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OMS - your son just blew my

OMS - your son just blew my hopes for one day having “leftover” roast...

I cook/make about everything from scratch. A trip to McDonald’s is about $85 - fuck that! Friday is our one day for one take-out or fast food.

A chicken ($10) cut up for fingers (lots) and carcass for broth/soup is the same price as a Nugget meal and a fuck more healthier.

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When my kids were still at

When my kids were still at home, I used to hear the theme music from Jaws whenever they swam by the frig and cupboards.

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There must be a magical bacon

There must be a magical bacon wavelength out there someplace. I don't get bacon in Korea very often. A package of bacon retails for $17 at the local Cosco.

This morning I was at the local No Brand Store. Real Oscar Meyers bacon was on sale for $10 a pack. I bough one, rushed home, and I made a bacon, tomato sandwich for breakfast. I was so happy, I forgot that I had avocado ripening in a drawer.

And what did I have for dinner, blueberries, unfrozen with a bit of yogurt and 5 more strips of bacon. Yum. I think I have about seven to 10 strips left and just writing this post makes me want to dig in. Hmmmmm Bacon with avocado sandwich in the morning??? Sweet dreams tonight!!

(I have not eaten bacon in about 5 years.) Koreans do have Sam-gup-sal a thick unseasoned strip of bacon that is cut thick and eaten in small sliced chunks with lettuce, garlic, and bean paste. It's tasty but it's not Oscar Meyers.

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@Cog. I fuckin looovvveeeee

@Cog. I fuckin looovvveeeee bacon! You got me makin’ a bacon sandwich now! (Quietly before the boys notice)

The Hutterites have what’s called “gluckashieffen” (pronouncing only - can’t fuckin spell it) anyway it’s a beef (small cuts) you soak in water for a couple of hours. Drain, flour and salt - then deep fry. Tastes like fuckin’ bacon. I keep a few bags in the freezer.

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@White: If I start

@White: If I start swimming now I can be there by morning.

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I have an embarrassment of

I have an embarrassment of riches, I have two independent butchers with 1km of my home. Both smoke their own bacon. The Swiss guy does a "frying speck" cured and smoked with maple syrup......yummm, and the other guy does a full bacon (rib and belly pieces) smoked with Karri wood which is also yummm....I have to alternate....

I had a homemade bread (dinkelbrot) tomato and crisped frying speck roll this morning....OMG.....*drools* had to have a long walk after......all those calories but bugger me it tasted good...I have enough bacon to last two weeks....

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Mmmmmm bacon. I have about a kilo in my freezer------ I also have type 2 diabetes and am not supposed to eat preserved meats. So about once every six weeks or so I make myself a club sandwich, which are not a thing here at cafes or takeaways .Can't understand why. I think I'll write to Hungry's (Burger King in the US) and suggest it to them. Don't like Macca's (have a wild guess) at all. .

-----My supermarket offers bagels, croissants and pastrami, all of which are vile.

Best bacon I've ever had; a girlfriend's uncle used to make honey cured bacon, using a 44 gallon drum.

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Speaking of bacon, this would

Speaking of bacon, this would have been me as a baby. Aw, hell, who am I kidding? This is still me NOW... *chuckle*...

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:-) BACON!!!https://www

:-) BACON!!!

Make everything better with BACON: COVID-19 Rub some bacon on it!

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Have 10 agrees for that one..

Have 10 agrees for that one...

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Now I want bacon, and I am normally that weirdo that does not like bacon.

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Re: Logic - "...and I am

Re: Logic - "...and I am normally that weirdo that does not like bacon."

Eeeeeeeek!... *look of panicked shock*.... BURN THE WITCH!!!

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WHO doesn't 'like" bacon..

WHO doesn't 'like" bacon...Lights torch and gathers pitchforks from store....

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I looovvveee when we find out

I looovvveee when we find out what we have in common as humans, a commonality that breaks borders, age, gender, race...bacon -

Gathers wood...

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Hmm.. may have been illogical

Hmm.. may have been illogical of me to share that bit of information...

I do not, dislike bacon?

It is funny though, all my friends and family think I am friggen weird for not liking bacon eithir. I am not sure outside of a vegetarian if I have ever met someone else that was not a huge fan of bacon.

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@Whitefire13: And "SPECIES.

@Whitefire13: And "SPECIES."

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Bruh bacon is the one thing

Bruh bacon is the one thing keeping me from cutting our pork entirely. I don't ear beef, lamb, and almost no pork...but bacon, man...

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Meanwhile in the US.

Huffpost US today ; A woman has been charged with a terrorist offence after she deliberately coughed, spat and spewed bile over a range of products before attempting to leave with a case of beer. $US35k of produce and meats had to be destroyed. Seems the woman is a well known local nutter.

Overseas doctors are dying at about twice the local rate for Cov 19. in Italy and the UK. We have no idea what's happening in the PRC. Seems they have been giving disinformation since the beginning. Unlike the US where the Prez at first called it a hoax and has only recently said he wants t to see full churches over Easter. IE because the virus issue should be resolved by then .


This morning I went to Woolworth's super market at 7.00. Geriatrics and the infirm only. They had a bloke at the door checking pension cards. People were pretty good with distancing . I really hope Woolworths approves my application for priority deliveries soon. (normal deliveries have been cancelled)

In about half an hour, I have to go to the Chemist to pick up my Webster pack and some self addressed envelopes so my tight arse doctor will send scripts direct to the Chemist.

