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It's pretty difficult to

It's pretty difficult to commit indiscriminate mass murder by smoking or eating, like wise drug abuse is a complex issue, but fatalities are generally limited to the user. So it's your analogies that are absurd I'm afraid. Making guns hard to obtain reduces the risk of gun violence and this is amply evidenced in countries that have strict laws governing gun ownership, and also have comparatively low rates of gun crime and violence. Your posts are starting to sound shrill and irrational on this issue as well, if I may say so.

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Automatic knives at work =

33 Dead, 130 Injured in China Knife-Wielding Spree
Mar 1 2014, 10:46 pm ET

"A group of knife-wielding men attacked a train station in southwestern China on Saturday, killing at least 29 people and injuring more than 130 others in what Chinese officials called a terrorist strike, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

Four of the attackers were also shot dead and only one was captured alive after the mayhem, which broke out about 9 p.m. (8 a.m. ET) at the Kunming Railway Station in the capital of southwest China's Yunnan Province. "

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Just to the pro gun guys, I'm

Just to the pro gun guys, I'm from Britain where there is effectively a complete ban, other then shotguns and sporting rifles... and even then the regulations are arguable the tightest in Europe, if not the world.

Guess what are gun crime death rate is like?

It 0.23 per 100,000 People
In comparison the US is 10.54

Restrict it heavily and regulate it.

Kids shouldn't die, because the adults are spastics.

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Brittan is a different

Brittan is a different country than the US with far more cultural homogeny and less infighting among their various groups. They also have lower levels of radical religious nuts.

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If you think the UK is one

If you think the UK is one happy homogeneous group then you'd be mistaken, but I get your point. I'd still have to say, as I have been doing that I don't see that anyone needs to own an assault rifle, this doesn't change when I am told the guns are Lille to be owned by fragmented religious nutjobs who enjoy infighting.

More guns increase the chances of gun crime, that's axiomatic. It's hard to imagine someone committing a mass shooting without a gun.

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The biggest correlation with

The biggest correlation with gun deaths in a country is not the amount of cultural diversity or religious fundamentalists, but the "proportion of households with guns".

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Just an excuse or apology for

Just an excuse or apology for gun insanity on your part American E.

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Is it? The US is a very

Is it? The US is a very violent country- our national anthem is the only one in the world that mentions rockets and bombs.

Per Capita we have the 99th highest crime in the world, and most of the countries with lower crime than us have gun rights.

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And we are the most violent

And we are the most violent because WE HAVE GUNS! Can't you see the picture here? DAH!

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@American Empiricist

@American Empiricist

Your bold assertion is completely false. Many other nations have national anthems that definitely mention rockets and bombs.

Just one example, from the Algerian National Anthem - Kassaman

We are soldiers fighting for the truth
And we have been fighting for independence .
When we speak , we hear nothing ,
So we have taken the bullets sound as our rhythm
And the sound of machine guns as our melody ,
We are determined that Algeria shall live -
Be our witness -Be -Be our witness our witness !

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The English are wimps. The most the locals ever had to use as weapons were pitchforks. A few had dull swords and wobbly arrows. Once they arrived in what's now the US they grew a set and became gunslingers. Americans are different from everyone else. We are like a sub-species. It must be the water.

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If you need a gun, that is

If you need a gun, that is rather wimpy. I note that while Americans wear padded armor out of fear of injury during American football, the British wear no armor whatsoever during rugby. Make of that what you will.

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Neither do Australian

Neither do Australian footballers, now that you mention it.

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US citizens can proudly claim

US citizens can proudly claim the largest incarceration population both by raw numbers and by percent in the world. GO USA! GO USA!

The US has the greatest wealth inequality of any modern 1st world country. (Even though it is the wealthiest country in the world!) GO USA! GO USA!

US leads the world in drug overdose rates. Both by percent and total numbers. GO USA! GO USA!

Highest gun murder rate of any modern 1st world country. GO USA! GO USA!

The highest number of obese people (110 million,) in the world, and the highest numbers percentage wise of any first world country. Even though we spend more on healthcare per capita than any other country in the world. GO USA! GO USA!

The lowest average high school student math scores of any first world country, even though the US spends more on education than any other developed nation. GO USA! GO USA!

Ugh, I will stop here before every US reader gets too depressed. (Oh shit! another category the US leads in!)

Maybe its just in the water like Diotrephes says. And we US citizens on average are a terrible awful subspecies. ....Ah crap! turns out if we filter only for 2nd generation or longer US citizens the above numbers are substantially even worse! The immigrants are actually making the above statistics slightly less terrible! If we close our borders the US is really gonna be a pile of shit!

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I'd rather be considered the

I'd rather be considered the wimpy child, then the retarded offspring.

And your statement is also bollocks.

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I useto hunt my own food when

I useto hunt my own food when I lived on a farm with my father. Can tell you right now, you don't need an assault rifle or shotgun to kill your hunt. One elk/Deer will feed you for a month or even longer depending on your diet and you only need a maximum of one or two rounds per kill. If you need an AR15 or an automatic shotgun then you shouldn't be around guns.

I'm not American and I know its a sensitive issue but if I were to make a law, I'd make it so that Gun Owners need to pay a monthly tax fee and each household can only have one handgun with a maximum of 15 rounds. You don't need anything more to defend your home with unless john wick came to see you or if the T-100 came knocking on your door asking for sarah connor.

For those who hunt for their own food, which is more healthier and natural than eating processed meat which has chemicals and shit in it, then a similar law should be in place where you can buy two rifles, a bolt action for hunting and a shotgun (defence against wild predators) but still have a maximum number of 20-30 rounds. A good hunter shouldn't need more than 3 rounds to take down a months worth of meat.

