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You don't need a gun. You don

You don't need a gun. You don't need to hunt. If you kill for fun you have a mental problem and shouldn't have a firearm anyway. You don't need a gun for defense. It is been proven that you are more at risk if you have a gun. If you need a gun to make you a "man" then you'll never ever become one. I am sick and tired of ALL the fucking excuses from fucking immature assholes that want to play cowboy or watch too many blow 'em up movies, or want to be tough but aren't! The NRA, conservaturds, repukes, are all out of control!
They need to put their big boy pants on and act responsibly!

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You know, you are right, we

You know, you are right, we have the freedom to not buy a gun. But that is not what we are arguing here.

We demand the freedom that we can live safe long lives, that our children can go to school unafraid of a mass killing machine they bought for a few hundred bucks at a retail store even though the person has a long history of violence, and threatened the very violence he commited. (In the case of the recent florida shooting.)

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Gun ownership per household

Proportion of households owning guns vs. gun deaths, US states:


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That quote in that picture. 1

That quote in that picture. 1% increase in gun homicide for every 1% increase in gun ownership.

How can anyone advocating less gun control argue that more guns is better?

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Percentage of households

Percentage of households owning guns vs. intentional firearm death rate, countries:


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"Study: People Who Own a Lot

"Study: People Who Own a Lot of Guns Are More Likely to Get in Fights, Carry Guns Outside the Home"

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"Switzerland has one of the

"Switzerland has one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the world, but little gun-related street crime - so some opponents of gun control hail it as a place where firearms play a positive role in society. However, Swiss gun culture is unique, and guns are more tightly regulated than many assume."

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Thanks Sapporo for all the

Thanks Sapporo for all the research!

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Another thing about the gun

Another thing about the gun nuts argument that just making sure people that have severe mental problems shouldn't get guns but it's okay for everyone else to own a gun, just think about this. Nations that ban guns have a murder rate on average of less than 1% of the entire population. That means YOU gun nuts are saying that the USA is between 10%-20% crazier (mentally challenged) than the rest of the world.

How The U.S. Compares With The Lowest Rates Of Violent Gun Deaths Worldwide
Violent gun deaths per 100,000 people in 2016
SingaporeJapanSouth KoreaChinaOmanUnited KingdomIcelandRomaniaIndonesiaGermanyUnited States

So if we go on the premise that only the mentally ill commit gun violence then the US is per capita 3.5 times nuttier than the rest of the CIVILIZED world.
Now I tend to agree given the number of conservatives and evangelicals in this nation but it isn't a realistic justification against banning guns!

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Did you see the kids today?

Did you see the kids today? The Florida state legislature voted down a ban on assault rifles and passed some weird law about pornography. Funny considering kids can't actually access pornography but can get hold of a weapon of mass destruction! Conservatives are the worst fucking people in history!
Some conservative assholes actually claimed that the victims were really actors. How fucking stupid!

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These laws only have any

These laws only have any chance of being passed in blue States anyway.

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We'll see AE. I bet you are

We'll see AE. I bet you are wrong!

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We will? We already know. The

We will? We already know. The Republicans may be dumb, but they aren't THAT dumb. They'll never vote to ban guns or impose strict regulations on them because then their voting base would ditch them.

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Did you hear about Wednesday

Did you hear about Wednesday's school shooting? It barely made the news because only one kid died, the potential killer.

"7th-grader dies after shooting self in school bathroom

By Associated Press

February 21, 2018 | 5:58pm

MASSILLON, Ohio — A seventh-grader who died a day after shooting himself inside a middle school restroom had fireworks and extra ammunition in his backpack, police said on Wednesday.

Investigators were reviewing cellphones and other electronics found at the boy’s home, but it was too early to know whether the shooting was intentional or if the 13-year-old had other plans, said Jackson Township Police Chief Mark Brink."

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Well since experts state that

Well since experts state that it takes an average of 5 to 8 minutes for first responders to respond, I feel the only solution is to arm the teachers and have security guards in the school. They just can`t wait for local police as the recent Florida shooting shows You may disagree with me but tell me do you have any other solution to this current problem here. Gun control will not do enough. people will find a way to get guns though.

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Its unfortunate that we have

Its unfortunate that we have to have security guards at schools,

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No. NO. NO! SO MUCH NO. Seriously a horrible idea. I would literally rather have them stop teaching the evolution theory, and explain to kids the earth is only 6000 years old then to arm every teacher. It is that stupid of an idea.

First off, as I have pointed out in earlier post in this thread, there was already an armed, trained deputy guard at the school at the time of the shooting. They normally have 2, (with the adjacent middle school,) but the other was away on training that day.

There are nearly 4 million teachers in US schools (both private and public k-12), if you include substitute teachers and other adult staff at schools, that number rises to at least 5 million. Teachers cannot be expected to teach as well as take part in intense firearm training for defense in crowded public areas, especially consider the crowd is kids.

What do you think will happen if you arm 5 million underpaid, stressed out, and most certainly, under trained, in the use of firearm in chaotic public areas such as a school? Much of the staff will probably also refuse to take part, because, well they are mostly not stupid.

