Why the religion of Atheizum?

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I asked you in an earlier

I asked you in an earlier post if you would be willing to turn to God if He showed you the truth. And then you want to put restrictions in the way. If you truly want to know the truth which then you will have the evidence you want, you will have to want to know the truth no matter what it is and with no restrictions.

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Restrictions i simply asked

Restrictions i simply asked for evidence.

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You said you wouldn't if it

You said you wouldn't if it was anything to do with the Bible.
If you are wrong, you are wrong about the Bible also.
If God is true then there are powers beyond what can be comprehended of this world or universe. And then it's quite possible that ever though you believe you know the truth, someone can put things in your sight that would lead you to disbelieve God, and convince you that God is the bad guy. Instead of the one who is truly behind the evil of this world. Because he is the father of lies.

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No i said if he proved

No i said if he proved himself and was the god in the bible i would acknowledge his existence however i would NOT worship him. Your god is evil.

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I know you may have said a

I know you may have said a little on this but why is it that you believe God is evil? Just to verify.

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Simply put murder ordering

Simply put murder ordering murder and rape. Leviticus deuteronomy judges.
He sent 90 billion people to hell for not worshiping him only 18 billion in heaven if he allows all 40000 denominations of christianity.
Threatening eternal torture to get worship is nothing more than slavery cant you see that. Can you even begin to imagine that.
I know its not real but thats the god you love and claim loves everyone except gays (who he made if you believe he made everything) and people who wont worship him wether thats because he didnt leave any evidence or because they were born to non christian families.
Fact is people believe what their parents make them few people have the ability to overcome that brainwashing its not easy i can say that from experience. I still catch myself saying or thinking something i learned in my childhood or very rarely worry about hell but thats just lingering effects of brainwashing.

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First I would appreciate if

First I would appreciate if you can give me the verses were God told someone to commit rape. I have been looking in Leviticus and Deuteronomy and haven't come across them. Unless I've missed them. I don't think God would tell them to do that considering fornication is a sin. That is sex outside of marriage. So I'll keep looking unless you can give me the exact verses.

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"Apologists argue that

"Apologists argue that Christians or Muslims are good people by categorically denying that anyone who does a bad deed is a "true Christian" or "true Muslim". The lack of a generally accepted definition of "Christian" or "Muslim" allows apologists to redefine the word to fit their arguments. For this reason, many self-professed believers who commit bad deeds are excluded from the group by apologists."
Chuck that is called the no true Scotsman logical fallacy. And you seem fond of using it but it proves not one iota of anything.

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Oh how cute, he thinks he's

Oh how cute, he thinks he's people. Silly theists.

As soon as you said the words "atheism is a religion" your credibility deflated faster than a blow-up doll in a Catholic church.

Religion is the belief in a god or gods. Atheism is DEFINED as a lack of belief in any gods. Those two things are mutually exclusive, therefore, just like your god, a religious atheist does not exist

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Actually when you deny that

Actually when you deny that true God you are claiming to be a god yourself. Because then you are the one that decides what is right or wrong. But yet all of the civilized world basically accepts and has laws based on the real God.
If there is no God then there is no right or wrong. And then that means there is no real punishment.
Just think about it for a little while. If no one has morals that could only be put within our souls by a creator then we would not have came to the place where we are now. Look at the things that are going on in the world today. Today because of all the false religions, including many that claim to be Christians but are not, they just give the true God a bad name. By the way these false religions and man made god's are because of people that listened to Satan.

If there is no God then the evil that is in the world today would have destroyed any hope of a civilized world from the beginning. There are no animals that don't want to be number one. So they don't get eaten by another.

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Your post has more holes in

Your post has more holes in it than Albert Hall.
1. Denying gods' existence means just that...it does not mean the creation of a new one as self.
2. You have made the decision to believe in your god, therefore have decided what is right/wrong.
3. Just what is the "civilized world"? Everyone lives in theirs...even if it is not the same civilization as yours.
4. There are (and have been) many groups of people on earth that are predominantly secular or non-Christian with sets of values, morals if you will, that are not based on your book and they do just fine.
5. "Real punishment"? What is that? When my grandson is sent to his room for disobeying his mommy, that is real, and it's punishment.
6. "The true god..." "False religions..." "Christians but are not..." So you, over everyone else, knows what is the correct way? How is this so? Are you smarter, better, stronger than the others?
7. They "listened to satan"? How do you know you are not being duped by this satan?
8. "If there is no god..." I assume you mean *your* god. So what about all the gods conceived of before you conceived of yours? Interestingly enough, humans did survive, civilizations did happen, and we are here today.
9. I, for one, do not place myself as number one.

