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Turn Off Newsletter Popup

Is there a way to turn off the Newsletter Popup (see attached image) and I am just not seeing it?

I am proud to be one of those heathens who has already signed up for the newsletter. Although not that often, it can sometimes get annoying when the popup pops up.

Thanks for your valuable time.




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Me too.

Me too.

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This site is unfortunately

This site is unfortunately inundated with scripts. The only way to block them is to block them on your end (with a browser plugin, for example).

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HOLY SHIT, This is really

HOLY SHIT, This is really getting annoying right now! I get those notifications in every page I open.

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Every time I click to get rid

Every time I click to get rid of it, resulting in *sad face*, I feel like a terrible person.

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@ Sapporo

@ Sapporo

But then I check my food cupboard and realise I had no choice....

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We've made changes to the

We've made changes to the popup settings so if you've subscribed to the newsletter, the popup won't show up on the website if you have already subscribed to the newsletter. Please let us know if this works!

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Nope. It still keeps popping

Nope. It still keeps popping up occasionally.


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You can look for an Garten Of

You can look for an "X" button or a "close" button on the popup to close it manually.

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