disputed. Show me this proof you claim to have, that is not a theory or belief ie. faith. Don't just give me some lame answer like there is scientific evidence out there but I have to go look for it. Give me evidence that can't be disputed. I'm so glad that you like other atheist's are able to tell me what I was or wasn't. How many testimonies do you require of my family and friends I grew up with to prove I am not lying. Oh how foolish I am to think it would make a difference, you believe by faith what you want just like everyone does.

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Let me say this God through

Let me say this God through His word shows us that we have to believe in Him by faith. He doesn't lie. But He also made it so that whatever anyone believes in is by faith. Which makes evolution/ Atheism a religion. You have no physical evidence that can't be refuted. I have a testimony of how He changed my life. And He made it so that would be our most powerful tool.

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When someone makes up their

When someone makes up their mind that something is or isn't so, they will say they can refute ANY evidence...with any argument to the contrary, no matter how bizzare. Have you not seen, and/or read the articles showing the fossils, rocks, and other debris found by scientists, archeologists, and paleontologists, that they can link to certain timelines, and other living species that existed? Have you never seen the scientists findings with the high powered telescopes and other sophisticated equipment...planets, other galaxies, meteors, stars, comets, etc. These things ARE THERE...THEY CAN BE SEEN. iF YOU WISH TO DENY THESE THINGS, so be it, but that would be to only fool yourself. By the way...what was ever found to prove that there is a God?? The burden of proof is up to the person making the claim that something is there that is not visible. Faith, you say? Do you have faith in someone that tells you that God wants to take care of you, and wants to make you rich, and take care of your family...just send them $1000, and God will work His miracle. Would you believe that with just having faith? If you would, I would like to sell you a couple of bridges. NASA has been sending rockets on missions, and taking pictures for decades...millions of miles into space...they just sent some pictures back from Pluto...it took the spacecraft NINE YEARS to get there...scientists also just discovered another galaxy that exists that is 1500 LIGHT YEARS AWAY!! My question is...ANYONE EVER RUN INTO GOD UP THERE??!! I guess NASA hasn't gone high enough yet. People like you need to get a grip on reality, because innocent people are being murdered everyday in the name of God and religion. These 2 things are SO EVIL because it opens the door for religious fanatics, with all their different interpretations, and all their different Gods, and all their different " rules" to be damned by, to justify KILLING!!! And the more fanatical, the more killing is justified!! LET IT GO!!! Join the REAL WORLD!!

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what's with the "ANYONE EVER

what's with the "ANYONE EVER RUN INTO GOD UP THERE??!!" argument? MOST Christians would say God's not in the physical sky or space; He's non physical.

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@ Isobel

@ Isobel

Then you have to explain how a non physical god interacts on the physical plane. Which your christian god is reputed to have done on many occasions. It has also been proved wrong by its own actions...

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"Christians would say God's

"Christians would say God's not in the physical sky or space; He's non physical."

Like invisible unicorns you mean? They're all around us you know.

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What god is this that doesn't

What god is this that doesn't lie? What evidence do you have that your god claimed anything, and that it was the truth? I have a pet rock that's never lied but I don't make the assertion that it actually said something either. Atheism is the rejection of religion and belief. I don't "have a belief there is NO god", I just don't believe there IS one. There is a huge difference but I don't expect you to understand it. My evidence means the same to you as your evidence means to me: bupkus.

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Wait, excuse me what? How is

Wait, excuse me what? How is evolution a "lie"? Or did I read something wrongly, there is proof that evolution is true. http://notjustatheory.com/ "When scientists use the word theory, it has a different meaning to normal everyday use. In science, a theory is not a guess, not a hunch. It's a well-substantiated, well-supported, well-documented explanation for our observations. Some people think that in science, you have a theory, and once it's proven, it becomes a law. That's not how it works. A theory never becomes a law. In fact, if there was a hierarchy of science, theories would be higher than laws. There is nothing higher, or better, than a theory. These explanations are called theories, and will always be theories. They can't be changed into laws, because laws are different things. Laws describe, and theories explain. Just because it's called a theory of gravity, doesn't mean that it's just a guess."

