Why the religion of Atheizum?

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Yeah He had a reason. So you

Yeah He had a reason. So you could choose to believe what a man says or choose to seek the truth. No matter what that truth is. Even if it is the Bible. He is letting you choose.

Something you should consider.

You deny either that God existed, or that His ways are right or something about Him. But yet you keep blaming Him for all the evil in the world.
Yet if someone doesn't agree with you, you or at least some of you have to call names. Tell me is that the way to peace? Doesn't this website claim it is here for peace? If you don't believe in God, then why are you not going around this world as a group, trying to bring peace to it. Instead you use name calling and cussing.

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Dude you believe man gave you

Dude you believe man gave you a brain able to think and would rather that people not use it and instead believe in a collection of unverified scribbles.
We try not to insult but you are being more stupid than any theist ive ever talked to. Even a creationist knows more about science than you and they are deluded.

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Btw atheists differ but i

Btw atheists differ but i feel safe in saying most atheists deny all of these:
1 that your god exists.
2 that your god is good.
3 that your god deserves to be worshiped.
Its not one or the other dont you see if 2 and 3 were not there your religion would deserve to be left peacefully alone but they are there so it does not.
Need i point out all the factual damage done by your religion aswell as the damage that your book claims your religion did.
Need i point out what little amount of money the churches spend on charity is for only 2 reasons:
1 to spread the word of god; homeless do not get food or clothing unless they thank god in prayer.
2 part of a deal to avoid paying any tax costing america over 100 billion dollars a year.
Your religion also encourages ignorance. Your religion is a cancer thats infected people minds.

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Cursing is fucking allowed

Cursing is fucking allowed Chuck but I agree that ad hominems don't advance a logical debate position. I also agree that using a book to prove a character's existence is not a viable method of rebuttal in a debate. " Batman exits because I read it in a book,' is all you are saying. Evolution is a fact that's why you get flu shots every year. evolutionary theory address' how it happens, it is not related in any meaningful way to the claim of god or gods.

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Hey, Chuck, how old are you?

Hey, Chuck, how old are you? (And thou shalt not lie.)

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Chuck Rogers's picture
If God is as bad as you claim

If God is as bad as you claim He is why are you that talk so bad about you. Why are you still alive? I would think that if He were so evil, He would be very upset with you. If as some of you claim that He doesn't exist then who or what is responsible for all the pain and suffering in this world excluding people? Nature decided to advance life but at the same time made the desires of animals to eat each other?

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I know i said i was done but

I know i said i was done but this is beyond stupid its retarded.
We dont blame god for anything we dont believe he exists. You do so we explain to you why hes not real and why even if he was real show why the god you gave your life to does not deserve to lick my asshole clean.
Theres a reason your god does not interfere in the world HES NOT REAL. Occams razor.

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nature didn't "make animals

nature didn't "make animals want to eat each other" they do that because it's a much better way of getting energy than munching grass all day and all the pain and suffering in the world is only because of diseases and hunger and other people in fact a good percentage of that suffering was caused by your stupid, hateful, bigoted, and may I add again STUPID (in fact there should be a law against uncommon stupidity because all you get is a lot of suffering and pain and death)

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God says in Jeremiah 29:13

God says in Jeremiah 29:13 KJV
And ye shall seek me, and find me , when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

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Hey that's what I did and He

Hey that's what I did and He didn't lie!

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Hey that's weird, cause I did

Hey that's weird, cause I did that too. For years. And guess what. I now believe it was all a delusion and a bunch of fairy tales. And believe me, I was one of the most dedicated Christians you would find. I KNEW God existed and I was going to prove all those atheists wrong, like you're trying to do. Thankfully, I had an ounce of sense left about me, and ended up convinced by atheists' arguments along my failure to think of even a single reason why I ever believed God existed in the first place.

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Chuck, you are sadly deluded.

Chuck, you are sadly deluded. Your mind is closed by what you call your "faith". In my experience, faith is a dangerous thing because it requires me to believe in something to be the truth just because someone told me it's the truth. I cannot live with that. I must have evidence. Your "evidence" is all emotional; the evidence I've turned up is scientific. And don't tell me I haven't read the Bible. I grew up reading the Bible; my father was a Southern Baptist minister. I understand Christianity, and I understand that it has nothing for you if you question any of it's teachings. My evidence has led me to abandon Christianity for science and atheism. An open mind would lead you to the same place. But you don't have an open mind, because you have bought into a religion that has taught you to believe that what you have been told is true, without any evidence. I'm sorry for you, my friend, because you have a weak mind, one groping for answers and looking in completely the wrong place. May peace find you. I hope someday you see the truth.

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Eloquently stated and brings

Eloquently stated and brings up the point that the majority of atheist were religious there are still to few atheists to claim the majority were raised atheist.
We make up about 9-16% of the worlds population depending what source you look at but it is rising. Seems to me people are starting to wake up science has proven too much to keep believing in superstitious books.

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A side note its probably why

A side note its probably why the only places christianity is on the rise is in underdeveloped countries.

