Religion: The Silent Assassin of European Free Speech

Free speech, a right very dear to us all. A right which is the cornerstone of our democratic society. We are a generation that has never had to protect its freedom, and it shows.

Haven't we all, at one point in our godless lives, seen a theist or a group of theists who genuinely believe that godless speech or speech that opposes their beliefs should be censored? I've seen them, and I've met them.

We laugh at their miserable attempts. 'This is never going to happen' we tell ourselves, and then we laugh some more. We seem to think that we know this idea of selective speech is ridiculous, and yet the truth is finally dawning upon us.

Here in Europe we call our society free and democratic.  Are we? Really?

It has come to light that certain mosques in Europe were preaching anti-LGTB and anti-Semitic values to its visitors, even to little children. They were filled with hate from the moment they could read and write. I thought to myself 'Good, now that this has been proven we can do something about it'. I guess I was wrong. The very next day there was no massive LGTB-rights protest, there was no massive 'stop anti-Semitism' protest. No, no, no the newspapers and internet exploded with progressive (which has nothing to do with human rights anymore) people complaining that it was racist and incorrect to point out that mosques were preaching hateful messages.

Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy?

Remember the Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard who made the Mohammed cartoon back in 2006? Of course you've heard. The whole media was filled with stories about how extremely racist the cartoon was and about how hurt the itsy bitsy feelings of the religious were. But did you also hear about the two pieces of human vermin masquerading as journalists who followed the car that was transporting Westergaard to a safe location just to reveal where he was so whoever wanted could plan an attack on him? Or did you hear about the Somalian guy who decided to take matters into his own hands and tried to behead Westergaard with an axe in his own home? Of course you didn't hear about it. Publishing that kind of news wouldn't be politically correct. It doesn't matter anymore if it is the truth. If the truth is incorrect, it must not be revealed and anyone who tries to reveal it is indeed a racist.

What is happening to us?

Why are we giving up what is most precious in our democratic society? Why have we become more afraid of offending people than we are afraid of losing our freedom of speech? Why has it become accepted that we should, no must, respect religions and ideologies which do not respect our values and way of life? Can anybody tell me?

We are no longer a society of pioneers. We are no longer a society of freedom fighters. We are no longer a society of truth. We are a society of cowards. I have never understood this. My right to speak is much more important than anyone's feelings. no matter how offended they claim to be. Besides, the offence argument works both ways. We don't dare speak about how we are deeply offended by the way Kurt Westergaard has been treated. We don't dare speak about how we are deeply offended that Pim Fortuyn was murdered in the Netherlands by tolerance extremists. We don't dare speak about how we are deeply offended by sharia gangs enforcing sharia law in the ghettos of London and Paris.

''Tolerance towards intolerance is cowardice''

We have become so tolerant that we now tolerate the intolerant. To quote Ayaan Hirsi Ali ''Tolerance towards intolerance is cowardice''. And by the way, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an apostate of Islam, had to flee Europe because of Islamic violence. Aren't you offended by that? I certainly am.

A person who genuinely believes in freedom can no longer speak out without being called a racist, fascist or any other kind of godwins-law related term. If not hurting anyone's feelings has become more important than preserving our freedom of speech we are truly doomed.

At last, a message to you, the reader. Speak out against religious threats.  Speak out against religious violence.  Speak out against religious intolerance. Do not say what is correct, say what is true. You have that right, at least for now.

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