I saw on the news yesterday that this issue COULD be resolved within a few weeks, IF 'we the people' pull their fingers out. Right now, my expectations are not high. Especially when there are fuck witted clergy of different flavours claiming they can pray the virus away .I'm sure it would perfectly OK to shoot such people. I think an argument for self defence would be sympathetically received. Here in Oz, 'we the people' are not allowed to play with guns or sharp objects. We will probably need to run such people over with a 4X a few times.

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"I saw on the news yesterday that this issue COULD be resolved within a few weeks, IF 'we the people' pull their fingers out."

I hate to be a bearer of bad news, but there is no way this is going to be resolved within a few weeks. It took China at least 6 weeks to get on top of this, which included some pretty draconian measures, including welding peoples doors shut if they weren't complying with the quarantine directives.

Italy has been locked down since the 9th March, & they are still getting thousands of new infections every day. If you release lockdown measures too early, the virus will just ramp up again.

Australia is also heading into winter, which may make the virus even easier to transmit (only conjecture at this stage, because of not enough data).

I don't think this is going to be over anytime soon. I think social distancing measures will need to be in place until a vaccine is developed, & available in sufficient qty to innoculate a good portion of the population. That's still at least 12 - 18 months away.

Prepare to be in this for the long haul.

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I agree that this is not

I agree that this is not going away, and with vaccines on the scale needed at least a year out.

My guess, late night speculation is: for USA, (I cannot speculate for other countries,) we will see massive rises in detected case amounts for next 2 weeks, then it levels off for a week, then new case counts start dropping after that. (Longer for areas that have not done lock down yet.) Some hard hit areas hospitals will over run, forcing war time like triage.

Like always it will disproportionately hit the poor/vulnerable.

Then this summer after everyone been under mostly lock down, things will look better, pressure to return to business as usual will be immense and we go back to work despite the experts suggestions. Then 2nd wave hits, but this time everyone will be better prepared and it won't be as bad as right now for USA. After 2nd wave americans agree to a tracking and testing system just to restart the economy.

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A locally based anarchist art

A locally based anarchist art collective posted this video recently that is related to the current pandemic; and I thought people might find it interesting.

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"A locally based anarchist art collective posted this video recently that is related to the current pandemic; and I thought people might find it interesting."


That's pretty much business as usual in my area. I live in a 'working class dormitory suburb'. A relatively large percentage of single parents and the unemployed. IE poor. Is that video implying the middle class has now begun shoplifting even if they don't suffer from kleptomania? I wouldn't have though they had the wit or the sand.

---and being an anarchist is no excuse to steal.

Oh, from what I can gather, some of people in my area think the automatic check out machines are just dandy. A thieve's paradise. ME? I fucking hate 'em; they replace a real people, by the sneaky practice of attrition.

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cranky47 - Is that video

cranky47 - Is that video implying the middle class has now begun shoplifting even if they don't suffer from kleptomania?

I don't even know what to say; I'm confused about why you would think that after watching it. I mean, maybe you don't agree with their message or tactics. But how you don't understand the message is kind of odd.

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Sorry if i was obtuse. Didn't understand how else to take the video. My surmising was simply the only way I could make such a video remotely interesting

.My fault entirely, I guess i'm a bit jaded.

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cranky47 - and being an

cranky47 - and being an anarchist is no excuse to steal.

No comment about the illegal feeding and distributing medical supplies to homeless people during a pandemic?

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As long as know one was killed or physically hurt by this type humanitarianism...its ok with me.

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I found it interesting.


I found it interesting.

For all of the horror of this pandemic, I hope we all emerge better people. We are all on this planet together, what happens in one corner of the world can, and now is, affecting all of us.

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Just saw this article:

Just saw this article: Coronavirus killing one person every 17 minutes in New York

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"Just saw this article: Coronavirus killing one person every 17 minutes in New York. "

How terrifying for New Yorkers. No wonder the orange one is talking about quarantining New York.

The New York Mayor is talking of moving NY primaries to June. Can he do that constitutionally?****

Meanwhile, it seems a right wing US rag ,'The Federalist' is claiming supporting Covid 19 infection parties does not breach Facebook's guidelines. Pickle me grandmother are those people truly that stupid?

In the family: Finally got through to my nephew In Victoria. (Australia) He and his partner are isolating on a houseboat at Lake Eildon, 250km from Melbourne. They a house with my sister whois cabin crew with QANTAS. She arrived back home only 10 days ago.

***I ask because elections can be called here by the government at any time. This usually means at a time of perceived political advantage for the government. As long as if it is within the time frame mandated by our constitution. We don't have primaries or thumping great rallies. Election campaigns usually begin about 6 weeks before the election. I think Aussies may be a bit more cynical about politics and elections than Americans.

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About 50 Days ago my wife was

About 50 Days ago my wife was laid off at work (nothing to do with the virus). Not knowing what the future held, she filed for unemployment that day. They said they would send out a form for her to fill out and submit to finish processing her claim.

In the meantime she worked as an independent contractor and was quickly rehired at the same company, with a promotion. So she didn't lose any income (and in fact gained some).

However, today the promised form showed up (which of course she has no need for now). 50 days it took to get here! That scares the shit out of me; there must be some people out there who are really hurting if this is how it works.


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