Why the religion of Atheizum?

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God made the people that made

God made the people that made the car, god made the tree, god made the people that made the beer, god made the man that drank the beer. And all the time he knew the future so knew what was going to happen.
You claim this worlds full of sin first justify your gods right to decide what sin is. His own morality should be a beacon for people to live up to but your gods slaughtered millions and ordered the deaths and rape of millions more.
And as for the first sin he put two innocents who did not know the difference between right and wrong with a tree and told them not to eat the apple he also put in a snake he knew would convince them. They could not possibly know disobeying was wrong. And his reaction was extreme. Would you torture a 3 year old for stealing a sweet no because it didnt know it was wrong. But god would and not only torture the child but 108 billion descendants aswell.
Your god does not know the meaning of the words morality or mercy.

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Wrong God gave us a will to

Wrong God gave us a will to choose. God put Adam and Eve in a garden full of all kinds of things to eat and gave them one rule and told them the punishment for disobedience. He also gave them another opportunity to escape the punishment of death and they didn't take it. That was the tree of life. And He didn't tell them they couldn't eat of it.
He created everything in six literal days and everything that is here today is due to the seeds of those that were first.
You said God knew what they were going to do. This is true, but there is more than one way to look at it, and they are true. First of all ask yourself why did God create us for in the first place. Well as He says in His word, that He is God and there is none else. He has never seen His equal. So He made us for His good pleasure. In other words He simply wanted to have someone who would love Him and be able to have good fellowship with Him. Now I wonder how you would come up with a way to do that if you were God? Now considering that you and some of the others in this forum have already been a little childish with some name calling ( just so you know I don't get offended easily thanks to the spirit my Heavenly Father has given me. I won't attack you back for that, whether you say bad things about me or my family, not even if you say them about my Lord.) how would you be if what you created went against your rules? You see if you didn't give them the right to choose, then their love wouldn't be true. They would simply be puppets. Though God is greaved and hurt by people who reject Him and are not willing to put the desires of the flesh behind them and simply want to do what is right. He had to for one thing, put Himself as a judge to justly give judgment. He also is Holy and His Holiness is above any and allof His attributes. You could say that His Holiness is the hub of all His attributes. Like love, judgment, and so on. Also He is much smarter than we. He knew it was the best way to get true love. Because if He did it another way, to have everyone in Heaven, we would all be like spoiled brats that He would have to give us everything we wanted just to keep us happy.
Another way He could have done it and there wouldn't be anyone that could do anything about it. If was an evil God (but He isn't, after all He did make a way of escape from the sins we have committed, by allowing His son to suffer that liars, and thieves, and murderers could go free. I doubt you would give your son for such a one as that.)He could have made us for the pleasure of torture. (Though some of you think He did, but He made a way of escape).

Think about this if you built a computer and you couldn't get it to do what you wanted it to. You wouldn't say oh that's ok little computer you just do whatever you want. No you would either tear it apart and start over or you would throw it in the trash after you beat it with a hammer. But God gave us a choice no matter how bad we get. And He will still love us.

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Lol you dont even know your

Lol you dont even know your own myth. A flaming sword barred the way to the tree of life.
Adam and eve had no concept that disobeying was wrong its as simple as that.
Look its fiction the reason for genesis is an attempt to explain how we got here when people knew almost nothing about the world.
Human females had painful childbirth often ending in death so thats the reason they wrote god saying bitch your gonna suffer.
We have enough evidence to say genesis is bullshit. We may not know exactly what started the big bang but we do know exactly how our solar system was formed. We even know exactly 100% how the moon was formed a minor planet collided with the earth blasting off the crust the crust then firmed the moon. Tests on moon rock has confirmed this.
Genesis got everything wrong. 2 humans could not repopulate the species theres nowhere near enough genetic diversity. Even starting with 16 unrelated humans eventually there would mutated babies. This is why incest is not allowed nothing to do with morality its to do with what would happen to the children. Before you claim incest laws were morality based your book encouraged incest. Not to mention they only had 3 children all boys lol.
You really should read the book that you dedicated your life to your loving god is a got that enjoys torture rape incest and murder.

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Wrong read it again. God put

Wrong read it again. God put the flaming swords there after they were kicked out of the garden.

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They were not stupid when God

They were not stupid when God created them. When He told Adam not to eat, Adam knew he was not to eat of that tree.

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Have you ever heard that

Have you ever heard that cussing is simply a week mind trying to express itself in a forceful way.

