Atheist Marriage

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Atheist Marriage

I'm an atheist and my gf is agnostic. We were wondering how atheists are getting married. Would you prefer taking part in religious traditions even if both of you are atheists? Some traditions are sexist and some barbaric and some just dumb. But some are beautiful too. My gf likes the idea of getting married in a church high up in the mountains with some close friends. And no she is not a theist hiding behind the mask of agnostism just because she wants to get married in a church. She likes that tradition of marriage. What are your thoughts on it people.

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Doesn't matter, long as both

Doesn't matter, long as both of you can agree on something. Me, I'd go for a secular ceremony far, FAR away from any church.

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Well put.

Well put.

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One of the nicest weddings we

One of the nicest weddings we ever attended took place at a little English style pub in Victoria BC, a Commissioner of Marriage performed the nuptials in the garden, & the luncheon was served right there inside. It was beautiful with the breezes & fragrances surrounding us all.

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My wife and I were married

My wife and I were married outside in a very short, very secular ceremony nowhere near a church by one of our college professors who claimed to be from another planet. It was a hoot. It must have worked because tomorrow we celebrate our 25th anniversary.

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