Woo Hooo!!!! We're Back

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Woo Hooo!!!! We're Back

Looks like everything is back to normal this morning. GREAT WORK - You know who you are even though we have no idea who you are.

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Cog, we all know it’s because

Cog, we all know it’s because of your prayers. Thank you.

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During important projects at

During important projects at work, for instance, an effective communicator will say when they think their team has a solid plan or if something needs to be adjusted.
unblocked games

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I pray to Tin Man, so thank

I pray to Tin Man, so thank him too.

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I’m so glad the forum seems

I’m so glad the forum seems to be working again.

While it’s been having problems I was forced to go to the Atheist Discussion forum but they let too many theists on there for my liking and you can’t be too horrible to them or the locals get all upset about it.

I’ve got almost no time for theists and I’m not interested in sitting down with them having nice cosy debates about theology while every day more people are killed by religion and millions of children are going to school and having their heads rammed with religious claptrap by the very teachers who are supposed to be educating them.

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Welcome back to the cooking

Welcome back to the cooking papa's pizzeria game. In the game, You have the task of running the restaurant while the owner of that shop is absent, and you will be a pizza maker and deliver it to customers.

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We live in a crazy society.

We live in a crazy society. We grow up and want to go back to our childhood. We are too stressed by the difficulties of life!
tunnel rush

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I'm [url=https://stickmerge

I'm Stick Merge. Great!

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I'm very happy about this

I'm very happy about this because it taught me a very important and useful lesson. It taught me to value what other people share so I can lessen the stress in my life age of war

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