Muhammad the Pineapple!

The Muhammad Pineapple

Found a picture of Muhammad

Nowhere in the Quran does it state, that he is not in fact a pineapple.

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LOL, So many times I have

LOL, So many times I have wanted to say something like this to the theist. I wonder if any theist who were once atheist will get this? It will go right over the heads most if not all of the theist who have no doubt about their religious beliefs. Not to mention most of the time they say their religious text books don't say something or ask us to show them one place where it says something we say it does it in fact does. But I am almost certain, though I have not read the whole thing, the Quran does not say Mohammed was not a pineapple but I bet if he was a fruit he would be a banana. Isn't funny how theist like to use negative logic and think it proves something.

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