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I require more than some

I require more than some stranger claiming to be a born again christian ex atheist.
You ignored my statement that atheism is not a religion a real atheist would know that because it pisses us off when theists call us religious.
When you became 'born again' did you forget the scientific definition of theory. Did you forget that saying its just a theory pisses of people that understand the scientific definition.
When you became 'born again' just what evidence convinced you that christianity was right was it all the evidence that proved genesis and the flood never happened was it the evidence that exodus never happened was it the evidence that everything written by paul and joseph has been discredited. Was it the evidence that so called prophecies were written after the fact or so vague they had to come true. Was it the evidence of the failed prophecies eg jeasus will be called Immanuel. Was it the evidence that a census would not have required Joseph to go to bethlehem.
Just what evidence was so strong you had to believe in a psychotic mass murdering slave master. I want to know this evidence must be amazing.

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Google transitionary fossils.

Google transitionary fossils. We have proved birds are the descendants if dinosaurs. Whats your explanation for all the fossils that show the descent of man did your 'perfect' god make thousands of failed attempts lol

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First I have already stated

First I have already stated that Atheism is a religion because you have to believe by faith that nothing became something. The big bang or any other claim of how the universe began is by faith. Or how that life began without life, which is impossible. There are a lot of claims that one type of animal slowly changed into another. But many have been proven wrong and yet they still put them in the textbooks. There have been evolutionists that have admitted that there are no fossils that back up a change from one type to another. Most of the so called missing links end up being tampered with like the monkey head that was filed to make a man's jaw bone to fit it. That was a real hard one to crack. I will look into this website you are referring to but I believe it will be a simple dispute. I'm guessing that they try to claim that the little lines and marked around the feathers is part of their claim, which have already been disproved because those little markings happen in other fossils also. It is just something that happens when something is fossilized.

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we don't even need fossils to

we don't even need fossils to prove evolution you can use what we have done with selective breeding to prove desirble traits can change a creature. However plenty of documentation is available to show even if some theories of evolution are wrong, that some are accurate. Heck just in the last 400 years people have evolved to be taller unless you would rather believe people really liked having to duck in order to get into and in some cases around, houses built back then. The big bang is a theory too with lots of supporting evidence but not something we call a proof which at least the scientific minded of us usually require before we change somethings label from a theory to a proof. Much like your god no proof equals theory usually though our theroies have more supporting evidence than your god theories. And last but not least where do you get this idea that we have to believe nothing became something.

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Selective breading or

Selective breading or variations within kinds is nobig deal. It is referred by some to be micro evolution but adds nothing to macro evolution. A cat will never produce anything but a cat same with dogs, or any other animal. Atheist's want to claim that it isn't right for us to claim that we don't see evolution happening today. They cry that it takes a long time for things to evolve. But by their own admission it has been going on since the beginning. Yet in all the years that man has been making this claim, there hasn't been one kind of anything that has been born with any kind of changes that would give evidence for evolution. Why is that? Yet one of your atheist friends that has been giving his theory of transitions in the bird kind changed greatly in just one birth. From lizard to almost all bird. Wow now that would be something to consider if that was to happen today.

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Explain the many vestigial

Explain the many vestigial traits in humans then.

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Your style and choice of

Your style and choice of words seems eerily similar to those of the two people who have been banned from this site, ironically I was thinking this about the second person who had been banned from this site . This is not an outright accusation of you being the same person back but if you are, do consider not talking about gay people or how we should kill ourselves this time around..

Whether you are or your not the person I suspect you are, what are your thoughts on say horses and donkeys which are close enough to reproduce but not close enough to to produce viable offspring, the theory (note I said theory here) is the two species have evolved away from each other and the horse evolved to have an extra set of Chromosomes when the two reproduce together they produce a sterile offspring because they are close enough and none of the extra cromosome actually harm or cause miscarriage in the offspring. And then what are your thoughts on ligers? The lion and tigeress can reproduce to create a liger the males of which are sterile or have a low sperm count but the females of which can reproduce with either a lion or a tiger. Strangely this only works one way and when a tiger reproduces with a lioness you end up with a a tiglon which is sterile.

