Pakistani from Saudi Arabia

Message: Dear fellow atheist, Let me begin by saying that I wish to remain anonymous. As you guys probably understand by now, Saudis aren't exactly welcoming when it comes to speaking openly about religion (or lack, thereof). I'm Pakistani by nationality but I grew up here in Saudi Arabia. I "religiously" keep up to date with your status updates on Facebook and I love how you guys also cover important topics that don't relate to religion, it's always nice to be able to read the comments from various people on thought provoking subjects. However, I'm the sort of guy that refrains from commenting on your updates or photos because I don't want to raise any awareness around me. I'm hardly worried about acquaintances, but the mere idea of posting a comment online that anyone (some authorities, maybe?) can see; and the way apostasy is handled over here, is what keeps me from commenting. With that said, I had to think twice about posting this picture, but ultimately, it's the silly, virtual thrill of doing something that I'm not supposed to that finally got to me. My position as an atheist also happens to be something that I'm genuinely proud of, regardless of not being able to be open about it, so there's also that. I would love to let people know that Saudi Arabia also inhabits closet atheists. Sorry if the message was too lengthy, and thank you for taking time to read it. I appreciate what you guys do.

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