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Weve patiently explained your

Weve patiently explained your religion did not invent morality it actually set morality backwards.
Evolutionary psychologists have explained how morality came about from a simple herd instinct it evolved as people who were kind and generous mated more often than those who were not. Once society started they took the morals and made them rules and then more rules.
Before christianity parents did not kill their children for disobeying. Women were not forced to marry the men that raped them. I could go on but its all in leviticus and the rest.
Christians claim these rules dont count because the commandments changed them THAT DOES NOT MEAN THEY WERE NOT FOLLOWED.
Christian morality is self serving and often at the cost of others. Thankfully society got rid of some christian rules and is working to get rid of others.
As for my earlier god ordering rape check the book of horea practically the whole books ordering a bloke to rape whores then when the whore has children get them to beg their whore of a mother to stop whoring and a simple google for 'god orders rape or murder' will bring up thousands of hits.

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Apparently you haven't read

Apparently you haven't read Hoses from the King James Bible.
Like I've said before, other so called bibles are perversions. They are not God's word.
Hoses took him a wife that was a whore. That doesn't mean that he forced her and raped her.

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Oh yeah and then when she

Oh yeah and then when she left and ended up as a slave God told him to go get her and He paid the highest bid to bring her back home to be free again, as his wife not a slave. To show what he was willing to do for those he loves.

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Rofl the king james is a

Rofl the king james is a perversion. He ordered the translation to confirm his and the churches beliefs. Its not an accurate translation foolish mortal.

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Did you know that all of God

Did you know that all of God's actions, except for creation it's self, is in response to man and his actions. Oh except were God forgives, and gives mercy. And when He decides that He is justified in ending a life, it is because He knows what they are within their heart.

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Do you think people who are

Do you think people who are ending a life on your god's behalf justified? Or that people who think have been told by your god to end a life are justified?

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He has no justification for

He has no justification for ending any life. He made hell for punishing people killing them is therefor unjustified. Killing them takes away their chance for changing and has consequences to his supposed omniscience interfering in any way would change everything that will ever happen.
Think of it like time travel change one insignificant thing in the past and the future would be incredibly different from before.
Even the slightest interference by god would rewrite all his future knowledge.

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God doesn't work in the same

God doesn't work in the same way today as He did in the Old Testament times. There was only one time that He told a person to kill one other person. That was Moses, to his son Isaac. And that was only for him to show God and us of his faith towards God. He believed God's word that God said through his seed (Isaac) that God wouldbuild a Nation. So he knew God would either stop him or bring his son back. Other than that God doesn't tell any one person to kill someone. They who claim it are very mistaken. It's the Devil that does that and they shouldn't listen to him.

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So you are claiming to know

So you are claiming to know what conversations your god might have with others?

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Why has not anyone pointed

Why has not anyone pointed out to this man yet it was not Moses, this story was about but Abraham. Muslims have the same story in the Quran but it was a dream that told Abraham to kill his son and Abraham believed the dream and thought the dream to be from God. The NASB and KJV both say God told him to kill his son. Depending on who's book reading Ishmeal or Issac was the son. But in all stories god stops him not to before it actually happens and it was a test to see if Abraham would sacrifice his son and in the Quran to see if the son would be willing to sacrifice himself which Ishmeal was willing to do, very significant.

Both religions feud over which son it was, the strongest case coming from the Muslim side because Abraham is told by god about the coming of his son Issac around that time. Its considered significant because if it was Ismael Muhammad is a descendant of Ismael because Moses and Jesus would be descendants of Issac I find this ridiculous because one way or the other all however would be descendants of Abraham. There are other reason this is a significant feud for those of Muslims and those of Judea faith as far a validity of both religions go but that is another topic all together.

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Explain why your god changed.

Explain why your god changed.

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I thought God never changes.

I thought God never changes. How can an unchanging God become completely different between testaments? Its almost it was written by humans whose societies had changed since then.

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Leviticus 20:9

Leviticus 20:9
“For every one that curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put to death: he hath cursed his father or his mother; his blood shall be upon him.”

God only ordered the killing of 1 person? Not according to your holy book.

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That was put in the law and

That was put in the law and that way bad children would know how much God is against children being disrespectful to their parents. But there is not one recording of a child being put to death forthat reason in the Bible. Unless you can show me that I've over looked it. It's kinda like having the biggest weapons in your corner. It keeps the peace.

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Why do you assume the bible

Why do you assume the bible would record the deaths the bible wrote the laws and that was it.
When muslims kill women for their religion do they write it into the Quran ofcourse not.

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After the flood God setup

After the flood God setup capital punishment and He doesn't condemn wartime killing. He is able to keep those alive whom He will. So God doesn't contradict Himself when He says thou shalt not kill.

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Your god doesn't condemned

Your god doesn't condemned wartime killing? Even the aggressors who invade and make war with other countries/communities/groups of people?

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Your god does not keep people

Your god does not keep people alive for the same reason prayers are not answered hes not allowed to interfere with the world. Ofcourse thats just the christians excuse the truth is more likely that he does not interfere because he does not exist.

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I will clarify. He doesn't

I will clarify. He doesn't condemn wartime killing when a Nation is at war for the right reasons. One is in defending themselves or others.


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