Why the religion of Atheizum?

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You're being too nice to this

You're being too nice to this guy. You know you can't win with these people. Might as well piss into the wind. I'll play devils advocate , even if there was a god like what is described in the bible and he created us in his image , that is one ****ed up deity. He created us in his image all perfect and everything, then just because some tramp he made from a rib ate a fruit he kicked us out of paradise, then if we don't love him unconditionally he sends us to hell to burn for eternity (child abuse). Then we get to the even better part of he impregnates a virgin with himself so he can kill his self to forgive us for our sins even though he made us what we are. No thank you, keep your fairy tale if it helps you sleep at night.

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Dudw we all know about the

Dudw we all know about the crazy zionists using money from christians to finance a war in the middle east to take back the dome an a crazy attempt to start armageddeon who do you think you are that you know but no one else could possibly know.

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I find it amazing that though

I find it amazing that though you deny God yet how is it that Israel even became a Nation again, just like the Bible said it would. Now the world is turning against them, just like the Bible said it would. How long ago was that written? But the Bible isn't true right?

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No more so than Nostradamus.

No more so than Nostradamus.

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The type of writings of

The type of writings of Nostradamus can be interpreted in many ways. That's why most of what people claim He predicted, interpret it after the fact. The bible recorded over 2000 years ago the events happening to Israel today, with a text that there is no questions as to what it says. Hebrew and Greek are both languages that are well known.

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Has it ever occurred to you

Has it ever occurred to you like the Nostradamus like the bible can be interpreted in many ways and you just see it your way?

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Na hed have to think to do

Na hed have to think to do that and hes been taught not to lol

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There's no question the

There's no question the historical land of Judea existed, and that it was inhabited by a Semitic people. That the British decided to give them Palestine is no revelatory miracle. It's merely an indicator of how badly the West didn't want post Holocaust Jewry.
One could throw up a castle in England, and call it Camelot. That doesn't make King Arthur real, or Chaucer a diviner of the future.
And nobody is "turning against the Jews". We have a bloody huge problem with Israel and their killing of children, apartheid practices, secretive nuclear program, and completely ignoring basic human rights.
You need to learn the difference between anti-Zionist, and anti-Semitic. Even many Jews are anti-zion, et this point
The Bible/Torah is true, in some respects...occupation by Rome, many of the battles and peoples, but it's reflective of it's times.
It is a fantastic work of human literature, speaking timelessly to almost all aspects of the human condition. It reflects our social evolution, early law formation, some of the most beautiful, erotic poetry in history.
But it isn't a science text, nor a fortune tellers crystal ball. It was never meant to be.

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Israel goes to great lengths

Israel goes to great lengths to keep from killing civilians. They even treat Palestinians and other Muslims, in their own hospitals. The head guy over the Palestinians, just had his wife treated in an Israel hospital at the end of last year or the beginning of this year. They don't come into the country and get treated without the government knowing about it. They want peace, and the Muslims do not.
Did you know that Hamas shoots rockets into civilian cities, from within civilian neighborhoods, of which both are war crimes. The only reason for them firing rockets at Israel is because they want to destroy all Jews. They hate them with all their being. And their Quran says that allah will not come until the Jews are gone.

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It's called a self-fulfilling

It's called a self-fulfilling prophecy, you call it amazing I call it lunacy.

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How is it self fulfilling?

How is it self fulfilling? Those who were alive when God had them pen down the Bible, are no longer in this life. Is it coming to pass just because we want it to? That would be hard to correlate.

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Look you tell some religious

Look you tell some religious nutjobs god said its theirs and they will keep trying to get it. Add that to the christian and jewish zionists that are determined to make it come true no matter that it will take all out war. If the jews want the dome they will have to crawl over millions of bodies to get it.

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A self fulfilling prophecy

A self fulfilling prophecy (and this should be damn obvious) is a prophecy that needs no interference from anyone or any thing to come true. Generally these are vague enough that the come trie several times or an informed guess the ppl writing the bible knew the jews wanted their land back so saying they will get it back is just a bet.
The zionists are interfering by supplying guns and money despite the fact that that means they are interfering with what they believe is gods plan in an attempt to jump start armageddon they are crazy as fuck.
So why the hell would it matter if the writers were dead.