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That thing about the moon

That thing about the moon being made lol. That is really really funny stuff. So this huge rock or small planet hit the earth, knocked the cover off it it was blasted into space and then like it was some kind of magnet (or magic) all the pieces came together to form the moon. And you believe that. How hilarious is that.

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If genesis was factual How

If genesis was factual How did adam and eve know it was bad there is no bad without knowledge of good and evil which is what the friggin tree was supposedly and not the tree of knowledge as many christians believe but the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Until they ate they had less concept of bad than a 3 year old child. Magic is what you believe in idiot its not what science proved.
The creation of planets and moons is a combination of gravity and the electromagnetic forces weak and strong.
Watch a documentary stop being ignorant. Im done wasting time with you. Ive consistently proved you wrong and you have consistently replied with a dumber post each time.

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I'm so glad you know their

I'm so glad you know their thoughts as well as mine and you probably know what everyone thinks lol. So God didn't have enough sense to know what they could understand right, not. He does actually know what everyone thinks. It would have made no sense to tell Adam not to eat of it if God knew he didn't understand.
By the way God told Adam not to eat of that tree. And Adam seen the power of God create the entire garden of Eden. Eve was the last thing that God made. Eve didn't whiteness God's power. So Satan knew that having the serpent speak to going to Adam wouldn't work. But Eve was a different story. Then considering that most likely God gave Adam a woman that he would fall in love with, at least most of us know how much power is in loving someone, and that it makes it easier to do things you normally wouldn't or even know better than to do it. If Eve ate and Adam didn't, God could have given Adam a new wife and things still could have been good.

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Do you realize that movie

Do you realize that movie producers can make things look real on television. I suppose you think that just because they make a documentary on television that it is accurate. After all they couldn't lie to you could they? All men have lied. And they couldn't have a reason to lie either when space exploration is so costly.

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He's got us there. The moon

He's got us there. The moon landing WAS faked by movie producers. Of course, it was actually filmed on the moon.

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Thats it, I'M DONE!!! Your

Thats it, I'M DONE!!! Your responses are so bizzare, they no longer merit responses...good luck in your fantasy world.

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I googled transitional

I googled transitional fossils. This is one quote I found in one of the several I visited.

Because evolution is a branching process that produces a complex bush pattern of related species rather than a linear process that produces a ladder-like progression, and because of the incompleteness of the fossil record, it is unlikely that any particular form represented in the fossil record is a direct ancestor of any other."
— Rusty Cashman / Wikipedia

In short, transitional fossils are best thought of as being close relatives of the species which actually link two groups. They may have lived at the same time as those actual links, or they may not have (this confuses many people). As long as these problems are borne in mind, transitional fossils give a rough indication of what evolutionary changes were occurring. But don't be misled into thinking that fossils are the only evidence for evolution. They're not even the strongest evidence for evolution.

And I will post from another after this. But basically the main thing I found is just what I thought I would. In which I already stated above, with the little markings.
For one major problem is that scales on a lizard is a completely different type of material if I can say it that way, than that of feathers on a bird. One is caratin and the other is completely different. The name escapes me for now but either you or I can look it up. So you're going to tell me that part of the scales changed to a completely different type of material in a birth. Part lizard and part bird . Absolutely amazing. I wonder if it could fly. Hey did it mate with another lizard to complete the transition or were there two born at the same time so they cuold mate and bring forth the next stage. give me a break.

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Dr Patterson had written a

Dr Patterson had written a book for the British Museum simply called Evolution.2 Creationist Luther Sunderland wrote to Dr Patterson inquiring why he had not shown one single photograph of a transitional fossil in his book. Patterson then wrote back with the following amazing confession which was reproduced, in its entirety, in Sunderland’s book Darwin’s Enigma:

‘I fully agree with your comments on the lack of direct illustration of evolutionary transitions in my book. If I knew of any, fossil or living, I would certainly have included them. You suggest that an artist should be used to visualise such transformations, but where would he get the information from? I could not, honestly, provide it, and if I were to leave it to artistic licence, would that not mislead the reader?’
He went on to say:

‘Yet Gould [Stephen J. Gould—the now deceased professor of paleontology from Harvard University] and the American Museum people are hard to contradict when they say there are no transitional fossils. … You say that I should at least “show a photo of the fossil from which each type of organism was derived.” I will lay it on the line—there is not one such fossil for which one could make a watertight argument.’3 [Emphasis added].

There are many more quotes from evolutionists. I will ad them as I go.