What do you think will happen when there is a gun (even with a good trigger lock) in the teachers desk of every classroom in America? And every student knows it is there? Who is going to pay for 5 million guns and all the training? A solid handgun with a solid trigger lock , or mini gun safe that can fit in a teacher's desk, (cant just be a 4 digit combo!) plus ammo, plus periodic maintenance of the gun, plus intensive and ongoing staff training. Talking conservatively: at a bare minimum of 500 dollars for the gun and safe. and at least 1500 in training. 2 grand for 5 million staff at a minimum plus up keep cost? 10 billion dollars plus at least a billion a year in upkeep.

Only a fool would not recognize that if we went with your plan the amount of students getting killed in schools would go up at least 10 times as much, if not much more.

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I think that there is middle

I think that there is middle ground here when it comes to gun control, and while I am personally against people having access to firearms (although I have several) I think that this issue has become to heated in the US for a complete appropriation of personal firearms to happen now. It will have to wait for some years or else there would be chaos unleashed by those who refuse to give up there own guns on a level far greater than the sporadic shootings that take place now. Especially in less urban areas. I also think a general consensus should be reached before such governmental actions take place.

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So now they say 18 yr olds

So now they say 18 yr olds can't buy an assualt rifle so people in the u.s. can feel safe. So let's issue a fully automatic assualt rifle to an 18 year old infantryman so he can blow the skin off a brown person.....I'm so sick of politics, when will Americans just wake up and see thru these politicians. So what if it were a 30 yr old shooter? Where would the conversation be, I'll tell you, it would be in the thoughts and prayers dept, letting yaweh have his way and 17 more beautiful people gone in vain.......wake up America. Personally I think it's not so much a control issue as it is a punishment issue. Deterrents to this behavior imo is woefully inadequate and tonslow in coming. People have been killing one another for millennia, capitol offenses need to be swift and accessible for all to see. The behavior needs to change....I know many will take this post the wrong way so I will apologize now for having an opinion. Solving moral dillemas always pisses people off but this one here HAS TO BE SOLVED AND THE DAYS OF THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS ONLY ENABLES THIS BULLSHIT TO CONTINUE. POWER TO THE KIDS IN FLORIDA!!!!!! maybe they can bring about some social change that my generation could not or would not.... Peace I'm out..

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Opening up a new can of worms

Opening up a new can of worms with capital punishment. Capital punishment has also been shown to be non effective deterrent.

States with capital punishment have higher rates of extremely violent crime then states that do not have capital punishment on average. Certainly a chicken or egg type problem, but regardless the problem still stands.

Capital punishment is also much more expensive than life in prison w/o possibility of parole.

But yes, overall the US criminal justice system needs a huge overhaul, it is incredibly expensive and ineffective as it currently operates today.

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Arming teachers and students

Arming teachers and students is so fucking stupid it isn't even funny. The solution to gun violence is not more guns!
AE is off his rocker and so is FIG.

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"The solution to gun violence

"The solution to gun violence is not more guns!"

Sadly this is the mindset you're dealing with. When I heard this suggestion first I genuinely thought it was some sort of joke in poor taste. Can anyone really be stupid enough to believe *MORE* guns is the answer to gun crime? It's mind-boggling, you don't want any guns inside a school ever. It's insane that this needs to be said out loud as well.

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I can see the culture finally

I can see the culture finally changing. Today a student asked if Marco Rubio will vow to not take money from the NRA. I feel that sooner than later this will be the battle cry that will be the end of the NRA.
Already the GOP is trying to adjust. At their annual convention called "CPac" Wayne Lapierre was left off of the brochure. He did speak but wasn't announced.

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I wonder how that

I wonder how that cockknocker would feel to have one of his loved ones end up in a situation like the kids were in.....

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Would it be possible within

Would it be possible within American law to simply raise the age of gun ownership to somewhere between 25 and 30.

This is when the neocortex develops.

If 'we' are to have them, perhaps when rational development of the brain is complete.

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yeah, but it still your mind

yeah, but it still your mind changes when your drunk..
you lose responsibility when alcohol climbs to your brain..

still lethal though...

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Age is not a guarantee of sanity or responsibility =

"Sterling Heights man arrested after shooting spree in Taylor, Pontiac, Waterford
Suspect had pending felony charges for prior assault on Taylor victim

By Dave Herndon and Aileen Wingblad Digital First Media Feb 2, 2018

Two people are dead, shot to death while they worked, and the suspect is in custody after a pair of shootouts with police officers.

It is not yet known why the 45-year-old Sterling Heights man went to three businesses in two counties on Thursday, brandishing an AK-47 and killing a man mid-morning in Taylor and then traveling north to Pontiac and Waterford."

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Fair point chap, btw my below

Fair point chap, btw my below comment is not directed in anyway to you.

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I'm sorry, I'm not American,

I'm sorry, I'm not American, but I have to say this...

If you can answer the question, "that mass shooting was bad!"

With "which one?"


Allow me to also add, I am 35 years old and have never seen, held or owned a gun.

I have 3 children aged 13, 6 and 1, the two eldest are in school.

I have never seen a security guard on any school grounds in my life.

Now, can you guess how many mass shootings there has been... here's a clue...



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