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Sorry but many people have

Sorry but many people have read the bible and grew up in preachers houses and were still never saved. Jesus said they that endure to the end are they that were saved. Saul of Tarsuss who became Paul was one that new the law or the Bible as well as any man could and yet was lost and didn't understand the spiritual side of it until he gave all to Jesus. I began reading the bible also before I got saved. Much of which I thought the same as you, until my eyes were opened when I truly trusted Jesus. Then the Bible was like a new book that is alive. I have read the Bible through several times and am still amazed when I need something from the Lord and as I read over something I have already read God speaks to me and shows me just what I need. Nothing worldly can do like that. If I were the only one that has had things like that happen, you might be able to say it's just in my head. But there are many who experience the same type of things. But for their needs. And there are many more things I can go into that wouldn't happen if it wasn't real!

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How did Saul/Paul read that

How did Saul/Paul read that bible if most of it wasn't written yet and the parts that were (OT) wasn't collected into a single book yet?

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Paul and joseph have been

Paul and joseph have been discredited by the majority of theologians (that arnt christian ofc their bias would ignore any evidence against christianity) as they were not written by paul and joseph and written much later than claimed.

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Lmale, the question was for

Lmale, the question was for chuck.

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Sorry but i realllly don't

Sorry but i realllly don't think he knows about what i said.
Strikes me he makes a huge effort to avoid anything that can cause him doubts must assume from that his faith is extremely fragile. Someone with strong faith would examine evidence to try to prove it wrong.

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Not, there are many who have

Not, there are many who have studied who have actually wanted to tell the truth. For those who don't want the truth, it will not help them when they have to stand before God one day. Then they will be begging for a second chance. God will probably tell them they had more chances than that already. I am curious as to if you will think about this for a little while before you answer. What do you think would go through your mind and what would you say, if when your life is up here you find yourself standing before God in judgment because you were wrong?

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Which god?

Which god?

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Think about that how arrogant

Think about that how arrogant. Do you seriously think any atheist has never been asked that question.
You christians are so arrogant in your belief that you wont consider for a moment it could be shiva or hades or odin or so on and so on.
If i died and saw your god id ask him why the fuck he didnt leave any evidence at all surely with his omniscience he would know that 90% of everyone ever born would end up in hell because he could not be bothered to leave ANY evidence.
Then id ask him to justify his actions in the bible. Ordering rape and murder and incest and personally commiting the worst mass murder ever.
Now your turn what will you say when its not your god.

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Actually Hades is a much more

Actually Hades is a much more fair god than the christian god he doesn't care what religion you are he doesn't care if your gay or straight he only cares how you lived your life, were you a good person or a bad person, if the latter is true then you get a tailor made hell and not just the generic "burning forever" of the christian god and if the former is true you get a tailor made heaven that suits you perfectly instead of just the "generic christian heaven" and Hades himself is actually a much better person than the christian god also a random bit of trivia Cerberus actually means spotted in Latin which I thought was pretty funny that a badass like Hades named his badass dog "spot"

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The old Testament didn't have

The old Testament didn't have to be in book form to read it right. And I know that before Saul was converted, the New Testament wasn't complete. Considering that he penned down the majority of the epistles God gave him.

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Lmale you made a comment

Lmale you made a comment about what I said about Stephen Hawking, in that you can't see the surface of a star. So I went to a few of the websites that show pictures from the radio telescopes. I've looked at some before but I wanted to see if there was any new advances made since then. Maybe you should go back and look at some of the sites again. I really think that you believe the really clear pictures that are on those sites are the actual picture the radio telescopes see. Sad for you they are not. You see some of those sites show some of the images that those who use the telescopes really see. Those are the ones that look like a bunch of squares. And then some man using a computer and some fancy graphics changes it to look like what they believe it to look like. And even if they didn't none of the pictures showed one closeup of the surface of a star. They and you claim that they are like the sun in that they are burning spheres of gasses (that produce gold and silver and things lol) but no one on this earth has ever seen the flames on the surface of a star if you exclude the sun.

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You plainly never checked my

You plainly never checked my link that was a photo taken by the Hubble telescope maybe youve heard of it. It has many cameras some are so sensitive that taking a picture of a visible star (one we can see) could damage them.
The hubble telescope makes the ground based visible light observatories look like childs toys.
The problem you havdnt realised os radioscopes give data that is interperted by computers this is different to visual scopes so searching for radio photos will not give you a visual photo.
You still havnt given your source for your claimed stephen hawkings quote.
Finally you didnt realise our closest star is our sun and you still dont seam to even though someone took the time to tell you. lol

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If you could leave Jesus and

If you could leave Jesus and the things of God you didn't really repent and you never really knew Him period.

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Being a preacher's boy or

Being a preacher's boy or girl doesn't make you saved. No one gets saved because of a relationship. You must believe Jesus as much as you believe your own name. That means His word.

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Give evidence. You claim your

Give evidence. You claim your god gave you a brain so why do you refuse to use it.


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