I don't have a problem giving you my testimony on how I became born again, and I will though I have already given part in that God showed me of the lies in evolution. Even though so many have been proven wrong they still put them in the textbooks. Why do they still need to lie if there is "so much evidence?

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These people who perpetuate

These people who perpetuate lies and fraud exist in both the science and and religious arena, Why are you so fast to throw out evolution when surely you can find a cases of hoaxes lies and fraud that have been spread through religious comunities? Nobody here is saying there have not been hoaxes lies and fraud spread by people who are often trying to make money. Seems like you have an ax to grind against evolution, are you sure you are a born again christian and not a creationist?

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You are mixing darwinists

You are mixing darwinists/naturalists with evolutionists.
They are not the same thing, do your homework.

Darwinists/naturalists claim that nature created humans too.
Yes they are making a claim and they are in some way more stupid then theists.

The main problem is that you are being used and raped mentally with the idea that if some people are wrong then whoever says anything against your god is wrong.

Evolution is a fact period. Get that in your thick skull.
Human origins through an evolutionary process is a hypothesis postulated by Darwin in his paper, 'Origin of Men'.
He was proven wrong through his way of gradual evolution of millions of years and instead of accepting this fact, Darwinists covered it up and came up with the mutation hypothesis to make it fit in just 200 000 years.(the genome project proved Darwin wrong)
I have no time to go into this subject here.

The main point you must understand is that it doesn't matter at all.

Your claim is not that scientists can get things wrong(since everybody knows that) but that evolution is a lie.
Which is so incredibly stupid claim it makes me vomit.

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So you claim that man didn't

So you claim that man didn't come from God or evolution. Wow were did we come from then the aliens lol. You would then have to explain were they came from. If that is your opinion. Maybe wejust appeared here one day because we are gods our selves, not. Though if you don't believe in God you basically are claiming to be a god. In that you then get to decide what is right or wrong, because there is no consequences for your actions. But then everyone has a big problem. If someone decides he doesn't like you He can just eliminate you without having any guilt or worry that he will suffer for it. Considering that by what I gather as your beliefs there is nothing after this life you are just simply no more.
But yet everyone has a conscience of right and wrong, or somewhat of morality. Which would only come from a creator who cares about right and wrong. If we evolved as many of you claim. How then did we come to the point of knowledge of right and wrong? Show me an animal that has morals. And I can tell you why they don't.

Also I would like to add this. Most people who either don't want there to be a God, or just hates His ways. Don't like to see the ten commandments that we base our laws on, in front of their eyes in public places or any were forthat matter. Because then they are reminded that there is a coming judgment. But everyone wants everyone else to obey the commandments. Why, because they don't want others to come into their home and take what they have worked hard for. And more importantly they don't want someone coming in and rapping and killing their family members. Isn't that right?

If man evolved from something that has no morals, then tell me when that first part human and part something else decided to tell another that they were doing something wrong. The other one probably would have killed the other. Morals outside of a God created world would not have happened. Again sin is the reason for all suffering. But one day when God sees the last soul that is going to get saved, He will then sit on His throne on earth and we will have peace on earth. In so much that a venomous snake won't even bite a child that plays with it. And lions, bears, cows, and lambs will eat together. But maybe you don't want it to be that way. Maybe you don't want peace. But if what the bible says is true I will have peace and rest while anyone who doesn't accept Christ will never have either. But that is by your choice not God's. Also if you were to be right and there is nothing after this life, I stilldon't have anything to worry about any more than you. Sounds like I'm the winner either way. So unless you are willing to seek truth with all your heart, you may find out the hard and might I say the very hot way. That is up to you!!!

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Where the hell did he say men

Where the hell did he say men did not come from evolution or god.
Where the hell do you get the idea atheists can do anything with no consequences. We know there was morality BEFORE your pathetic excuse for morality. You forgotten leviticus those are the 'morals' your religion invented.
The ten commandments had fk all to do with god they were written in reaction to christians no longer feeling leviticus were good rules the church had to adapt.
By the way your own religious organisation is in NO way moral. Your priests rape children you still kill 'witches' your religion spreads lies and covets power. And how about no likeness of anything in heaven that commandment oh you forgot about it it means no more angel statues no more jeasus statues no more glass windows no more saint statues NO PICTURES of loved ones that have died. So will you be destroying all that then nah bet you wont. Your religion also broke the thou shalt not steal back in the inquisition anyone accused of herasy was automatically guilty tortured and executed and all property was confiscated by the church that lead to alot of false accusations but who cares its not like theres a commandment against lying oh wait there is thou shalt not bear false witness.

