Bible contradiction help need and why I shouldn’t believe?

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The writer of Matthew has no

The writer of Matthew has no mention of the "miracle" aka metaphorical catch. He's jewish and doesn't need to expand on the whole "follow me malarkey" He copies Mark 1:16-20 almost exactly...word for word.

the anonymous writer of Luke being a good greek boy has to have an allegory in there, i.e making the lesson twice about an abundance of fish and "you shall be fishers of men" so he expands the original story to include a "miracle" *gasps from audience*

John follows a later tradition of writing purporting to be eyewitness accounts (they were not) and doesn't mention fishing boats or Peter's (Cephas') occupation at all in the recruitment. Funnily he doesn't mention James or himself,(John) who, according to the earlier Mark were recruited at the same time, in the same location, from the same occupation. Almost as if the writer of 'John' wasn't actually there and wasn't the John that allegedly wrote the gospel.

Are you seriously unable to see the contradictions and understand who copied what from whom. KNOWING that NONE of the gospels are eyewitness accounts?

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Professor Candida Moss is an elite biblical scholar. She received her PHD from Oxford. Extensive research has proven that the gospels are forgeries.

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I agree the hew findings are interesting and may even be right. Certainly worthy of further study. However, they prove exactly nothing.

.It has been long accepted that that the gospels were written by anonymous authors who were not eyewitnesses***. As far as I'm aware, there are no contemporary accounts about Jesus. This complete lack of evidence gives credence to (but does not prove) the idea that Jesus never existed.

It's certainly moot. My own position is that as far as I can tell, the Old Testament is the mythology of Judaism. That the New Testament is the mythology of Christiainity, That whether technically forgeries or not, (as say half a dozen of Paul's Epistles are thought to be) they are all made up. Thus to argue about forgeries is I think to miss the point.

Further, Dr Richard Carrier is a well known biblical scholar. He is a mythicist. His position is that the historical Jesus never existed, but is a mythical figure . That Christianity is a synthesis of Judaism and the Greek mystery religions.

Below a link to a lecture by Dr Carrier on the Historicity Of Jesus


***having actually read the New Testament I'm not even convinced that the gospel writers were Jewish. This because of the lack of knowledge of Mosaic law an Jewish custom often shown in the gospels. By happy o provide some examples.

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I have not been paying

I have not been paying attention here because..... well....... *Hhemmm* The current non-atheist posts are AMAZINGLY LAME.

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The whole mythical Jesus scenario starts with it being to easy to become a pseudo-christian to begin with. All the Kool Aid drinker has to do is accept that Jesus died and sacrificed for their sins, which rationally He did not, and then you say a couple of placating words to Him and send them skyward, and *poof,* one becomes a pseudo-christian!

I am probably preaching to the choir, but the first historical mention of this mythical Jesus character is from Josephus Flavius who was a Roman Jewish Historian, where his alleged hearsay non eyewitness statements about this Jesus character in his Antiquities were overall disturbing to the astute rational thinker.

Barring the fact of many historians stating that what Josephus wrote about Jesus in a minute way were interpolations, the simple math is revealed nonetheless: Mythical Jesus died approximately in 36AD, Jospehus birth was 37AD, Josephus Antiquities were written in 97AD mentioning through hearsay non eyewitness accounts, a Jesus “character,” where he was not at all mentioned as the brutal serial killer Hebrew Yahweh God incarnate, the creator of man and the entire universe!

Such a notable one God concept would have been mentioned ad infinitum in historical records and writings in Roman, Greek, and Jewish history from the day of his celestial impregnation to the whore Mary as a bastard child, until his death and until the end of time, but it was not! It is like Neil Armstrong landing on the moon and walking on it for the first time in the history of man, and having not a single person write about it during the time it occurred and subsequenly, but only 61 years later as equal to Josephus’ interpolations were written within his Antiquities about a bible Jesus. Laughable!

Therefore, what mental state would accept the above historical embarrassing facts, that is if they actually knew about said facts? Yes, the inept mindset of a pseudo-christian.

Any subsequent historical hearsay and non eyewitness writers like Tacitus, et al, about the alleged Jesus character to Josephus’ time period, only gets more embarrassing as the years add on to the Jesus myth. Subsequently, societies have been paying dearly for the ruse of Christianity and its pagan and primitive beginnings.


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Wait a minute! The above rule #7 states that I cannot address racism? Then how can I talk about Jesus, as the brutal serial killer Yahweh God incarnate and His blatant racism against the non Jewish of His creation? Furthermore, in rule #8, I cannot address homophobic, or sexist comments, even though Jesus' inspired words relating to these topics were shown to be deadly if practiced?

So much great material will be lost that could help Italianish make even a truer and final decision in NOT worshipping such a primitive Bronze, Iron, and Middle Ages God concept known as Jesus the Christ! Oh well.


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Hey there, 21stCentury.

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Hi Italianish:

Hi Italianish:

I sympathize with your plight.

To abandon long-held beliefs in defiance of your culture and family is a subtle act of sublime bravery . . . and I am not trying to be patronizing.

Speaking for myself, I try to remind myself of all the unspeakable horrors committed in the name of Christianity. The Crusades come to mind, the genocide of the Native Americans was tied into Christianity, even the boundless stupidity of the Cold War originated--in part--from ideological differences between the "God-fearing" Christians of the West, and the "Godless Communists" of the East.

If you worry about confronting God after abandoning Christianity (because we're wrong about denying God's existence), then explain to Him that you decided to be a conscientious objector to the horrible, bloody, murderous nonsense that's spawned by Christianity.

If God exists, then He would understand. If he doesn't exist, then none of this makes a difference anyway.

I hope this was helpful. PM me if you need moral support.

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