Adolf Hitler.

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Adolf Hitler.

Religious zeolotisim at its worst, or just a nutcase who's actions were completely unconnected to his supposed Catholic faith?

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Hitler was a very mentally

Hitler was a very mentally disturbed individual who, while raised Catholic and was an often-times supporter of the Church even during the war, dabbled in occultism, but religion was largely a secondary interest. Where it wasn't was in just about every other member of the Nazi hierarchy, who were staunchly Catholic, received aid in massacring Jewish populations by the Church, and was helped in escaping to South America via the infamous 'rat line' by the Church. The Pope offered Hitler birthday wishes every year and, before he was Pope, obstructed information relating to the deportation and mistreatment of Jews by the Nazis to the Pope while he was still a Cardinal.

To call out Hitler's Catholicism is a red herring. The Nazi leadership's Catholic leanings, however, are indisputable.

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For sure a sick minded man,

For sure a sick minded man, was a catholic and so was his followers, have no idea about the details, but Trump follows his steps.

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Ah one of the main cult

Ah one of the main cult topics of all time. Was Hitler a staunch Catholic, or was he some enigma of the church?
If you follow the hardline extremism that preceded Hitler that prevailed out of the Catholic church you can see a correlation between what caused the fascist and NAZIs to rise to power and carry out the hardline catholic manifest.
In Hitler's youth the church embarked on a tact that blamed the world ills on what they perceived were acts and historic acts against god. The Jews killed Jesus and therefor are damned. The communist dissolved the idea of manifest destiny and divine right and therefor are damned. the fascist and NAZIs believed as they were taught by the church, that they were chosen by god (ordained) to rule the world. That all others were subhuman and were destined to be slaves under that regime.
Officially the church did not endorse the idea, but was more than ready to embrace it should Hitler succeed. This is evident in the fact that everywhere the fascist and NAZIs were victorious, the catholic church was a willing supporter and advocate and shared in the rule of those areas. It turned a blind eye to the persecution of the Jews and other sects of the populace that were persecuted.
Ironically many Muslim leaders enjoyed the same collaboration with the NAZIs as did the Catholics. Saddam Hussein's uncle was a well known Hitler associate and collaborator.

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All good information and

All good information and insights. Thank you all.

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All good information and

All good information and insights. Thank you all.

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Damn you and your shadow

Damn you and your shadow clones Naruto!!! (Jeff, if you don't catch that one, your horrible at blocking/catching kunai lol)

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The vatican always did

The vatican always did support any act of war it could share the spoils from. Since it came to power, the so-called Holy Roman Empire's bid for world domination was based upon the cooperation between the papacy and the Ruler. The Pope got much of the plunder and converts, and Rome got real estate. The Vatican never was too picky about the tragedy of war because it could forgive whatever, whomever, whenever it so decided and as long as there was profit in it, why not? Oh, and little boys; it got lots of little boys.

Personally, I'd love to round up the worst of the IS travesty and dump it on the vatican for a couple days. That oughta clean its clock back into antiquity.

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I almost laughed at the

I almost laughed at the "little boys" part. I agree with you, dump it right on top of their heads, and see how long they last with the "power of dog.....I mean God.

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