Gun enthusiasts who love their gun range and competitions should be able to buy whatever type of firearn they want but there should also be a law where their semi automatic rifles and assault rifles and military grade weapons are kept and stored by the gunshop chain who are responsible for transporting it to shooting events or to different gun ranges. Those weapons shouldnt go home.

Anyway thats my two cent.

Mental evaluations should also be in place to weed out sociopaths. Psychopaths are different ss they are intelligent and manipulative and eill pass psychology tests as they are great liars

And nice to meet you all. Just joined the forum.
Im a ginger btw

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Welcome to the forums! I like

Welcome to the forums! I like and agree with your post, but wanted to add something:

I readily admit I do not have much direct experience around guns, but having a few police officer and EMT friends that are willing to speak frankly about guns, the consensus they have for those that feel that if a civilian feels they just have to have a gun to feel safe in their own home, (guns are not needed, or makes things worse 95 plus % of the time.)

A shotgun is best, over a handgun for home defense. Most critically, with smaller shot, the rounds do not pass through walls and people, making shotguns safer for non-combatants when fired in or around populated structures. Pump action shotguns are generally cheaper than handguns, easier to use, and usually more intimidating, (most reasonable people do not want to kill their attacker or invader but instead intimidate them into leaving.) Additionally the smaller shot means it is more likely that you can disable a very determined, (suicidal?) attacker without killing the attacker.

Also, from a police perspective: a shotgun cannot be concealed like a handgun on a person, making their jobs safer, and their duties easier to carry out. (Less handguns also makes it safer for the rest of us civilians as well, as we can easily spot and then report/avoid someone carrying around a shotgun compared to a concealable handgun.)

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My father was a military cop.

My father was a military cop. When I was six years old I learned how to strip and clean a Browning. Two years later I was plinking ground hogs with my .22 bolt action rifle. When I hunted deer or bear it was with a bolt action .303. Ducks or geese a single shot shotgun. If you can't put your quarry down with one shot, you don't belong to be out hunting. I have been around weapons all my life, I also have the training and proper documentation to purchase and own guns. But I do not own any right now. I do not need them.

I do not need them, not do I want one around because they are designed to kill.

If you believe that you need a gun to protect yourself from others, then the cops are not doing their job and you should move ASAP.

I'm sorry, I really wanted to make this a larger and more comprehensive post, but this senseless tragedy has me so sad I cannot continue.

My heart goes out to all the victims of this tragedy. It is so sad my heart is in terrific pain.

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Owning a gun increases the

Owning a gun increases the chances of being murdered and of committing suicide. So what is the point of owning a gun?

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I really liked the teenager's

I really liked the teenager's speech where she addresses all the apologist gun nuts excuse and said: "WE CALL BS!"
So all you gun nuts out there to all of your excuses and crap I say BULLSHIT!

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Didn`t you carry a gun when

Didn`t you carry a gun when in the core, It was okay back then because you were drawing a paycheck, what a hypocrite you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that you are a silly-villain per civilian your speaking out of both corners of your mouth here.

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Do you believe that children

@faith in God follower
Do you believe that children should be allowed to own guns?

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It wasn't that long ago that Americans gave their kids new guns for Christmas. Now everyone is turning into wimps.

edited: deleted inoperative link

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Good to hear in at least one

Good to hear in at least one small way, people are a little bit smarter in at least that aspect then they were in the past.

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It's not "core" that is part of an apple, you idiot! It's Marine Corps! You are such an uneducated idiot! There is nothing hypocritical defending the nation. BTW MORON Fred Rogers, you know Mr. Rogers? He was one of the most decorated Marine Snipers in the CORPS history, and a LIBERAL and an advocate for fucking GUN CONTROL!
I don't think CIVILIANS need guns, in fact, I KNOW they don't. I didn't say anything about taking guns away from law enforcement or the military!
You are a total moron!

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you should look up the meaning of "Semper Fidelis" it would have a lot to teach you about behaviours of loyalty truth and regard for liberty.
None of these traits are evident in any christian sect or church. Historically, from the very beginning early church, christian leaders and their sheeple have sponsored or kow towed to tyranny, torture, despotism and corruption as long as it suits the politics and PROFIT of the church.

So please before you attack the reputation of one of the few military units that has consistently honored its pledges to YOUR nation and government, cast the beam from your own eye.

You are being a jerk.

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Oh, and BTW FIG professionals

Oh, and BTW FIG professionals don't call it a "gun". It's a weapon! and there is a reason! A Marine is a Weapons platform!
You don't just "carry" a weapon in the CORPS! It is a part of YOU!
And you don't just shoot it willy-nilly!
You acquire a target it and neutralize it! Or dispatch it. In other words, you KILL what you are fucking aiming at! Just to perform that act takes a HUGE amount of "self-control." I could hit a target a half mile or more away. Tell me I don't have self-control! You don't know what self-control is!

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@ fig

@ fig

I owned only long guns because I was a sportsman, hunted and fished. But since I do not do that anymore, I sold them off. Just like all my fishing gear.

Guns are tools, designed to kill. I used them to kill deer, moose, bear, partridge, geese, and vermin. I never considered purchasing any gun with the intent of using it against another human being. I never embraced the belief that I had to own any for my own personal self-protection. That is the job of the police and other agencies. If I ever lived in a place where I truly feared for my life, I would hold the local politicians fully accountable, and demand the police did their job. And if the problem persisted, I would move to a safer place.

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It was all prompted.

It was all prompted.

But look- I don't like arguing with random schlubs on the internet, so I'm going to blow your mind:

If you don't like guns, you don't have to own one.

Incredible right? Here in the US we call it "freedom."

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The issue with guns,

The issue with guns, especially in this thread, is not liking being killed by those who own guns...


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