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Seeing as how 13 percent of

Seeing as how 13 percent of the world is atheist, I doubt it. And, fyi, I Do Not Give A Shite what the rest of the world thinks. I know what I stand by. I contend that the process is an infinite cycle(in one direction) ,and that WE CANNOT KNOW how the process got kicked off. We can't know what started it. It's impossible.

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As for your 94%, I don't buy

As for your 94%, I don't buy it. And know, the theory I stand by DOES NOT fit in with ANYTHING in your OP.

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Really?14% to 13% what a big

Really?14% to 13% what a big difference but you can't even name another way to start a universe but you claim the ones i stated are impossible and should not at the very least be considered, which 94% of the world agrees with 1 of the 3 concepts.this is childs play

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@ZERO... WOW! You are in

@ZERO... WOW! You are in competition with Jo. for the most inane comments of the year. "You can't name another way to start a universe?" NO ONE CAN NAME A WAY TO START A UNIVERSE. WHY DO YOU NOT GET THAT. ONE ASSERTION IS NEARLY AS GOOD AS THE NEXT AND THEY ARE ALL BASICALLY IGNORANT.

The Big Bang is temporal. It is the starting point for our universe. (Beginning does not mean "Poof From Nothingness.") It is when our universe began to expand from Planck Time. (From a Singularity.) What, if anything, was before that, NO ONE KNOWS.

So if you want to insert your god at the beginning (Meaning Original Cause) we can also insert things at the beginning. All of these are sufficient causes for the creation of a universe.
1. Magical Blue Creator Bunnies.
2. Turtles all the way down.
3. Universe creating unicorns.
4. A natural creation from existing stuff.
5. An emergence from quantum fluctuation in a vacuum.
6. Something from nothing.
7. Any creator god that is not your creator god. There are thousands to choose from.

The problem here is not that we can not name a way to start a universe. The problem is that we will not name a way without sufficient justification. We do not want to sound as ignorant as you.

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Does anyone think that God

Does anyone think that God caused the Big bang?

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........ You seriously asked

........ You seriously asked that question on an atheist website?

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LoL, it's a bit ironic. But

LoL, it's a bit ironic. But there are theists and deists hanging around here as well. :)

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Still, he's the only "active"

Still, he's the only "active" one we've got, and he goes and asks a question that most of the posters on the forum could shoot out of the water with impunity. Really, what WAS he thinking?

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Nope, in fact, there is proof

Nope, in fact, there is proof that the big bang happened all on its own. No god!

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@Hawk Flint

@Hawk Flint
>Does anyone think that God caused the Big bang?

None of the major religions do. The people who wrote the Bible certainly didn't. So I guess that one thing we all have in common.

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@zero.... And if that is

@zero.... And if that is the case, you are not talking about anything at all. You are just throwing useless words around to get a reaction. That makes your posts useless and you a Troll.

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Why does this thread exist?

Why does this thread exist? Why are we arguing with someone that doesn't know the difference between fallacious and fellatio? You know, there is a tool called a bolt gun, to humanely put down animals who are suffering. Just saying.

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I have been looking at this

I have been looking at this thread.

The OP demonstrates the traits of many theists and particularly Christians I have debated online. They start very friendly - and soon resort to: you dont want to see - you are not a critical thinker - you are an enemy of science if you dont accept xyz

Frankly - it puts me off debating them at all.

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In the Hindu view, the two

In the Hindu view, the two are compatible. The Hindus saw the nature of the universe as cyclical, so when a physicist mentioned to the Dalai Lama, "Bang, bang, bang!" The implication is that there's not just one, it's been going on forever. Since time immemorial.


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