I'll let you get back to me before I bring leopards into the mix and talk about hybrids made with house cats which I have seen with my own two eyes.

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Actually, lots of organisms

Actually, lots of organisms have evolved in our lifetimes. There was a lizard recently that started birthing. That shouldn't happen unless evolution is true. I'm pretty sure lizards normally lay eggs.

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u just gave examples of

u just gave examples of evolution WITHIN the species, which even most Christians believe. u have to be kinda crazy to not believe it.

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atheism encompasses anything

atheism encompasses anything that is non theistic. scientology is an athiest based "religion". Being an atheist only means that you dont believe in any higher power.

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Id consider belief in

Id consider belief in unproven aliens a non atheist concept as atheists require evidence.

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Ok.. lets be clear on

Ok.. lets be clear on something. First.. just because *you* stated Atheism was a religion does not make it so. What you believe it to be is irrelevant. This is the definition of Atheism:

disbelief in the existence of a supreme being or beings.

That has nothing to do with how things are created, the belief in how we came to be, it is simply the denial of religion as a whole. So to claim that it *IS* a religion is just showing your ignorance. Pick up a dictionary...

Secondly, the reason we do not show you the proof of these claims (and its out there, you just have to stop being lazy and do the research yourself - which I know you won't do... ) is because there is too much of it to list. But we're not going to do the research for you. There is so much evidence out there that to list it all would be impossible.

Thirdly, you say "these are all theory's and cannot be proven". Quite the contrary, but had you actually done research then you would know this. What is the Bible then? How can you prove that? How can you sit there and be so smug and arrogant to think that this mountain of evidence out there (that completely destroys anything in the Bible) is false when all you have is this one little book written thousands of years ago, re-written and then re-translated more times than anyone can possibly count?

I doubt you Chuck... I think you have absolutely zero credibility, have made no decently debatable points in your argument and most of all, I doubt you were ever an Atheist. Had you been an Atheist, you would have at least knew the meaning of the word. I think you are a troll who basically came here with this "Ill show em, Ill tell em I was an Atheist and converted just to show them that they are wrong!!!" mentality. But the fact that you think its a religion tells me that you were never an Atheist begin with. The fact of the matter is you are terribly miss-informed and really need to get out there and do your own searching. But we all know what will happen, don't we? You're going to bury your nose in that awful book of yours and dismiss real evidence and BS simply because it proves that what you have been fooled into believing all your life is wrong.

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You're aligning cosmology

You're aligning cosmology with Atheism, which can correlate but are not naturally together. Atheism is only the lack of belief in gods. It does not state anything, it does not state that everything came from nothing. (But using your logic, your god came from nothing didn't he?) The Big Bang Theory is not related to atheism. It just goes against what most religions now claim. Atheism is not a religion, it's not even a belief system. It is a lack of agreement due to rational reason and logic telling us that we don't yet have enough evidence to say there is a supernatural creator. We don't however deny the possibility of one though. Mostly we simply think it's highly improbable.

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Dear Chuck,

Dear Chuck,
I think that one either thinks or believes...not the same thing at all. Something you miss about science is that as more evidence comes to light, scientists modify their thinking based on evidence. Just because we have not discovered all the answers does not mean they are not out there. Those who believe accept blindly and refuse to see or hear anything that does not support their beliefs. Those who think draw conclusions based on evidence and modify those conclusions as new evidence comes to light, which is the only logical approach. How sad you base your life on superstitions filtered through thousands of years of mythology and ignorance which were written down by people who thought the flat earth was the center of the universe and have been proven to be incorrect historically and scientifically.

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You can read the minds of

You can read the minds of millions (billions?) of non-believers? Where did I say "I believe something can come from nothing"? Nowhere it seems... All we can say at the time is that, if you turn back time, all the Universe is contained in a incredibly small and dense volume, we don't even know if a true singularity can exist.


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Oh by the way you spelled if

Oh by the way you spelled if instead of "of". Hum even an Atheist can make a mistake!

Zaphod's picture
Really, your going to stoop

Really, your going to stoop to a level of calling out typos because it was done to you... Everyone makes mistakes.


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