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I just can not understand,

I just can not understand, the non-sense he spews! There has got to be something wrong with this guys brain!

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Yup he claims by saying we

Yup he claims by saying we dont believe in god we are declaring we are god.
What the fuck lol. This is theist logic people need god (rofl) so if they dont believe in god they must believe they are god.

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Need to do some more work

Need to do some more work will talk a little later.

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Err, okay

Err, okay
1) Theism is a claim that god and it's rules for this existence and what happens after said existence are known and are the ultimate truth of this existence. Atheist simply lack faith/belief in this claim. Atheist offer no counter claim, we just don't buy theism's claim of knowing god and ultimate truth.
2) "I realized that if evolution were true, there would be so much evidence that it wouldn't have to be argued about. Because this so called "mother nature" wouldn't have the mindset to hide the so called truth, that whatever so called evidence evolutionists claimed, could be disputed so easily."-
That is a logical fallacy known as strawmaning. Atheist believe in your "mother nature," (a conscious universe) as much as we believe in gawwd.
3) This-> "It takes less faith in God than that nothing created something." We don't lack belief in the theistic claim based on faith. There's just no logical, reasonable, testable way to confirm or deny it, so that statement is again a strawman and it requires a massive logical leap to be considered in any way a valid logical argument.
4) No one knows how all of this universe, realty, etc was created, yet theist claim to know something they cannot possibly know.
5) The something from nothing is a strawman fallacy that also ignores the fact that you believe gawwd came from nothing. Or can you tell me who created gawwd!?

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Oooo burn lol

Oooo burn lol

Chuck Rogers's picture
Oh yeah ouch ouch ouch what a

Oh yeah ouch ouch ouch what a burn. Not! His answer just verifies that atheist's believe by faith because you don't know.

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This further supports my

This further supports my theory that you may be the same person because your making the same assertions they have as if you have missed the same obvious points in logic everyone else seems to understand and understand quite well. Not flat out accusing you yet, but I'll ask are you one of the two or both of the two who have previously had their accounts banned from the site?

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Wrong, God didn't have a

Wrong, God didn't have a beginning. He is from everlasting to everlasting. If He had to have a beginning He wouldn't be God. He created this universe and you assume that He is restricted to this realm.

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I love assertions. So you

I love assertions. So you have asserted that god is everlasting. Fascinating. Please provide proof this is true.

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Side note about the

Side note about the evolutionary sciences- Science requires constant updating of the how parts of a scientific theory. One piece of data can destroy a entire scientific theory if the data is logically, rationally, and tested to be consistently true. So far the how parts of evolutionary theory have been updated thanks in part to technological advances yet the theory is still found by the scientific community as a valid, consistent, and credible scientific theory.

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Oh please say your a

Oh please say your a creationist i love to crush creationists illogical arguments.
Do you actually want everyone to believe that theres a massive world wide conspiracy involving hundreds of theist and atheist scientists plus the legal system plus the government to promote evolution thats lasted 155years without leaks have you heard of occams razor?
Besides what would be the point? If evolution was disproved heres what would happen nothing, theists will still believe whatever crap they are told atheists will still need evidence of religion creationism will still be a mere hypothesis so will id, its not a case of evolution or creationism creationism and id have no evidence no observations no predictions no real world applications and faked peer reviews!!! Simple fact is nothing is gained by making up evolution.
Science is about the search for the answer ANY answer. For 155 years theists and atheist scientists have tested evolution trying to prove it false for fame and a nobel prize or simply because they hate evolution but the best they could do is some hoaxes and accusations not backed by evidence and alot of propaganda (lies like its just a theory so is creationism or if we descended from monkeys why are there still monkeys.) despite the thou shalt not bear false witness.

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I don't really understand why

I don't really understand why evolution is still being debated as well, Chuck. Since there is so much evidence as to clear up debates, anyone who argues about it, is most likely a theist refusing to believe in it.

Also, I'm sure this has been explained, but saying Atheism is a religion is like saying "bald is a hair color". Atheism is just a mindset about ONE topic, God.

If you are going to believe in God, we don't hold it against you. But if you deny what 90%+ of scientists (real scientists) agree on, you are probably just insisting on being ignorant and illogical. I invite you to think about this, if science cannot currently tell us what created the Big Bang (which ultimately led to evolution), why not take a more logical theistic stance, stating that a God created the Big Bang and then let natural law take its course over the period of (6 days, from God's perspective).

It seems like you are following what others say. Think logically and decide what makes sense to YOU.


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