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And since i have a prophecy

And since i have a prophecy that you will say they are not true christians i will again point out you dont get to decide.

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That's the other problem, why

That's the other problem, why would 'god' have mere mortal men 'pen down' a book?

If he can supposedly 'create all that is', but makes people create a book?

What a lazy bum of a deity man!

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Dude the bible got more

Dude the bible got more things wrpng that you have lol

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So tell me what's wrong in

So tell me what's wrong in the Bible. Considering there is so much it shouldn't be hard to give me one thing. Remember the KJB is the only one you can convince me with.

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Ive already told you many

Ive already told you many things wrong.
And enough with the kjv ive already told you its been mistranslated on purpose on order from king james so it corresponded to his and his churches beliefs.

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Not, you have given nothing

Not, you have given nothing but your opinion!!!

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I gave you a wikipedia quote

I gave you a wikipedia quote how is that my opinion?
Its ok youve never had an opinion of your own you let a book written by barely literate ignorant savages do the thinking for you so you wouldnt know what an opinion was.

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Better not go to america you

Better not go to america you will fall off the edge of your flat world lol

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Explain to me how that you

Explain to me how that you claim you used to be a Christian,

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Do you not know how to answer

Do you not know how to answer that question?

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Not really. It was translated

Not really. It was translated by the best linguist scholars, from Oxford University. About 50 of them, and it's not that difficult to read ancient Greek, Latin or Hebrew, even today. The recently discovered Dead Sea Scrolls have actually confirmed the accuracy.
The KJV is the most accurate English translation, in existence today.
You wanna argue the theological validity, great. But the "mistranslation" thing is pure mythology. There are a few words that had colloquial and cultural misunderstandings, but overall, it's not that big a deal.

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Lol thats wrong a simple

Lol thats wrong a simple google for mistranslations in the kjv will bring up thousands of pages showing mistakes on purpose and by simple ignorance.

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Well, clearly the earth wasn

Well, clearly the earth wasn't created in 6-24 hour days.
Thus far, there's no Egyptian records of the enslavement of Israelites.
No geologic record of any worldwide flooding. Just regional, although I'll concede, to those living, it must have seemed like the world was gone.
We have evidence of King Herod, but not a scrap to support King David, who was a much bigger deal.
With DNA testing, those ten lost tribes should have shown up, by now.
There's a place we're calling Sodom, which was destroyed, quickly and with fire...in all likelihood due to a mid air exploding meteorite, like we saw in Russia, but no sign of Gamorrah.
So wrong? There's a few, to get you started.

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There is evidence all over

There is evidence all over the world of a world wide flood. How do you think limestone ended on top of Mt. Everest? If you didn't know it, limestone is a sedimentary rock. That means it had to be under water. I can't remember the name of the mountain right off but I will look into it, but on top of this particular mountain they found clams. And not just a few, but a large area, about 10 feet thick. And most of them are whole clams, not half shells. I wonder how they got up there.
Here is something for you to ponder. Did you know that if a pool table ball was enlarged to the size of the earth, the ball would have much greater vallies and mountains. In other words the earth is relatively a pretty smooth sphere.
You may wonder were all the water went. It's still all here. I would say that most likely the ocean floor wasn't always as low as they are today.

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Dude you are aware mountains

Dude you are aware mountains were not always mountains ROFLMAO
So first prove your god then prove he has the power your assuming that he exists and assuming that he has the power.
How do you know if your god wasnt lying "ya i made it".
You have no evidence about anything so saying he had the power is a god of the gaps argument.
Second whys genesis got so much wrong cant even get the order right lol

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What you mentioned about the

What you mentioned about the mountains is true, along with the sea floor not being as deep as it is.We are on the same page, alright. You see that just makes it easier to show of a world wide flood. You see if the world was much flatter, all the water on the earth could have covered it by up to a mile deep. I'm glad your starting to see the truth. Things were different before the flood. Did you know that dinosaurs nostrils and lungs would be to small for the amount of oxygen that is in the air today. I've got much more we can cover on that issue. Including giant bugs they have found. Did you know that bugs breathe through their skin, and again there isn't enough oxygen in the atmosphere for them to survive. Your so called evolutionist scientists even came up with those proofs. The world must have been different before the flood.

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Nope not one thing out of

Nope not one thing out of order. I thought you didn't have a problem understanding English?


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